3 Tips for Getting Furniture for Your Rental Last Minute

Moving house is one of the (of not the) most stressful things you can do. Between signing those final papers for the landlord, contacting the utility companies and figuring out new floor plans, actually getting hold of any furniture when you’re working to a time crunch is very hard.


Continue reading to find out how to get the furniture sorted when you’re moving into a new space.


This Article Covers

·       How not to be fussy about furniture

·       What your delivery options are

·       How to take advantage of storage units

We at SlothMove understand that moves happen fast, that sometimes you have to go with the flow, make decisions in the spur of the moment in which problems occur. Something as essential as furniture falls into these contexts, whether it be finding a removal company or buying it new. If you are renting a home, sometimes you can be in the home very quickly and, as a result, need furniture at the drop of a hat.  Purchasing furniture sometimes has a reputation that it will take a long time to be delivered, and with this, there is sometimes a gap in terms of having the right equipment in your house. This can include furniture such as sofas, bedding, chairs, and other items. If you need to get it quickly, you can do a few things to speed it up, which we have detailed below.

Do not be Fussy

When you go to furniture stores, you will have the option to look at lots of different furniture at lots of different prices. Some of this is incredibly unique, and some of it is specialist. If you are looking to have specialised furniture, sometimes this requires a level of customisation and guess what, this will take time. When looking at the options, it is important that you take note of the estimated delivery time if you are looking to get it delivered very quickly. Make sure you read this carefully but also potentially challenge this with the seller. In addition to this, take a look specifically at their sale items. This could be a good opportunity to see if they have unwanted stock that they want to sell now, or even it could be an “ex display” item that could be available to be delivered to your rental almost immediately.

Delivery Options

There may be options on the delivery front for you to pay extra money for “express.” This is not always the case, and it will depend on the delivery company the supplier is using. In some extreme cases, you could even offer to pick up the furniture on your own and get a man with a van. This is unlikely to be accepted, as with this comes a level of risk/damage/liability, but it is worth exploring.

The perks of getting it delivered by the brand is that, due to not wanting to damage the item and giving you grounds for a return, they are likely to get the item into your home for you, saving you from asking a friend to help you for the price of a pizza and admitting you skipped leg day.

Keep it in a storage unit

When you’re moving into a rental, things move very fast, especially if you’re moving out of the nest. Contracts are signed, new jobs or university classes are starting, bags are getting packed. It all seems to happen in a whirlwind. If you’ve got your furniture and things aren’t aligning in terms of time, you might want to put it away in a storage unit for the time being. A storage unit will keep it protected from the elements and from any sticker fingers walking by, and once you have moved all your boxes into your new rental, you can focus on getting the furniture out of the storage unit and into your new home.