How To Get Organised When Moving Home

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how to get organised moving home

You’re here to know how to get organised when moving home. Whether you’ve purchased a new house or planning to live in another city, a move is inevitable. Each homeowner gets shaky when thinking about the amount of work to be done.

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How To Get Organised When Moving Home?

Moves are usually time-consuming, nerve-wracking, long, and tiring. Is it possible to make them a little less frustrating?

Since you’re here, you’re probably thinking ‘how do I get organised to move house? We’re here to give you five tips on how to get organised when moving home.

The key to a worry-free move is planning and organizing. By taking a well-thought-out approach to the move, you can avoid annoying mistakes and common problems.

No matter how far away your next move is, you can make it simpler. All you have to do is spend five minutes reading this article.

1. Start With Decluttering

The longer you’ve lived in your old house, the more unnecessary stuff you’ve been bringing there.

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You’re not alone if you’re wondering how do you start packing when moving house? However, the key tip starts with delcuttering.

It’s human nature to bring more and more things inside their homes. It goes back to the times when people were always hungry and cold, looking for ways to stay warm and feed their families.

Today, we hope you aren’t struggling to do either of the above. So why do you need so much stuff in your home? You don’t. You especially don’t want to move all these unnecessary things to your new house. This is one of the first steps on how to get organised when moving home. So, how do you go about decluttering?

  • Walk around with a large garbage bag in each room to remove things you don’t really need. Don’t stop until it’s full;
  • Throw out all the clothing you haven’t worn in a year as well as the stuff you are holding on to because you plan to “lose weight” or “gain weight”;
  • Collect things for charity. People often have trouble throwing stuff out, but they can give it away readily. Especially when they know that someone else needs them more;
  • Arrange a yard sale or use eBay. Selling stuff is much more satisfying than simply throwing it out.
  • Remove all things that don’t belong to you. Either give them back to the owners or throw them out if they don’t claim them.

2. Find the Right Moving Company

Finding the right moving company is half of the success of your move. Experienced movers can simplify the process and help you enjoy peace of mind throughout the move.

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Unfortunately, finding the best moving company for your needs could be time-consuming. So it’s better to start as early as possible. Here are a few things to consider when hiring movers:

Experience – the company should be on the market for at least a year.

Reviews – you should be able to find reviews on Google or Yelp.

Equipment – make sure the company has sufficient equipment to accommodate your moving needs.

Employees – can the company provide enough movers to complete a move fast?

Packing – does the company offer packing services?

Headquarters – does the company have an office in your area? Remote movers are often more expensive and less diligent.

A very important part of hiring the right movers is discussing the price. According to Toronto movers at TorexMoving, the cost of a move should be discussed in detail and mentioned in the contract. Otherwise, you may face unexpected expenses after the move is over.

3. Pack Smart

The times when smart packing meant collecting stuff in boxes, room by room is over. Today, numerous packing approaches exist.

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Consider packing by type. For example, instead of jamming all kitchen items in according boxes, designate a box for dishes and a box for cleaning supplies. Meanwhile, you should have a box for appliances, toys, books, etc.

Once you are done packing each box, colour code it. You should also put labels on the side of the box rather than on the top. When boxes stacked on top of each other, it covers the labels. 

If you have any fragile things that need moving, take a careful approach to packing. You may want to opt for packing services offered by a moving company. These companies usually have the right supplies to pack virtually anything.

Don’t forget to designate a box for immediate items. Whatever you will need right upon arriving at a new house should be in a separate box. Load this box the last so you can unload it first.

4. Take Advantage of Moving Apps

We live in the 21st century when there is an app for everything. Unsurprisingly, they will help you with how to organise when moving.

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Yes, there are several moving apps you could take advantage of. They mostly help you find a place to move to, search for a moving company, sell your unnecessary stuff, and organize the moving process.

Even though the majority of these apps help you find the best movers near you, some of them can truly make your move much easier.

5. Clean Your New Home in Advance

Even though moving to a new home is likely to make it dirty at first, you should clean the house beforehand.

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When you move furniture in, you are likely to leave it in its place for years to come. If you don’t wash floors in advance, the dirt will stay there for decades.

Moving into a clean home could reduce the after-move cleaning effort tremendously. Make sure the shower and bathrooms are cleaned. You are likely to want to take a shower right after the move is over. You can also keep yourself organised by picking-items up in advance of your move date.

Final Thoughts

While you are organizing a move, you have to maintain a calm approach. Stay calm and breathe deep. The process may take a long time. Knowing how to get organised when moving home is certainly helpful. However, no matter how well you prepare, something is bound to go awry. Try to be flexible.

Even when the move is long and complex, eventually, it ends. Think about the benefits of moving to a new home instead of worrying about minor problems during the move. 

And now you know our top tips on how to get organised when moving home, you’re all set for a smooth home move! If you’re currently moving, you can take advantage of our online change of address service here. You can inform all of your companies that you’re changing address in under five minutes