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barclays change of address

How do I change my address with Barclays Bank?

If you’re moving home and you bank with Barclays you’ll need to complete the Barclays change of address process.

This article will cover exactly How to update your address with Barclays. We’ll also look at how to update your address across all of your other accounts at the same time. 

There are a few ways you can update your address with Barclays, online, by post and in branch.

Let’s jump straight into how to get your address updated online.

How do I notify Barclaycard of change of address?

Completing your change of address with Barclays is simple. Barclays has over 24 million customers and 4,750 branches in the UK.

You can update Barclays easily online, but it might be worth considering if you have other accounts to update your address with.

If you have more than one address to update you might find it useful to use our change of address service. This will enable you to update your address across hundreds of businesses, from TV Licence & Council Tax to Water, HMRC & NHS.

To update your address with SlothMove you need to:

  • Head over to SlothMove’s home setup service
  • Tell us when you’re moving and where to
  • Select who needs to know you’re moving (Barclays, NHS, DWP etc…)
  • SlothMove will then update your addresses

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How do I change my address with Barclays?

How do I change my address with HSBC?​

You can update your address with Barclays Bank in four ways: the app, olnine banking, by phone and by branch.

Option 1: The App

  • Log into Barclays app
  • Select the person icon on the top left-handed corner of the screen
  • Select personal information
  • Tap onto ‘your address’ and update your new address
  • You’ll then need to provide the three digit security nunber
  • Barclays will then process your address change 


Option 2: Online Banking

To update your address online with Barclays you’ll need PINsentry card reader (or Mobile PINsentry)

Remember, if you have a mortgage with Barclays you won’t be able to update your address with Barclays online. To update your address in this case you’ll need to call them on: 0800 151 0900

Option 3: Phone

You can update your address with Barclays be phone. You can actually press ‘Direct Call’ in the app to directly call Barclays. Otherwise, you can call Barcalys on the following numbers:

Standard: 0345 734 5345 

Premier: 0800 924 7365 

Option 4: In branch

Finally, you can update your address with Barclays in branch. To do this you’ll need your Barclays debit card & PIN with some ID such as a passport or driving licence.

Barclays Moving Home

When moving home it’s especially important to update your address with financial institutions. If you don’t update your address Barclays when you move home you might be exposed to fraud risk.

Barclays will communicate with you via mail, especially if you have a mortgage as Barclays will send annual statements. You’ll also get credit card statements, interest rates and offers by mail too.

Also, there is a larger concern around your data. The last thing you want as a consumer is someone else having access to your mail. It’s important to take your ‘paper trail’ with you whenever you move home. And that involves completing your Barclays change of address


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Barclays?

You can contact Barclays in a number of ways.

You can call Barclays on: 0345 734 5345

You can also contact Barclays via live chat on their website.

You can even contact via post, you can send correspondence to:

Barclays Bank, 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP

Barclays Change of address personal

If you’re updating your address with SlothMove, then follow these steps:

  • Go to SlothMove’s change of address service
  • Enter your details (new address, old address etc…)
  • Select who you’d like to inform about your home move (Barclays, Council, Water, Tesco etc…
  • Select ‘complete’ and you can log into your personalised dashboard which shows the progress of your address updates

Barclays change of address joint

You can update you address with Barclays on a joint account in branch or via post. Unfortunately, this cannot be completed via telephone for security reasons.

Barclays change of address in branch

You can complete a Barclays change of address in branch by bringing some relevant ID and speaking to a member of staff.

Barclays Change of Address & Moving Home​

Barclays Change of Address & Moving Home

We’ve covered how to update your address with Barclaycard. we’ve also discussed how you can update your address across your accounts online simultaneously. If you’re moving home, you can explore our full guide on updating banks when you move. Updating your address with Barclays can be done online in a few minutes and will secure your digital & paper footprint.