British Heart Foundation Change of Address

Update your address across all charities online

British Heart Foundation change of address

How to update your address with British Heart Foundation

How to update your address with British Heart Foundation​

If you’re moving home (or changing address) you will want to complete a British Heart Foundation change of address.

Moving home is exciting and there is a lot going on. Unsurprisingly, many of us forget to update the address across our accounts.

We’ll cover how to update your address with the British Heart Foundation online 😎 

Let’s jump in.

How to complete your British Heart Foundation change of address

You can update your address with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and all of your other accounts using our change of address service. You will be able to update your address across all accounts simultaneously – such charities, loyalty cards, NHS, TV Licensing etc…

  • 1) Enter some info (previous address, new address etc…)
  • 2) Select who you’d like to update address with (British Heart Foundation, Tesco Clubcard, Boots, DVLA, HMRX etc…)
  • 3) Click complete & SlothMove will update your address automatically

This will take just a couple of minutes and we’ll take care of the rest, so you can get back your day 🦥 

We will update your address across your accounts automatically. If there are any accounts that need further action, we’ll let you know by email. You will receive an email from The British Heart Foundation confirming your address change within 2 working days.

Other ways to update your address

If you have any queries or would prefer to update your address with BHF over the phone. You can call the customer service team on 0300 330 3322

If you want to right to the British Heart Foundation you can do so by writing to:

Customer Service Centre
British Heart Foundation
Compton House
2300 The Crescent
Birmingham Business Park
West Midlands
B37 7YE

You can also drop their customer service team an email to:

If you are completing a British Heart Gift Aid change of address it is the same process

You can get the address updated in minutes by clicking here. And now we’ve covered how to update your details, let’s look at some interesting information about the British Heart Foundation. 

Is the British Heart Foundation a good charity?

Is the British Heart Foundation a good charity?​

Across 2018-2019 the British Heart Foundation rose an amazing £138 million. The two benchmarks for how ‘good’ a charity is are:

  • o How much of each pound (£) raised is spent on the charity’s mission
  • o How effective is the charity in its aim

In the first instance, the British Heart Foundation does excellently. For every £1 raised, around £0.72 goes towards fighting heart and circulatory diseases and their causes ❤️ 

You can see more about how they spend their donations here, or watch the below video.


In terms of how effect they are, we know that they are the largest most successful charity fighting this issue. You have probably seen their successes without even realising.

From sugar levy’s on soft drinks and smoking in cars to opt-out organ donation they have had a massive impact.

Websites such as Charity Choice can help you compare different charities with data so that you make an informed decision.


How much money does the British Heart Foundation raise?

In 2015 the British Heart Foundation raised £147 million which fell to £138 million in 2017. Around £0.78 of every pound is spent on the causes you care about. This fluctuated between £0.72 to £0.78. This money goes towards combatting heart and circulatory disease. This includes strokes, congenital heart defects, heart attacks and much more.

So where does the British Heart Foundation raise their money from?


  • Charitable Activities (£113.7m)
  • Legacies (£60.8m)
  • Fundraising & governance (£32.7m)
  • Donations (£30.5m)
  • Retail profit (£29.3m)
  • Volunteer fundraising (£12.1m)
  • Events (£10.6m)
  • Investment income (£4m)

Here is a visual snapshot below

How much money does the British Heart Foundation raise?​

Do I need to update my address with The British Heart Foundation?

If you’re moving home you should certainly update the BHF. The British Heart Foundation keep their donators up to date on activities, updates & opportunities via mail as well as SMS & email. 

As a general rule too, you don’t want to have any unwanted mail going to the wrong address.

We’ve covered how to complete your British Heart Foundation change of address, how well they are performing and how you can support. Now we’ve covered that it’s time to relax and enjoy the rest of your home move.

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