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Bulb Energy Change of Address 2021

bulb energy moving house
Bulb energy change of address

We’ll cover everything you need to know to sort the Bulb moving house process.

If you’re moving home you’ll have a lot to do; from setting-up broadband and setting up energy to sorting your removals. 

Fortunately, there are easy ways to get everything and done and update your address with Bulb. 

There are a few reasons you would need to update Bulb:

  • 1) You need to tell them you’re moving out of a property
  • 2) You want to cancel your supply
  • 3) You have moved into a home that is supplied by Bulb energy

We’ll cover everything you need to know, so let’s jump in 👍 

How to update your address with Bulb Energy

How to update your address with bulb Energy​

If you are changing address and are supplied by Bulb energy you should let them know. This is the case whether you’d like to take transfer Bulb over to your new property or just cancel. 

So, how do I update my address with Bulb?

SlothMove can make the process simple. With our home setup service you can update your address with Bulb (and hundreds of other companies) with a few clicks. One form, all of your companies. To update your address with Bulb:

  • 1) Go to SlothMove’s online home setup service
  • 2) Choose who you’re going to update your address with (Bulb energy, Boots, Tesco, council etc..)
  • 3) Setup your home (water, council, energy, broadband etc…)
  • 4) Submit and we will update your address with your suppliers automatically

And if any of your providers require any additional actions we’ll let you know by email. If you only want to update your address with Bulb energy and have a password & username to your online account, you will also be able to update update your address there. You can login using this link.

What information do I need to provide to update my address?

What information do I need to update my address?

To update your address with Bulb you will need to provide:

  • Your previous address
  • Your new address
  • The day you’re moving home
  • Contact information 

You must decide if you would like to take Bulb with you or explore the market for a new supplier. If you are updating your address through SlothMove you will be able to progress the address change across multiple accounts in one portal. You will also be able to provide your meter readings, and if you don’t have them you can simply text us on the day you move.

If you’re updating your address through the Bulb online portal you’ll start off by seeing this screen.

You can get a link to login into your account and update your address with a single-click sign in. Once signed in, select ‘move out’. They will then ask you for your new address and your meter readings within 5 days of moving out.

The process is similar if you’re updating your address with Utility Warehouse, Octopus Energy or Ovo Energy.

When should I tell Bulb I am moving home?

When do I need to update Bulb?​

It is good practice to let your energy supplier know that you’re moving home around 2 weeks before your move. Technically, you can update your address with Bulb energy any time you like but it certainly makes things easier if you’re proactive. You may find that you have a utility bill overlap. So, if you can, update Bulb energy around 14 days before you’re moving home. You can easily complete this change of address using SlothMove, at which ever point you’re moving.

How do I contact Bulb?

You can call Bulb Energy on: 0300 303 0635 (open 9am – 6pm Mon to Friday)

You can also email Bulb at: o complaints@bulb.co.uk

You could also write in by addressing your letter to: Bulb Energy, 155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3TQ

Is Bulb energy good?

Bulb energy is a net carbon energy supplier, meaning their energy doesn’t impact the environment. Bulb isn’t the cheapest, some customers call out their bills are higher. Bulb don’t try to compete on price, rather simplicity, service and green energy. Bulb has 55,000 5 star reviews on Trust Pilot with an average rating of 4.7.

How to setup energy in your new home

If you’re using SlothMove you will be able to setup your energy up to 14 days before the home move. We’ve made things simple and actually check the industry databases to see who the supplier is meaning you don’t need to answer 20 questions to find a great quote from the market.

You can setup before you move in or after – though usually it’s easier if you do so a week or so before the move in date. You can get started by clicking below.

I have moved into a property supplied by Bulb

When you move into a new property, you’ll usually get a letter ‘addressed to the occupier’ of the place. This will be from the incumbent supplier which in your case is Bulb energy. You first need to decide if you’d like to inherit this supplier or if you’d like to choose your own energy company.

Either way, you will need to update Bulb. You should take meter readings as soon as you move in. Call Bulb on 0300 303 0635 and let them know that you are the new occupier. You will then either setup a supply (if you like) or pay for the energy you have used.

And that’s the Bulb moving home process in a nutshell.. You can complete a Bulb change of address online, either through your account or using SlothMove’s change of address service.

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