Business Change of Address Checklist

How to change your business address [Complete Guide]

Change of address checklist

Who to notify when moving office or business

Who to notify when moving office or business

There is a lot to consider when your company changes address. This UK business change of address checklist will cover everything you need to do when moving.

It’s important to get it right since it’s your business after all and we certainly don’t want key correspondence and cheques going to the wrong address. 

If you’re looking to simplify things, you can use our business change of address service. From one simple form we’ll update your address across HMRC, Corporation Tax, local councils for business rates, energy, Company House and hundreds more.

We’ll now go into every institution, company and even people that you need to update your address with. Following that, we’ll cover some frequently asked questions about business change of address.

Let’s jump in 😎 


When your business is changing its registered premises updating HMRC should be first starting point. HMRC needs your up to date address so that they can send you key correspondence such as tax liabilities. you must update your business address with HMRC within 30 days of moving.

When you update your address with HMRC you don’t necessarily update your address across all of the institutions because some institutions don’t communicate with each other. There are multiple institutions within HMRC that you may need to notify such as VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax etc… As HMRC explains, the services you need to update:

  • VAT
  • Corporation Tax
  • Self Assessment PAYE for employers VAT
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
  • You can update your address  

You can update the address for your business across all accounts including HMRC by using SlothMove’s business change of address service

Companies House

You will also need to update your address with companies house. You need to update your business address if you change your registered office address or change the address where you keep your records, and which records you’ll keep there.

You can complete the change of address online by using the Company House Online Service. You can also do this by post (offline) by downloading and sending a change of address form.

Your Customers

If you have an address which customers visit you should try to let them know with as much notice as possible. This doesn’t have to be limited to speaking to them personally. Utilise email to tell the world you’ve moved. Clients and partners should also be informed, where relevant. These are easy to put off, but it’s worth carving out an afternoon and making sure everyine knows

Banks & Financial Institutions

Update your address with all financial institutions. Start with where you bank. Often this can be done with your app (we have a full guide by bank here). Then, write down all of your credit card and loan providers to cross off your list next. Where applicable update your pension providers and Student Finance.


When it comes to updating your address across insurance make sure you remember all of the relevant companies. This includes, car, business, vehicle and all others.

Update your address with miscellaneous

In addition to the ones listed above there are a few other organisations you should update your address with when your business moves. In fact, a lot of businesses ask who they need to update their address with when moving. Some of these may not apply to you, but consider the following:

  • Your accountant
  • Professional Associations
  • Professional Institutions
  • Tax advisers
  • Legal, including your solicitors
  • Press contacts
  • Telecommunications (broadband, mobile, landline, suppliers etc…)
  • Employees

Update the small stuff

Now we’ve completed all of your address changes, let’s turn to complete some of the smaller stuff. This will include doing things like:

  • Update your website, including terms & conditions and privacy policy
  • Change the address on your company email signature
  • Amend all internal templates with your business address on it
  • Update your address on social media platforms (if applicable)

Organise removals and storage

The next ones to cross off your business change of address checklist are removals and storage. If your business is based in an office you will also want to sort your removals and potentially even storage. Typically, the earlier you book the better rates you will get. In every case you should take 3 or more quotes from local firms to ensure you get the best price from a reliable company. If you’re yet to do this, you can request a call back from up to 3 local firms for removals here.

How do I change my business address?

How do I change my business address?

You can now update your business address online in one place, including across HMRC, companies house, Council Tax and hundreds of others. To complete this business change of address head over to SlothMove.

  1. Enter your company information (company name, registered address, when you’re moving etc…)
  2. Select who need to know you’re moving (Companies house, corporation tax, energy supplier, business rates etc…)
  3. Confirm your details and click submit
  4. SlothMove will update your business address across all of your selected companies and institutions for you, saving over 10 hours of time

How do I change my business address with HMRC?

How do I change my business address with HMRC?

You can update your business address using SlothMove’s change of address service. You will also be able to update the address across all other institutions and providers such as council tax and others.

You can also update Your address with HMRC and companies house by visiting this part of the government’s website. You will be able to complete this online and via post by printing out the AD01 form and posting it to HMRC

Do I need to notify HMRC of change of address?

No business change of address checklist would be complete without updating HMRC. If you’re a business in the UK and you are moving you need to update HMRC within 30 days of the move. If you fail to update HMRC you risk missing key correspondence from the government which can become extremely problematic.

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