Offer A Stress-Free Move To Your Customers

Help your customers complete their moving-related tasks while providing a unique way to engage them. Create a new revenue stream and differentiate your business


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Help your customers complete their moving-related tasks while providing a unique way to engage them and differentiate your business. Customed with your branding, you can save your users hours of time and share your preferred partners. So, how does SlothMove work for your customers?

Select your companies

Choose which companies and institutions you'd like to tell you're changing address​

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Set-up your new home

Select which services you'd like, from setting-up your energy to finding broadband

we do the rest

And then you're done! We'll inform all of your companies that you're changing address

Update your address online

About SlothMove

moving house checklist

SlothMove is a moving home platform in which users can tackle everything related to their move. You can update your address with all of your companies within 5 minutes.

SlothMove also helps users organise everything related to their home-move, from energy & insurance to mortgage brokers & utilities. You can save up to 7 hours of time using SlothMove & find everything you need in one place.

Who We Work With

Through the most comprehensive, user-focused service of its kind SlothMove supports businesses big and small in driving new revenue and delivering amazing customer experiences.

key slothmove

Letting Agents

Enable your tenants to inform all of their key services & personal memberships with one easy-to-use form. You can also fill-one out on their behalf.

SlothMove Home

Estate Agents

Reduce the stress of your client's home move with your own-branded home moving platform. Update their address & set everything up at the same time.

storage slothmove

Storage & Removals

You can attract new business to your website and create new revenue by differentiating yourself in your marketplace.

Legal Providers

Legal & Financial

Add value to your customer journey and provide an additional revenue stream as part of your business whilst differentiating in your market place.

Builders SlothMove

New Build Developers

If you develop homes you can now provide a service which can save your clients up to 7 hours of time and promote your preferred partners.


We also integrate with any other type of service which is involved in the home moving space. If you think SlothMove could add value to your users, get in touch.

benefits for your business

Extra Revenue Stream

Increase affiliate commission by promoting your partners or share from our partners


Attract new business & drive customer value, saving them up to 7 hours of time


We take care of 100% of the customer journey behind the scenes. Hands-off for you.

benefits for your customers

Update your address

Save up to 7 hours of time by telling all of your companies & institutions that you've changed address. Say it once, to everyone.

Everything you need

Convenient access to compare removals, storage, insurance and many more for your home move. Transparent options focused on reviews and price.

Forward mail

Easy and convenient access to Royal Mail's address forwarding service

Exclusive Discounts

In addition to making the home moving experience simple and stress-free, we work with companies to source exclusive offers & discounts for users.

Set-up utilities

Set-up water at your new place & explore price comparison or automatic switching options for setting-up your energy.

Amazingly responsive

Dynamic and stylish form with the user experience at the centre of the design. Customised with your companies branding, it stands out for all the right reasons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work for me?

Simply provide us with your logo, branding guidelines and the partners you’d like to link to in the form. We’ll then create your bespoke form and provide you with the link. Then, it’s all hands off and you can start enjoying the benefits.

How much does it cost?

Our service is very accessible and available on a monthly DD based on the number of home movers in your organisation. It’s been made to be affordable, so feel free to get in touch today.

How does it work for my customers?

Using your integrated form, your customers simply select which companies they’d like to inform, provide a couple of details so they can identify them and SlothMove tells them that you’re moving home

What if my customers have questions?

The great news is that SlothMove looks after 100% of the customer journey. If your customers have any questions with their address change we’re here to help.