How to Move Broadband to Another House

How to sort broadband in your new home

How to Move Broadband to Another House​

What happens to broadband when moving home?

Sorting your broadband when moving home is slightly more complicated than energy or council tax.

This is because we usually organise our broadband in contracts for 12, 18 or 24 months with Sky, Virgin or whoever.

So, the question becomes ‘what happens with my contract’?

It depends. Here’s everything you need to know:

Decide if you want to stay or leave 🤔

If you are in a contract the first thing for you to consider is if you actually wish to stay with that broadband company or not. It’s industry knowledge that the best deals are typically reserved for new customers who are moving home. Even if you think you may prefer to remain, it’s always best to check your options. You can compare broadband offers across the entire market (with some exclusives too) on our broadband comparison service.

How to get out of your broadband contract 🏃‍♀️

Most broadband contracts are written in a way so that you must serve the full term. Virgin, Sky, BT & Talktalk all tend to have different policies on this, so it depends who you’re in a contract with.

Some contracts have a clause in which if you move home the contract ends – which is great 🎉 Others won’t automatically let you cancel the contract just because you move home. However, if you’re moving to an area which they don’t or can’t service then you will be able to cancel the contract.

The industry is notorious for wrapping customers in long-term contracts and there are a few companies who are disrupting in this space. One way some customers get out of their contracts is to upgrade their service to a new plan. Sounds strange, right? Some people do this because this actually triggers a new 14 day cooling off period within which you can cancel the whole service. 

I want to keep my current broadband provider

If you would like to keep your current broadband provider and take them with you to your new home it should be relatively simple.

You should call your broadband provider around 3 weeks before you’re moving and let them know you’re changing address and that you’d like to move your broadband to another house.

If the provider services that area they will:

  • 1) Ask for the details of your new address (postcode, area etc…)
  • 2) Need your move in date
  • 3) provide instructions on what to do with the existing router and equipment (you may be able to take them with you or may need to send them back)

In either case it can never hurt to check your options and explore what the market has to offer – you may be surprised 😱 

Can you move broadband with you when you move home?

Can you move broadband with you when you move home?​

As you may know, you can usually move your broadband with you when you move home. If you wish to stay with your current provider your contract will simply continue unaffected with a new destination address.

There are a few caveats to this.

You won’t be able to ‘port’ over your broadband supply if your broadband provider doesn’t service your new area.

For instance, whilst Virgin Media has a strong 20%+ share of the market they only service 52% of the UK. So, it’s somewhat likely that you could move somewhere they don’t service.

To move the supply over easily you’ll want to do it a few weeks in advance, too. So, you definitely can transfer broadband to your new property. 

Whether you should or not, is a different question

Should I change broadband providers when moving home?

Should I change broadband providers when moving home?​

According to latest reports there are actually hundreds of internet service providers (broadband companies) in the UK. There are new broadband companies being created with unique offers all of the time. Some offer unique benefits, others do monthly rolling – there’s no shortage in opportunity. 

Choice in the market is one thing, price is another. When you compare providers you can save lots of cash 💷 This is even the case if you want to go with the same provider. At SlothMove, our home setup service helps you setup your home and update your address across all of your accounts. Online. For free.

We have access to the entire market and have access to exclusive offers to help get out ahead.

Even if you want to stay with the same provider, you may be able to take advantage of a new joiner’s offer on a price comparison.

So, if you’re moving click below to get started.

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