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Inform All Your Companies

Select from hundreds of companies & institutions, such as updating your council tax, loyalty schemes, TV licence, utilities, water & sewage and many more

One Form

Instead of calling up every company to tell them that you have moved, you can tell them all that you have changed your address using only one form

Save 7 Hours Of Time

The days of spending hours of your time on hold and speaking to call centre agents is over. With our online change of address form you can do it within minutes

Simple, Safe and Secure

Safety & security are our top priorities; your data is processed from a secure SSL and is never shared with any other third parties


Online Change of Address Service

Imagine if you could inform all of your companies that you’re moving home at once. You’re moving home and you want an online change of address service. You’re wondering ‘is there an easy way to change my address’?

Imagine no longer.

SlothMove provides an online change of address service. You can get started with our form right here.

This saves the average person 5 hours of their time – time better spent doing something else. No hold music and no stress.

We’ll show you exactly how to change your addresses online and everything else you need to know

So, to get started, we’re proud to say that we provide a  online change of address service

When it comes to moving home, everyone is busy and it can be quite stressful. Part of the problem is that we need to spend so much time organising everything, remembering to not forget and calling all your companies to tell them that you’ve moved.

We thought there had to be a better way.

That is why we created SlothMove to save you time and money on your home move. We provide a  change of address service.

How Does Our Online Change of Address Service Work?

How slothmove's online change of address form works: enter your details, select your companies, we'll inform the companies you're moving home and then you're all complete

It’s that simple.

Fact: The average person actually spends around 5 hours calling around companies to inform them that they have changed the address.

With our form, you can actually inform your companies that your moving house in under 5 minutes.

The Online Change Of Address 

Safety & Data

Safety & security are our top priorities, therefore it is important for us for you to know that all of your data is processed from a secure SSL & is never shared with any other third parties.

SlothMove is registered with the Information Commissioner’s  Office (ICO). Our unique reference number is ZA531326. We also follow DPA 2018 & EU GDPR requirements to the fullest extent.

Additionally, we do not store your data for longer than is strictly necessary. More information on our data & privacy policy is available here

Let’s Get Started

To get started with our online change of address service you can do so by clicking right here.

If you’re not moving home, but are looking to see how we can help save you money, get started with our insightful guides.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

slothmove frequently asked questions

Can I change address on v5 online?

Yes, you can update the address on your vehicle logbook directly on this part of the DVLA’s website. For more information on all other aspects of changing your address with the DVLA you can also see our guide on changing address with the DVLA.

Is there an easy way to change your address?

Yes, following you moving from your house, flat or apartment you inform all of the companies & institutions of your choosing by completing our online change of address form.

What do you need to change address on when you move?

There are a lot of companies you should inform when you’re moving home, including your;

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Council Tax
  • House insurance
  • TV Licence
  • Health insurance
  • Memberships
  • Family members
  • Your employer
  • Any company with whom you have a DD (Direct Debit)
  • Dentist
  • Charities

We’ve pulled together a full moving home checklist which will take you through all aspects of your home move to ensure you don’t forget anything! Additionally, if you can always use our own online change of address form.

How do I change address on my driving licence online UK?

You can change your driving licence online in the UK. You can update your driving licence online by visiting this part of the DVLA’s website. You can update your details with both a provisional and full driving licence this way. For all other items around changing your address with the DVLA online you can read through our guide.

How do I change my name on my driving licence UK?

To change your name on your driving licence you need to send an application form and your old driving licence to the DVLA. You will also need to update your V5C at the same time. It does not cost anything to do this. You can get started with the DVLA application form here and view our other useful guide on changing address wit h the DVLA here.

How do I change my address with HMRC?

You can update your address with HMRC online by using this link. By completing this form your change of address would update with your income tax, your national insurance, your state pension, your tax credits and child benefit.

How to change address on my passport?

Firstly, just remember that you don’t need to change the address of your passport to travel internationally. You only need to change your passport is if you change your name, your gender or your appearance to such an extent that you can’t be recognised anymore (surgery, for instance)

If you fit those criteria, you can change your address on your passport here. You can also see our full change of address guide on passports.

Do you have a change of address checklist UK?

Most certainly, you can find our comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide here. It will help you understand all of the companies that you need to contact, what you need to remember and when you need to do everything.


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Section 7: Miscellaneous