Who To Notify When Moving Home

Everything you need to know and who to notify when moving home

Change Of Address Checklist

You might be here because you don’t want to forget anything during your home move and want to know exactly who to notify when changing address. You’re in the right place.

In this moving house checklist you will learn who you need to notify when changing address and how to save hours of time.

To make this easy, this guide is split into  easy-to-follow sections with a checklist. 
Let’s jump right in.


Section 1: Utilities

All the stuff that keeps your new and old house running. Most Utilities run off contracts, sometimes with exit fees. So, when changing address try to inform them with at least 28 days notice.


o Electricity & Gas


Make sure you inform you energy supplier at least 48 hours before your home move. You will need your final date at your address and meter reads.


o Water


As with electricity & gas, try to make sure you tell your water company you’re moving at least 48 hours beforehand & provide meter reads (if applicable).


o Landline


Most of us don’t use the landline anymore, but no change of address checklist would be complete without reminding you of it!

o TV


Most TV packages operate on fixed term contracts and most will let you transfer to your new place. The majority require 28 days notice to cancel however, so look at this one a month or so in advance.

o TV Licence


To change address with your TV licence is relatively simple. You can change your TV licence address using our online change of address form or through (alongside many other things) or on this website

o Broadband


As with your TV deal, broadband companies might require 28 days notice. You should probably be able to port your broadband over to your new property. Your broadband company are key when looking at who to notify when moving home.

o Mobile Phone


Your address with your phone provider is actually worth changing. If you get a new phone issued it can sometimes end up going to your old address because companies can make such mistakes

student loan company changing address

Section 2: Finance

Getting your address up to date is most important for all things financial – not least for fraud prevention. For things like bank accounts and credit cards you might need to make a visit in branch.

o Bank Accounts


These should be a top priority. Your current accounts, saving accounts and ISA’s – even online investments in places like VanGuard etc… Your classic high-street banks will require you to go into branch.

o Credit Cards


Updating your address with credit cards are also a top priority. The last thing you want is one of your statements going to the wrong address after you’ve moved home.

o Home Insurance


It’s worth remembering that your current home insurance is bespoke to your property and you will therefore need to either amend it (at a fee) or get a new policy.

o Life Insurance


We rarely think about life insurance, but it’s certainly worthwhile keeping your life insurance company in the loop every time you move.

o Pet Insurance


Thinking of Rex your puppy, it’s helpful to have pet insurance up to date so you don’t miss any premium increases or key correspondence.

o Car Insurance


When it comes to car insurance if your car is registered to the wrong address and you get into an accident your car insurer can actually indemnify you. That’s not good. It makes you liable for any chargers they would have otherwise paid. Also be aware that it’s standard for an admin fee to be applied when updating details.

o Travel Insurance


Your travel insurer usually isn’t the first person you think of when considering who to notify when moving home. However, if you’re lucky enough to travel a lot and have travel insurance it’s helpful to keep them in the loop in case you need to claim anything. 

o Other Insurance


Consider if you have any other types of insurance  most people do forget to inform one or two insurance providers.

o Student Loan Company


If you have outstanding student loans, keep them in the loop about your change of address. You can inform the Student Loans Company about  your change of address either online using our online change of address form or give them a call on 0300 100 0611.

o Store Cards


If you owe money on any store cards it’s essential that they are informed when you change your address.

Section 3: Personal

Surprisingly, this is the most forgotten category. Imagine your long-lost friends or cleaner swinging by your old place to be received by a confused family.

o Friends & Family


Make sure all of those valued birthday cards from your distant Aunt can still reach you. Taking the time can help avoid hilarious address mix-ups with your friends. 

o Employer


Most employers will have an accessible intranet site in which you can update your address online. It’s also helpful for emergencies for your employer to know your new address.

o Cleaner


It’s always courteous and nice to give your cleaner as much notice as you can about your home move. Be sure to tick this one off from your moving house checklist!

o Window Cleaner


Window cleaners can be informed whenever, but since you’re working through a list about who to inform when moving, you might as well tick it off your list!

o Gardener


If you use a gardener and aren’t taking them to your new place, they would also be a contact to inform when considering who to tell when moving home. Hopefully they can join you in any case.

o Schools & University


If you attend university or your children attend a school, they will certainly want to know if you have moved home. Lots of correspondence can be exchanged and you won’t want to miss any.

o Solicitors


When it comes to who to notify when moving home and your solicitors, you only really need to inform solicitors if you have any on-going legal action or you have a personal lawyer with whom you have a working relationship. 

Section 4: Health

There are a couple of useful hacks when it comes to health, such as that you don’t need to inform your old GP practice that you’re moving home. You just need to register at a new one.

o Doctor


If you’re moving home and you need to register at a new GP, you don’t need to tell your old GP. You can update the NHS’ records of your address move when you register at your new practice.

o Vet


Next time you get chance, let your vet know that you’re changing address . It’s more important if you have ongoing clinical issues, but worth doing nonetheless.

o Other Medical


If you have any relationships with chiropractors, physios etc… you might consider letting them know that you’ve moved.

o Dentist


With dentists, you should if possible let your old practice know as unlike the NHS they won’t have interconnected databases

o Gym


If your home move means you need to notify your gym, try to give them a months notice. Most rolling monthly contracts do require 28 days notice.

Section 5: Vehicle

Keeping your address up to date with you vehicle is super important. With the DVLA change of address for example, you could be fined up to £1,000 if you haven’t updated your address.



If you need to change address with the DVLA, we’ve pulled together a full guide for you (how to change address with the DVLA).

o Vehicle Registration v5c


You will also need to update your  vehicle logbook (V5C). If you want a straightforward vehicle logbook change of address guide, you can check it out here. There is also some useful information on the DVLA’s website.

o Car Finance


Most car finance companies are relatively easy to get in touch with. This is more important for one you either give the car up or-negotiate a new deal for a new car.

o Company Car


If you have a company car it is important to let your car provider know where you have moved to. The company might be responsible for keeping the DVLA up to date and it does affect your insurance.

Section 6: Entertainment

Entertainment will differ wildly from person to person when thinking about who to notify when moving home. It covers all things memberships, clubs & societies and so on.

o Memberships


It could be worth taking 5 minutes and writing down  list of any memberships you might have.

o Clubs & Societies


You will also need to update your  vehicle logbook (V5C). If you want a straightforward vehicle logbook change of address guide, you can check it out here. There is also some useful information on the DVLA’s website.

o Planned Events


Would you believe that when we  think about who to notify when moving home, we don’t usually consider any up-coming engagements or plans at our home. Be sure to rearrange those to your new address.

Section 7: Miscellaneous

You’re near the end of your change of address checklist! This one is all of the things that most people forget about when considering who to tell when moving home, but are worth crossing off the list. 

o Council Tax


It is actually important to inform your council of a change of address. We’ve covered everything you need to know in our ‘council change of address‘ guide. Council change of address is important for things like council tax, bin collection etc…

o Passport


If you’re wondering ‘do I need to change address on my passport?’, the answer is no, you do not. According to HMRC, a passport change of address isn’t necessary when you move home. There are some circumstances in which you do need to get in touch with the passport agency. For more information you can check our ‘passport change of address‘ guide.



To tell HMRC that you’ve changed address and to see if it’s applicable to you, you can check out this part of the government’s website.

o Electoral Roll


Electoral roll can be changed  by visiting the Register To Vote after you have moved home

Section 8: Change Your Address Online

Now we’ve covered who to notify when changing address, we’re turning to how to change you address online. Moving home is a busy period. Looking at the list above it’s no wonder can take up to 7 hours to tell everyone that you’re moving. That’s why we have created an online change of address form. As apposed to 7 hours it will take you about 5 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who to notify when changing address - do you have a moving house checklist?

It is tough to know who to tell when moving home because there are so many companies to tell. The best way to approach it is with a moving house checklist. We have searched the web to inspire what we hope to be the most comprehensive guide on who to tell when moving home. All you need to do is to follow this moving house checklist to know everything you need to do.

When should you change address when moving

If you’re asking when moving, who do I notify and when do I notify them you’re not alone. Some people need to be told 28 days prior, some a week before  and some whenever you want. Some companies might even charge you for closing down accounts and attempt to demand that your relationship continues, even if you have left their geography. We have listed when you should change address when moving on our change of address checklist above.

Do you have a printable checklist for moving house?

We have pulled together a printable checklist for moving house to make your life easier. Our change of address checklist printable is helpful; simply print it off and cross them off as you go. You can download our change of address checklist printable below.

Change of address DVLA

There are a lot of people looking to do a change of address with the DVLA. It’s important to take a moment to familiarise yourself with the requirements as there are certain circumstances in which you could be fined up to £1,000. It’s important to keep your address up to date with the DVLA. We’ve pulled together a full, easy to follow guide: Change address with the DVLA.