Corporation Tax Change of Address

How to update your address with your corporation tax (HMRC)

HMRC Change of address

Updating your address with HMRC

If your business has changed address you will need to complete a corporation tax change of address. 

As we know corporation tax (which is 19% as of 2021) is a critical part of HMRC. More broadly, you must inform HMRC about changes to your business such your business name or trading address.

You need to make sure that you update all of the relevant departments within HMRC such as PAYE, VAT, Corporation Tax, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) etc…

There are three ways to complete a HMRC tax change of address. We’ll show you how to update the address with your corporation tax.

Let’s jump straight in


Online Business Change of Address

online business change of address

The most convenient way to update your address with corporation tax is to use SlothMove’s business change of address service. It’s one easy to use form.

The hassle-busting technology technology essentially means you complete one form and we will update your address across all of your accounts (HMRC, Corporation Tax, Companies House, Council, Energy etc…)

To complete the business change of address:

  • o Head over to SlothMove’s business change of address service
  • o Enter information about your business (Company number, where you are moving to etc…)
  • o Select all of the services and institutions you’d like to inform that you’re moving (Corporation Tax, Council, Companies House etc…)
  • o Review your info and click submit. SlothMove will then update your address with all of the companies you have listed, so you can get back to the important stuff 

This will take around 3-4 minutes to complete and SlothMove will take care of the boring study.

If you only want to update your address with corporation tax and have completed the HMRC updates you can process this address change in two ways.

How to Update Corporation Tax Address Online

You can update your details with HMRC online using your government gateway account. You can sign into your government gateway account here. If you have never created an account before you can make on at this part of the government’s website.

Once you have signed in you will receive a 6 digit access code to the number that they have on file for your business. You can also have the system remember your online credentials for 7 days if you prefer.

Once you sign in you will see a screen like the one below:

HMRC tax change of address

Once here, select ‘view or change your account details’. Once selected you will see the below screen:

As you see, any address change updates will take 2 days to process. Simply click on ‘Manage your Government Gateway details’ and change the address on the proceeding screen.

Other ways to update your address with corporation tax

hmrc change of address contact number

You can also update your address with HMRC for your corporation tax by writing to your Corporation Tax Office.

There are several different corporation tax addresses, so you will need to find yours from your most recent correspondence and post your letter there. If you don’t have any correspondence from them you can call the corporation tax helpline on: 0300 200 3411  

How do I find my corporation tax office number?

There are two ways in which you can find out your corporation tax office number. Your HRC Corporation Tax office is represented by a three digit code. This three digit code precedes your 10 digit digit Corporation Tax UTR. You can find this information on any HMRC correspondence. If you don’t have any correspondence to hand you can contact the corporation tax helpline on: 0300 200 3411  

And that is everything you need to know about your corporation tax change of address. if you are changing address you may find our business change of address checklist handy 👍🏻