Moving to London

Average Costs For Moving From NYC To London   

Do you know what New York City and London have in common? Aside from being popular destinations, they’re coveted addresses because of the economic opportunities they offer, being central to business activities in their respective regions. Both cities also have the modern, fast-paced lifestyle desired by many. On top of that, they have vibrant cultures, rich histories, amazing attractions, and exciting activities that make them appealing to people from across the globe.   

At first thought, it might be daunting to envision uprooting your home from one area to the other, bearing in mind the promising opportunities and colorful lifestyles present in both cities. The average flight duration between New York City and London is around seven hours. With regard to cargo, it comes as no surprise that moving home from the United States to the United Kingdom can be overwhelming for many.    

Moreover, the costs of moving homes across countries can be a concern. You’ll need to prepare for your airfare and shipping costs for the valuables you’ll take to your new residence. Plus, you’ll have to search for and hire Manhattan movers to help pack and ship your cargo to your destination.     

However, strategic planning and budgeting can ensure a safe, hassle-free, and cost-effective moving experience. Continue reading this article to find out the average costs of moving from NYC to London.    

Long-distance cargo shipment costs  

The most significant factor in your cross-country move is the quantity and weight of your cargo. The more items you take with you, the more expensive the shipment will be. The costs increase because handling more cargo would require more work from movers, who pack and oversee the logistics to make sure that the items arrive safely at your destination.   

Commonly, those who are moving homes across countries prefer to rent a shipping container to have enough room for items while ensuring their safety. This way, the items are shipped together in a spacious metal container, minimizing the risk of loss or damage. Loose household items, appliances, gadgets, and valuables can be collected inside the storage space, and they’ll be handled accordingly by the moving company.

Depending on your household size, you can choose containers between 20 feet and 40 feet. For example, the contents of a three-bedroom house can be contained in a 20-feet shipping container, though it’s common for containers to have plenty of room to spare in this kind of situation. Meanwhile, sharing one shipping container with other clients is possible if you only have a few items to ship. In addition, this option will cost significantly less compared with taking a whole container.   

On average, the costs of long-distance moves in the US can range from USD$1,500 to over USD$15,000. These prices include labor costs for multiple movers, transportation, packing, and other processes involved in moving the cargo to London. The costs can also vary, depending on additional services you may require during the move.   

Before choosing a moving company, see to it that they cover international destinations, including London. Look for a reputable company with a solid experience and expertise in international cargo shipping. Doing so will guarantee that your valuables are in good hands and that movers can guide you as you complete your cross-country move.  

The moving company’s expertise can be beneficial for you, especially if you have questions regarding logistics, government requirements, documentation, and other essential aspects. If you’re working with industry experts, they can even serve as consultants to help you with your moving concerns when shipping your belongings to the UK.   

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Full moving services 

If you require more people to help pack and organize your items for your big move, you can consider hiring a company that offers full-service moves. With a full-service option, movers will help you pack and secure items in boxes or other containers and clear the room before you leave the premises.   

Once you acquire complete packing and moving services, movers will work with you from start to finish. They can disassemble furniture and put them in boxes, wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, and organize small household objects to keep them secure during the move.   

While you may have to adjust your moving budget to cover additional fees for the extra services you’ll enlist, opting for a full-service move may be your best option if you want a fast and hassle-free moving experience.   

Compared to working on multiple tasks, which can be exhausting and stressful, you can consider availing of complete moving services a wise decision to achieve the desired results, without the added inconvenience and effort.   

Shipping fragile items   

Do you have art pieces, décor, designer furniture, glassware, musical instruments, and other valuables made of fragile materials? If so, you may need to inform the moving company of these items, which call for specialized handling.   

For instance, movers may have to allocate a particular space for premium artwork and décor in the shipping container to protect them from damage. The same goes for glassware, ceramic items, jewelry, and musical instruments, such as a piano.   

When needed, some of the prized items may have to be carried by air to the destination because of the extra care they require. In this case, you can expect extra charges for the ‘white glove’ or VIP handling and special shipping procedures. Additionally, you may have to employ specialized shipping service from another moving company, as only some offer this type of service.  

Accessibility of location 

Two households in the exact location in New York City may pay different prices for moving to London. This scenario happens since accessibility is factored into the expenses as well. The more accessible your property is, the easier it is for movers to pack your cargo and load them onto moving trucks. Hence, the less work it requires, the less expensive the move will be.   

For instance, moving companies usually require a vacant space that they can use to park the truck and container while they pack and load the cargo. If your property has an area readily available for this purpose, it’ll be easier for movers to complete their tasks.  

The part where movers will have to go back and forth between the truck and home should be a smooth process. It’ll be easier to clear a room on the ground level than one on a higher building level. These aspects are all vital for movers, and they’re also considered before moving companies accept a project and provide a work estimate.   

Rush moving and shipping options 

You’ll need to consider your shipping options if you have limited time to complete your move from New York City to London. Typically, moving cargo to another country by sea can take up to two weeks, and this method is ideal for those who want to cut costs.    

Meanwhile, you have the option to move your cargo by air, which will only take around one to three days to arrive at the destination. However, be prepared to pay more should you require rush services, as the prices may double.    

Apart from the difference in shipping methods, movers may have to adjust their staffing and scheduling to accommodate your requirements. These factors can add to your shipping costs too, so you must take account of your timelines carefully and determine if rush services are necessary.    

Tax and customs responsibilities   

Besides moving services, the quantity and weight of your cargo, and other aspects, you’ll have to consider tax and customs responsibilities when planning your budget for your move to London. Some shipping companies may include taxes in their advertised costs, but you’ll need to discuss them before finalizing your contract.    

It’s possible to claim tax relief when moving personal belongings to the UK. To check whether you qualify, the shipping company will have you fill out the ToR01 form for those transferring residences from outside the country.    

If you won’t qualify for tax relief, you may be charged the corresponding customs duty, excise duty, value-added taxes or VAT, and other fees. You’ll have the option to ask for a tax refund by completing form C285 if you believe you’ve paid more than necessary.   

It’s crucial to pay the taxes and customs fees associated with your shipment to avoid delays, inconvenience, or legal repercussions. You’ll also need to understand the shipping procedures and restrictions mandated by the UK government.    

There are regulations regarding the shipment of food, pets, and plants. Some items, including ammunition and adult materials, are prohibited or restricted from being shipped. The UK Bureau of Customs can seize the goods if any regulations are broken. Furthermore, you may have to pay a fine or face persecution following UK laws and legal procedures.    


The costs of changing address from one location to another generally depend on three factors: distance, cargo, and services. The distance between New York City and London significantly influences shipping costs, but the quantity and weight of freight involved in your move can also add to them.  

Lastly, you must consider the type of packing and moving services you’ll need. You have the option to speed up the process and make it more convenient, depending on your need. However, your cross-country moving expenses can increase dramatically if you choose faster and more convenient moving solutions.