Tell Your Council That
You're Changing Address

The Definitive Guide (2019)

Informing your council that you have changed is address is important. It keep your records up-to-date, can prevent erroneous council tax charges and much more.

But moving home can be busy and notifying everyone that you’re changing address and sorting out your council tax refund can be the last thing on your mind. Imagine if it was straight forward and you could get clarity? By the end of this article we will do just that.

First Things First: Change Your Address Online

If you’re moving home, check out our  online change of address service where you can inform all companies that you’re moving in under 5 minutes. Head over there to change your address online with councils.

Council Tax Bands

Your Council Tax Band (the amount you pay) can change from property and area. Council tax bands are based off the value of your property as of 1st April 1991. Money Saving Expert have pulled together a great guide on reclaiming cash on your Council Tax Bands, which you might find useful.

How Much Council Tax Do I Need To Pay?

For the year 2019/20, the below table contains your council tax:

A Up to and including £40,000  £1,321.42
B £40,001 – £52,000 £1,541.65
C £52,001 – £68,000 £1,761.88
D £68,001 – £88,000 £1,982.11
E £88,001 – £120,000 £2,422.58
F £120,001 – £160,000 £2,863.04
G £160,001 – £320,000 £3,303.53
H Over £320,000 £3,964.22

I Think My Council Tax Is Wrong

If you think your Council Tax Band is incorrect, you can get in touch with the Valuation Office Agency. If you think your council tax is too much, you still need to continue to pay it until your appeal is accepted.

Can I Get A Council Tax Refund?

As we know, council tax must be paid if you are 18 years or older and are renting or owning a home. You are eligible for a 25% discount on your council tax bill if you live alone, or are the only adult in the home.

You might be able to get a 50% discount if no one living in your home, including you, is an adult.

Furthermore, if the house is occupied be students you don’t have to pay any council tax at all. This also applies for rental properties. As always, make sure you communicate with your local council and explain your circumstances

Can I Get My Council Tax Refund Backdated?

You might be eligible for a refund on your council tax if you’ve been overpaying. The classic example is that you have lived alone but have been paying 100% of the council tax, and have not claimed your 25% discount.

It’s important that you claim your council tax discount when you first move in, as this will save you time. If the council owes you a refund, they will typically reduce your proceeding payments rather than transfer you any money. So, if you’re owed £200 and you have 10 months left in that year, the local council will typically reduce your Direct Debt by £20 a month for 10 months.

What Do I Do About Council Tax When Moving House?

When moving home, you will need to inform your council that you’re moving. you first need to know the dates at which you’re moving. You will then want to contact both your former council and your new council with your effective dates. If you’re staying with the same council, it’s worth a call anyway as you might have a greater or lesser council tax band.

How Do You Change Your Council Tax When You Move?

If you’re staying within the same district, you will maintain your same DD. You should still call your local council to inform them of your address change if your council tax band is changing.

If you’re moving out of your district to a different area, you should contact both your former and new council for your moving dates. If you’re wondering how you contact council tax, a quick google for your local council is all that’s needed. The council’s IVR system will direct you through to the correct place.

Whilst you’re here, you can change your address with the DVLA Online.

You can also learn how to change your address with your passport online.