EDF Moving Home

Everything you need to know about Moving home with EDF

EDF Moving Home
EDF change of address

EDF Moving Home

In this article we will cover everything you need to know about your EDF change of address. 

Whether you want to tell EDF energy you’re moving home, port them over to your new property, cancel EDF or you have a property supplied by EDF, or even a change in tenant – we have you covered.

We’ll cover how to let EDF know online within 5 minutes. We’ll also cover how you can update your address across all of your accounts (TV Licence, DVLA, Boots Clubcard, Council etc…) easily and how to reduce the cost of your energy.

So, let’s jump in!

EDF change of tenant

EDF Change of address

There are many circumstances in which you will need to complete a EDF moving house process. Here’s how, based on your own circumstances:

I am moving home and want to take EDF Energy with me

If you’re moving home and want to take EDF energy with you; EDF moving home is simple and easy to do. It’s worth remembering that moving home is the best time to see if you can reduce the costs on your energy by exploring the market. We can help you with EDF energy moving home  or explore new providers to reduce the cost of your energy bills and get set-up in seconds

I am moving home and don't want to take EDF Energy with me

If you’re moving home and don’t want to take EDF with you, we’ve got you covered. Firstly, we need to let EDF know that you’re moving home so that they can close down the account and issue a refund/final bill. We can notify EDF for you, so that’s one less call to make. At this point we can also explore the market for cheaper energy so that you can be receiving the best energy rate from day 1. Energy companies tend to have high variable tariff rates and can be very expensive for new home owners.

I need to tell EDF that I have moved or that I am moving soon

Completing an EDF moving house change is straightforward. To let EDF know that you have recently moved or are moving soon, click the link below. We can also help you update your address across all of your other suppliers and companies (such as your Clubcard, Council, Water etc…). Whether you have just moved or are yet to move, we can help you with an EDF change of address in just a few minutes.

EDF change of tenant

If you’re a Landlord or letting agency and you need to let EDF know that your tenant has moved out, we can update the energy supplier, water company and Council that they have moved home. The good news? We can help you with an EDF change of tenant. You can either pass them a link to our moving home platform, or you can reach out to us at hello@slothmove.com and we can help.

Whatever your situation with EDF moving house, remember that moving home is one of the best opportunities to actually reduce your costs on items like your broadband and energy. If you’d like to update your address across all accounts (Council, Water, Loyalty Cards, DVLA etc…) and compare offers for broadband you can check-out our moving home platform below.

It’s easy and you can save over hundreds from your bills and hours of time.

If you’re not curious to know if you could get a better deal, either a lower cost or enhanced package you can still tell everyone you’re moving by getting started here.

How to tell EDF i'm moving home​

How to tell EDF i'm moving home

To complete an EDF change of address (whether to let them know you’ve moved, cancel or carry over you supply) follow these simple steps:

  • o Enter your info in the moving home platform (such as previous and new address)
  • o Select who need to know you’re moving home (EDF, Council, Water, Loyalty Cards etc…)
  • o Select if you would like to compare and save or carry EDF over
  • o Click complete, and you’re finished!

We will update everyone about your address change on your behalf so you can kick-back and relax. It’s interesting to note that our average user saves over £500 and 7 hours of their time – great stuff!

EDF Energy moving home

Do I need to inform EDF about a change of address?

It’s important to inform EDF about any change of address and complete the EDF moving home process. As we discussed, you could be due a refund or owe money on your account. By letting EDF know you will be able to claim your refund or clear your accout. The last thing you want is to have arrears on your account.

are edf energy any good

Are EDF any good?

Great question. Are EDF any good? EDF have a Trust pilot rating of 4.3/5 with over 8,000. According to OfGem, 67% of EDF’s customers are satisfied with their service. If you’re looking at an energy supplier there are many items to consider such as price, service, reputation, green credentials and more. We can help you compare and find the best energy tariff on our moving home platform. There is lots to consider when asking how good EDF energy are, but those are some of the key considerations. Ultimately, with the amount choice in the market at the moment you won’t be short for options.


Frequently Asked Questions

EDF Moving House

To let EDF energy know that you have moved home simply; click onto our moving home platform below, enter your information, select who you’d like to inform about your move and click submit – easy.

EDF Change of tenant

If your tenant has moved out and you would like to let EDF know, you can send them a link to our moving home platform in which we can help them do it within just a few minutes. Alternatively, you can contact us at hello@slothmove.com and we can help you there.

Can I transfer EDF when I move home?

If you’re wondering if you can transfer EDF when you move home, you’re in luck – you can! We can help you do that seamless with our moving portal below.

What does EDF stand for?

EDF stands for Électricité de France. 

EDF change of address

EDF Moving Home & More

After finishing this article you should have a clear idea around how to complete your EDF address change. We’ve covered how to cancel, inform, carry over your supply and even tenant changes with EDF. SlothMove was created to make home moving simple, low-cost and transparent. If you’re moving home have a look through our site to see how we might make your home move a little easier.