EON Moving Home

Everything You Need to Complete Your EON Home Move

EON Moving home
EON Moving Home​

EON Moving Home

When you’re moving home you need to inform your energy supplier – in other words, start the Eon moving home process.

In this article we will show you how to update your address with EON online, within minutes.

If you’re currently with EON, you can either take them with you to your new home or cancel and shut down that account. In either circumstance, we’ll show you how to get that sorted.

Also, if you’ve taken on a supply that is supplied with EON, we’ll show you how to let them know you’ve moved in.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How to update your address with EON​

How to update your address with EON

Completing an EON change of address is simple. So, how do you complete an EON home move?


I'm moving home and want to take EON with me

If you’re changing address and want to take EON to your new home, the easiest way to transfer them over is to follow the below process:

  • o Head over to SlothMove’s Moving Home platform
  • o Enter your info (previous address, new address, date of your move etc…)
  • o Select who needs to know you’re moving (EON, DVLA, NHS, HMRC, Tesco Clubcard etc…)
  • o Choose what tarrif you’d like in your new home 
  • o Click submit – and you’re done (woo!)

SlothMove will update your accounts automatically and get your energy set-up in your new place. We also have access to tariffs across the entire market. It takes around 5 minutes to complete.

I have moved into a property which EON supplies

If you have moved into a property which is supplied by EON you will probably know based on the lettering you have received. To tell EON you have moved in follow the below process:

  • o Go to SlothMove’s home set-up service
  • o Enter your info (your new address, previous address, when you moved in etc…)
  • o Select who needs to know you’re moving (EON, DVLA, NHS, HMRC, Tesco Clubcard etc…)
  • o Select which tariff you’d like (we have SlothMove recommended, and ones across the entire market_
  • o Click complete and SlothMove will complete your address change notifications and help you set-up your energy

This will be completed online and within only a few minutes – then you can get back to enjoying your home.

This is important to do because energy suppliers will place you on high standard variable tariffs when you move in, meaning you will be paying more than you need to.

EON Moving Out​

EON Moving Out

If you’re moving out of a property supplied by EON energy we need to inform them. This is whether not you’d like EON to supply your next property or not. You can inform EON of your home move by using our online change of address service.

We will update EON about your EON home move as well as any of your other institutions such as your loyalty cards, council, water and hundreds more.

EON Change of Address​

EON Change of Address

Completing your EON Change of Address is straightforward to do. It’s also essential.

Before you leave your home, make sure you provide meter readings to EON. You will be able to do that with SlothMove. If you don’t provide meter readings EON will estimate those for you – that may be less or more than you’ve actually spent. Therefore, to be billed accurately be sure to submit those meter readings when starting the EON moving home process.

You may also be entitled to a refund by EON, so using a service that updates them directly such as SlothMove can help you get your bills settled. It could be the case that you have an outstanding balance, in which case you would want to close that down and pay it off.

As we see, an EON change of address is very important.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move home with EON?

When moving home with EON, you need to let them know you’ve changed address. The fastest and simplest way to get that completed is:

  • o Head over to SlothMove’s change of address service
  • o Provide your details (previous address, new address, the date you’re moving etc…)
  • o Select who needs to know you’re moving (EON energy, HMRC, Boots Advantage Card, Council etc…)
  • o Select the best energy tariff you’d like to set-up in your new home
  • o Select complete and SlothMove will update everything automatically, update EON and get you set-up in your new home 

It’s that simple.

When will I receive my final EON bill?

You will receive your final EON bill around 7 days after you have submitted your meter readings. If you have completed the EON moving home process (EON change of address) and have told them where you’re moving to you will receive it via post.

You should also receive an email detailing your final bill

How do I contact EON?

You can contact EON by dialling: 0333 202 4698.

You can write to EON at: Customer Service Centre, E.ON, PO Box 7750, Nottingham NG1 6WR. 

EON’s email: fill-out this form to drop them an email.

Moving home Eon exit/cancellation fee

If you’re moving home and are with EON you will be liable to pay an exit fee if you’re leaving the supply and are on a fixed-term contract. Even though there is an exit fee, you may still be able to reduce the entire cost of your energy bills by looking at other suppliers. We can help you explore the market with our moving home platform below:

EON Moving Home & Beyond​

EON Moving Home & Beyond

You have officially learnt everything about completing the EON moving home process. You can call EON or use quick-to-use technology such as SlothMove to update your address across all of your accounts and tell EON you’re moving that way. As we have seen, it is really important to update your address across your accounts when moving home. This helps you avoid any unexpected bills or miss out on any refunds.