Clean up the mess at home. How to quickly clean the house when there is no time

A quick guide to keeping your living environment clean and tidy

House Cleaning

How to quickly clean the house when there is no time


Cleaning is far from the most pleasant process that many people try to avoid as long as possible. However, if you put things in order at least once, you will be able to understand how beautiful your apartment is and how pleasant it is to be in it. Therefore, you need some tips that will allow you to start house clearance more willingly, do it more efficiently, move faster from room to room and get a more impressive result.

So, if you have not cleaned for a long time because you simply do not know where to start and in which direction to move, this article is for you. You will learn how to clean quickly, efficiently and pleasantly. And finally, you will be able to invite guests to the house, who will not be ashamed to host them.

Focus on dust It is impossible to completely remove dust. It enters the room from all possible places: from windows, doors and even ventilation openings. People bring dust into the apartment on their shoes and clothes. You can remove it with a vacuum cleaner, just make sure to turn on the wet cleaning mode so that you don’t just carry this dust around the room.

The places where dust is most visible (especially to your guests) are tables, chairs, the TV and window sills. There is especially a lot of dust on the windowsills, as it flies into the apartment through the window. Dust can also collect on wallpaper and ventilation openings. You should pay special attention to the upper corners of the room because cobwebs are often created there.


The first thing your guests will notice is the floor. Therefore, you should start by cleaning it. Thoroughly clean the carpets (if you have them), sweep the floor and then wash. More attention should be paid to those places that are most dirty; this is the corridor and the living room. At the same time, do not forget about hard-to-reach places, for example, the space under the bed or sofa.

Frequent littering

If you have a small apartment, try to take out the garbage more often. There is no need to install separate garbage containers in the bedroom, living room, corridor and so on. It is much better to have a trash can (in the kitchen) and develop the habit of taking out the trash once a day. The more often you do this, the better, as it is from the garbage can that an unpleasant smell can spread through the house.

Unnecessary items

Throw away the items you don’t need. Now that the hallway and living room are in order, you should pay attention to the items around you. The secret of order lies in the rational use of space at home. If you have a mess in your house, then it is very likely that you have a lot of items that you don’t need and you need to start a process of rubbish removal.

In some cases, one does not want to throw away old items as garbage, even if they are not used. Therefore, you can buy a big box and put items that you regret throwing away. How do you determine what should go in the box? Very simple: put everything you haven’t used for more than a month: pens, magazines, accessories, old phones, etc.

When this box is full, seal it and write a note on it. Then take it to the garage or basement and leave it there. If, during the year you do not need any of the items in the box, this means that all its contents are of no value to you and you can safely get rid of them.

Just what you need

Have you ever noticed that when you need an item, you first have to pull a bunch of useless stuff out of your closets and drawers? If so, then you are surrounding yourself with the wrong things and this is the reason to immediately review your environment. Try to make sure that you are surrounded by only the things you need so that they are easily accessible and unnecessary items will not create a mess in the house.

Regular apartment

So now is the time to hide those things that you don’t use all the time so they don’t catch your eye. If you are preparing to receive guests, you must understand that your apartment must look perfect. A wide variety of people can come to you: neighbours, friends, repair workers, utility workers, etc. Each person can have his own idea of cleanliness and order at home, but there is one rule that is acceptable to everyone: the objects of everyday life should not be in a predictable space.

Therefore, try to arrange all things at home so that you can safely leave a person at home, even if you wake up in the middle of the night. So the basic rule: is “hide personal items”. Money, sheets, documents – all this should not be visible to visitors. Glasses, watches, mobile phones, and bracelets must have their place. Clothes should be placed in a closet or a laundry basket and dishes should not be left dirty after eating.


Order at home can often be determined by the cleanliness of the kitchen. If the kitchen is cleaned well, there is a good chance that other areas of the house will also be clean.

What are the rules for a clean kitchen?

One thing you have already read: never leave dirty dishes; wash them immediately after eating.

Second: your refrigerator should always be clean, both outside and inside. It attracts attention more than other objects due to its large size and frequency of use.

Third, thoroughly wipe down all handles on both cabinets and appliances so guests don’t accidentally get their hands dirty when they reach for something.

And fourth: ventilate the kitchen more often so that there is not only visual order but also fresh air.

Bathroom and toilet

It will be strange if you clean all the rooms in the apartment and they literally shine, and your bathroom will stand out unpleasantly from the general background. There should always be a clean floor, a pleasant aroma, fresh towels and soap. All bottles standing on the surface must be clean, without traces of water or any means. The sink should also always be washed.


Bedroom To achieve cleanliness in the bedroom, it will not be enough just to put all the things in their places and put unnecessary things in the closet. You need to change the sheets, remove the trash from the nightstand or coffee table, and air out the room. Pay attention to the mirrors: if you want to put everything in order, then you need to remove all traces from the mirrors.


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