Leaving the UK,
made easy

We make emigrating simple and straightforward by updating or closing everything on your behalf. Save hours of your time and lots of hassle by completing one simple form

trustpilot slothmove
trustpilot slothmove
International moving

Leaving the UK has never been easier

At SlothMove we want to create a world where moving home is simple, low-cost and friction-less. We make leaving the UK seamless. Complete just one form and we take care of all of the admin from leaving the UK.

Moving Abroad Checklist

All of your admin handled in one place

When leaving the UK there is lots of admin to do. We need to inform organisations like HMRC, UK Pension Service, TV licencing, your Council, Electoral Roll and many more. We save you the hassle of informing everyone, meaning you don’t miss a thing.



Inform UK Government that you're moving and find out if you're due a Tax refund

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Pension Service

Update the UK Pension Service & make any changes you wish to payment terms



Keep the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency updated about your move

Council change of address


Close down your account with your Council and recieve any refund due

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Loyalty Cards

Tell all of your loyalty cards that you're moving away; Tesco, Boots & many more


Student Finance

We can update SLC and ensure you don't pay the maximum amount by default

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Let your energy supplier know that you're leaving the UK & get your refund or final bill

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Get help with finding a trusted estate agent to manage your property after you emmigrate

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We will tell your GP that you're leaving so your mail won't go to the wrong address

Dentist change of address


Inform your dentist that you're moving and that you won't be needing appointments anymore

Tell everyone you're moving

Electoral Roll

Inform the Electoral Roll and register your right to vote in the UK from overseas

Royal Mail Redirection international


We will set-up your Royal Mail re-direction for you so all of your mail goes to you



Let your water supplier know you're leaving the UK & get your refund or final bill settled

TV Licence cancel

TV Licence

Let's cancel your TV Licence DD and tell them you're moving and sort any refunds

International Removals


If needed, we can help you find the right place to sort your removals overseas

So, what's the price of a hassle-free move?


Tell everyone you're moving

Save over 7 hours

Focus on what matters, enjoying your home move. Don't waste any time filling-out any forms

Tell everyone you're moving

Don't forget anything

Our service is comprehensive and covers everything you need to emigrate the UK

Tell everyone you're moving

100% Hassle-free

We take care of all of the admin and contact so you can kick-back, relax and enjoy your move


It's really simple to do

get started with slothmove

Complete Our form

100% online, start by completing our moving home portal. Let us know who needs to know you're moving

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leaving the UK Checklist

We do the hard work

We do all of the hard work behind the scenes to update, cancel or organise all of your services for you

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Leaving the UK to-do list

You relax

Be kept fully up-to-date and through the entire process and look forward to enjoying your stay overseas

Update your address online

Hailing from Sheffield, UK

As a full-time engineer, my day job has always revolved around solving problems. Like millions of Britons each year, my last home move was unnecessary stressful and busy. I wasted hours of time and energy speaking with companies to update my address and hours more to find good deals for my home. I knew there to be a better way.

Anna Page

SlothMove Founder

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

It’s a really simple process. You enter your info and select which institutions and companies you would like to inform, update or cancel with. We then complete all of this for you behind the scenes and tell you when it’s complete. The organisations them selves will reach-out to you to confirm that that they have completed your cancellation, refund or address change. It is an extremely hands-off process for the mover and saves hours of time and lots of stress – woohoo!

How much does it cost?

The cost for this service is only £125. At SlothMove, our mission is to make moving home low-cost and friction-less. That’s why we’re adamant on putting forward a price that means that all people from all income backgrounds can afford this international service.

Who can I update?

You can inform HMRC, the Pension Service, the DVLA, your local Council & water supply, your loyalty cards, Student Finance, your GP and lots more. We’ve built this service around you and everything you would need to do when leaving the country. It’s made for your convenience and to completely remove the hassle from the experience.

Will I need to do anything else?

We do all of the hard-work behind the scenes so that you can enjoy a stress-free move. Most organisations will require no input from you, though some might require your signature. In those cases we will send you a pre-paid envelope in the post for you to simply sign and post. We will keep you fully up-to-date with any actions you may need to take.