Plusnet Broadband change of address

How to transfer plusnet to your new home

plusnet change of address

How do I transfer plusnet broadband to a new address?

Plusnet broadband change of address

If you’re moving home you and you have broadband with Plusnet you should let them know 4 weeks in advance.

You should do this whether or not you’d like to keep Plusnet as a broadband provider or you’d like to cancel. There are two ways to do this, either online or by phone.

When moving home, it’s actually the best time to explore the market for new offers to either reduce the cost you’re paying or get ‘more bang for your buck’. If you are moving you may find it useful to use SlothMove’s moving home platform in which you can actually update your address across all of your accounts and setup your home 😎 

  • 1) Enter your info (previous address, new address, date of move etc…)
  • 2) Select who needs to know you’re moving (Boots, Tesco, Energy, Charities, DVLA etc…)
  • 3) Setup your home (Council, water, broadband, energy, TV licensing etc..)
  • 4) Click submit and SlothMove will update your address automatically

If there are any additional steps we’ll let you know by email.

You can also update your address with Plusnet by calling their home move team on 0800 587 1952.

You can let their team know when you’re moving and whether or not you’d like to cancel your supply or port it over.

Either way, it’s very simple to complete your Plusnet change of address. We have a detailed guide on how to complete your broadband change of address, if you’d like more information.

Does Plusnet charge to move house?

Does Plusnet charge to move house?​

You will only be charged by Plusnet for moving house if you are a leaving customer. If you are transferring your broadband to another property they won’t charge you.

If you are leaving Plusnet when you move house and there is time left on your contract you will usually be charged. You can see how much you may be charged on their pricing schedule. Typically, the amount you pay depends on how much you pay per month, how many months are remaining in your contract and whether or not you’re moving to an area serviced by Plusnet.

Can you change address on broadband?

You can always change address on broadband. The question is whether or not you would like to pay to leave as a customer. This differs by supplier. The other question to consider is if that company services your new area, and if even if they do, what is the coverage like there?

There are lots of considerations around changing address, whether that be with Plusnet, Sky, Virgin or another provider. Be sure to become acquainted with a good change of address checklist as that will save you hours of time.

How do I quit Plusnet?

how do I leave plusnet

You can leave Plusnet any time by calling their home moving team on 0800 587 1952. This is the same if you’d like to complete a Plusnet change of address.

When you call Plustnet the home moving adviser will talk you through the process of returning any equipment, when your supply will terminate and any fees or refunds that will be applicable for you.

It’s worth knowing that even if there are fees for cancelling your broadband contract with Plusnet it can still work out cheaper with another supplier over the course of the contract.