The Ultimate Change of Address Checklist

Change of Address Checklist
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How to Approach the Move

You’re moving home and you need a change of address checklist. You’re in luck.

There are many ways to approach moving home. These can range from list-making and firing from the hip or just simply winging it.

Which ever way is best for you the objective is simple: complete all aspects of the home move as simply and stress-free as possible. We have created this moving home guide (or moving home checklist, if you prefer!) to help you do that.

How to Use This Change of Address Checklist

This guide is created with the home move in mind, so everything is laid-out chronologically. This might mean that you need to do different parts at different times, so be sure to keep it handy through the process! So let’s get started!

(1) Organise The Dates

The first thing you need to clarify is the date at which you will move into your new place. Write it down. If you’re buying, dependant upon your progress in the process, your solicitor can give you a timescale (8-10 weeks, for example). Be sure to be in regular contact with your solicitor to see if you can support in speeding the process-up until you agree a ‘completion date’.

(2) Clean Your House & Start Packing

This is something that is best done over time and something best started as early as possible. The first step is to clean out your house or apartment. Get rid of as much junk as you can. Next, pack items in boxes which you could foreseeably do without until after you’ve moved. Be sure to label these boxes with the room they’re destined for – it will save you hours of time!     

(3) Arranging For The Move

When Moving home, the are many things to arrange and they fall into two buckets: arranging for actually moving & arranging for after you move. Below are the two most common services needed when moving home, be sure to get them sorted early!

SlothMove, save money on booking van hire with slothmove. Picture of a van.

Booking early will save you money. ANYVAN are excellent and are worth checking out. You can click below for and get a great deal on your booking.

Slothmove self storage box

If you think you’d benefit from having some items in storage you wouldn’t be alone. You can get amazing value from a company such as Safestore.

(4) Changing Your Address

It can take nine hours to inform companies that you’re moving. SlothMove automates your change of addresses  online, so you can spend more time on what matters. Energy companies, to TV licence and club cards

(5) Setting Yourself Up

When you move into your new place  you’ll want to have everything sorted. Here is a list of companies/services you might need to set-up in advance:

Home Insurance
Gas & Electricity

Top Tip: Reduce Your Energy Costs

Overpriced energy bills can see you overpaying by £000’s every year, so they’re worth getting on top of early. In addition to this moving home checklist we’ve pulled together a Easy Energy Saving Guide that goes into detail. There are many ways to save money and here are two we’ve found personally really helpful in getting started!

slothmove, look after my bills

Look After My Bills (aptly named) is an example of a switching service. They aim to give you cheap energy forever by switching you automatically

save money on your energy, use uswitch

uSwitch is a great place to start; They compare all of the energy deals in the market and can help you find a cost-effective energy supplier.

(6) The ‘Easy-To-Forget-Abouts’

These ones are easy to forget, but these might make your home move a lot smoother!

(7) Readings

When move-day arrives be sure to capture key information; make sure you snap your gas, electricity and (if applicable) water meter readings.  If you’re renting be sure to walk around with your landlord so you’re not  hit with any sneaky charges.

(8) Settling Bills

When you’ve moved, it’s important to ensure that all of your bills are settled. Companies will usually send you a final bill once you’ve moved. Use our online change of address service to save yourself hours of time!

(9) Prepare the Essentials

To make your move happen smoothly,  make sure you pull together some essentials you’d like to use  the days your move in. Grab a box or so of the following:

  • Entertainment such as your TV or laptop
  • Duvet & bedding for your first night
  • Kettle,  coffee, tea, sugar & cutlery
  • Kitchen roll & loo roll
  • Cleaning products 

(10) Tell Your Friends & Family

Now you’ve moved into your new place make sure all of your friends and family know you’ve moved!  Now most importantly, it’s time to relax and appreciate your new pad!

Going Forward

If you thought this change of address checklist was helpful wait until you see what else we can do. If you’re in the process of moving, you’ll definitely want to check out our online change of address service. Moving home can be stressful, but we don’t believe it needs to be.

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