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Your Guide To Cheap Energy

Your Guide to Cheap Energy

This Is Your Simple Guide to Paying Less for your Energy

It might come as a surprise, but when it comes to energy nearly 50% of us are still overpaying. And this is for many reasons. We’re too busy to find a cheaper deal, we don’t know that there could be cheaper energy – or perhaps we don’t know how to.

Whatever your reason, the good news is that we’ve pulled together this quick and easy guide to simplify energy to put the power back in your hands to save you some serious cash!

Energy bills can be one of our highest household costs and the one where we can save the most money! So, let’s get started!

Find the cheapest deal with manual switching

The best way to save is to switch. You could save up to £243 a year on average by switching! Using using a price comparison site to evaluate the best deals on the market is one of the best places to start.

Switching is simple and very easy on your part:

(1) Enter Your Details On A Price Comparison Site

We’ve always found uSwitch very unbiased and easy to use, so we’ll use them for this example. You just need your postcode, the current tariff you’re on and your energy consumption (you can complete a quick quiz on uSwitch’s site to estimate your consumption)

(2) Compare Quotes

uSwitch will show quote just like your car insurance quotes – they’ll also show how much you’ll save

(3) Choose Your Plan

Select the plan you like the look of. uSwitch will ask for a few more details to send to your new provider, and they will arrange the rest! Here is a screenshot to show you how it will look:

how uswitch works

Automated Switching: Cheap Energy Forever

We prefer to call this ‘Hands-Free Switching’. Just like we wanted to revolutionise the change of address process, there are companies, such as Look After My Bills, who are keen revolutionise the energy switching process.

Look After My Bills do exactly the same as the manual switch, except they do it for you. The philosophy is get cheap energy forever. They have their eye on the ball, and are always on the look out for a tariff they could automatically switch you to in order to save you money.

Their service, is completely free!.You just need to sign up once and they will ensure you’re on the best possible tariff. They handle the whole process and communicate at all times to let you know what they’re doing!

We’ve actually been able to get a hold of an offer for SlothMove; if you follow this link and sign up, you’ll get a £10 Amazon Gift Card. It’s only for a limited time, so if this is something you think you’d benefit from make sure you go and sign-up!

look after my bills homepage

Help With Your Energy Bills

There are many grants available from both the government and energy companies to help you save money. The Government’s Energy Saving Trust offers free advice and information give them a call on 0300 123 1234 for advice.

Here are some of the amazing offers you might be able to take advantage of:

New Boiler & Cavity Insulation

Check Simple Energy Advice to see if your supplier can subsidise a new boiler (up to 90%) or loft & cavity insulation

Winter Fuel Benefit

If you were born before 6th November 1953 you could be eligible for between £100 – £300 Winter Fuel Benefit

Cold Weather Payment

If the average temperature in your area is (or is forecast to be) 0°C or below for seven days in a row (between 1 November 2010 and 31 March 2020), you could be eligible for a Cold Weather Payment of £25 for every seven consecutive days of cold weather

Warm Home Discount Scheme

If you meet your supplier’s criteria and they’re enlisted in the Warm Homes Discount scheme, you might be entitled to £140 off your electricity bill

Help Clearing Arrears

If you meet your supplier’s criteria and they’re enlisted in the Warm Homes Discount scheme, you might be entitled to £140 off your electricity bill

Busting Switching Myths

Myth: Switching could leave me without energy for a while
Fact: Absolutely not! Regardless of which supplier you’re with, your energy comes from the National Grid, just who you pay for it changes. It’s not my broadband supplies!

Myth: Switching my energy takes a lot of time and hassle
Fact: It’s actually false – we explained just how easy it is. You don’t even need to pick up the phone anymore!

Myth: My Smart Meter makes my energy cost less
Fact: Your Smart Meter is amazing. It makes you more aware on how you use energy throughout the day and therefore spend less/reduce your cost. However, it doesn’t actually save you money on your tariff. You’ll need to change provider, or tariff to save money.

Myth: I’m renting so I can’t switch
Fact: If you’re responsible for paying the bills, you’re able to switch!

Myth: I’ve been with my current supplier for years – I’ll save with my loyalty to them
Fact: Unfortunately, that’s not the way the energy game works – get a quick quote to see if you could save money elsewhere!

We hope you found this article helpful. Remember, as with all things, it’s important to challenge what you’re paying and always be vigilant to see if there is a cheaper or better way of doing things.

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