How to Get Your Provisional Driving Licence

Everything You Need to Know to Get your Provisional Licence


How to get a Provisional Driving Licence

How to get a Provisional Driving Licence​

Getting your provisional driving licence is the first step to getting onto the road.

A provisional licence costs only £34 and the steps to getting one are quite simple.

We’ll show you how to get your provisional licence, the forms you need to complete and where you need to do them.

It’s simple to do and we’ll show you how.

We’ll start with the process of getting your provisional licence card, then move onto everything else you need to know.

You can apply online (via the DVLA’s website) or in person by going to the Post Office.

How to apply online

Before you start the process you need to confirm your eligible to drive (in the UK you must be 17 years old and not have a medical condition that precludes you from driving). 

Once you’ve done that:

  1. o Head over to Gov.UK’s online portal
  2. o Complete your application
  3. o Pay £34 if by debit card or £43 if by credit car

Apply by post

If you prefer, you can also apply for your UK provisional driving licence by post.

Simply take a D1 form (which you can find at any Post Office, complete it and post it to:

DVLA Swansea SA99 1BN

What ID do I need to apply for a provisional driving licence?

ID provisional driving licence

When it comes to identity documents for a driving licence application the requirements are quite strict.

The DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licence Authority) will require you to send an identity document unless you have a valid UK passport.

If you have a valid UK passport, you can simply use your 9 digit passport number instead.

If you don’t have your UK passport you will need one of the following:

  • – A valid foreign passport
  • – A valid travel document
  • – An identity card from the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA)
  • – A biometric residence permit 

You will need to send the original version of your document alongside your application.

Remember, you wont be able send photo copies for your provisional driving licence application

How much is a provisional driving licence?

how much is a provisional driving licence

Your provisional driving licence will cost you £34 if completed with a debit card, or £43 if completed with a credit card. 

In context to other services, applying for your provisional driving licence isn’t too expensive.

If you already have a provisional driving licence and need to tell the dvla you’re changing address it will be free. Otherwise, you will need to pay £20 for a replacement.

How long does a Provisional Licence last for?

Your provisional driving licence will last 10 years. This is the same amount of time a full UK driving licence lasts for too.

Once you pass your theory test you will have two years to complete your practical test.

If you don’t complete your practical test within those two years you must redo your theory test.

How to renew your provisional driving licence

If your provisional driving licence has past its expiry date you will need to renew your driving licence. This can be done by post or online and must be done at least every 10 years.

How to update the address on my provisional licence

If you have moved home you will need to tell the DVLA you have changed address. Changing address with the DVLA is the same whether it is your provisional licence or full drivers licence. You can get started with SlothMove’s home moving platform who can help you update your address across all of your accounts.

How to prepare for your theory test

You will probably be preparing for either your theory or practical test. Below is a great video to help you pass both the written and observational elements of your exam.

Your DVLA Provisional Licence

We’ve covered exactly how to get your provisional driving licence, how much it costs and some great tips on passing your theory. If you’re moving home, explore the site and see how we can help.

Our full DVLA guide is here. You can chek it out quickly.