St John Ambulance Change of Address

How to Update Your Address with the St John Ambulance Service

st john ambulance change of address

How Do I Change My Address with St John's Ambulance?

st johns ambulance change of address

In this guide, we will explain how to change your St John Ambulance address online in just 3 minutes. 

When moving home it is best to try and update your address across all your accounts and services within 2 weeks of relocating. Along with your St John Ambulance change of address, you will need to update your address across all other accounts, such as utility providers, loyalty cards, subscriptions, governmental institutions and many more. 

So, let’s get started! Here is an easy and efficient way of changing your address with the St John Ambulance service and all your other providers at the same time!

An Overview

You can complete your St John Ambulance change of address in two ways: using SlothMove’s streamlined address change service or by directly contacting the St John Ambulance

Using SlothMove’s online change of address service, you can update your address across hundreds of different providers without the hassle. Whether you need to update your address with the Council, the NHS, HMRC or the Postcode Lottery, you can do so in just a few clicks. 

To complete your St John Ambulance change of address, simply click the below button 📍

To complete your St John Ambulance change of address, all you have to do is:

  1. Enter your previous & new postcode, as well as your moving date
  2. Select the accounts that you’d like to update (St John Ambulance, Tesco Clubcard, RSPCA  Spotify etc…)
  3. Select SlothMove Plus or Basic
  4. Click submit and SlothMove will do the rest for you – updating your address across your accounts, including St John Ambulance

SlothMove’s award-winning change of address service will then do the rest of the work for you, taking all the time and effort out of changing your St John’s Ambulance address. 

Alternatively, you can update your address by directly contacting the St John Ambulance: 

You can let the St John Ambulance service know of your change of address by emailing your new contact details to

Once you have done so, they will update their systems and your St John Ambulance change of address should take effect within one month.

What is the Role of St John's Ambulance?

change address with st john ambulance

Now we’ve explained how to complete your St John Ambulance address change, here are some intersting facts about St John Ambulance themselves.

St John Ambulance is the nation’s leading first aid charity. Volunteers provide first aid in their communities, keeping people safe at events, and working alongside the NHS in response to 999 calls. They offer a range of services, from Community First Responders to emergency response support. 

As well as providing direct first aid support, St John’s Ambulance are also the first aid and mental health first aid trainer of choice for many companies, local authorities and members of the public. They teach hundreds of thousands of people to have the skills to save lives

Why is it Called St John’s Ambulance?

st john ambulance address

The name St John’s Ambulance has its roots in the religious Order of the Hospital of St John, the members of which devoted themselves to charitable activities.

In 1888, Queen Victoria recognised their good work and they became known as the modern Order of St John. Queen Victoria ruled the largest empire the world has ever known and the Order saw it as part of their role to spread Western medical practice to the colonies. 

The work of the Order of St John continued to evolve through the years and, during the 19th century, they took it upon themselves to improve dangerous workplaces.

They decided to train ordinary people in first aid so victims of poor working conditions and hazardous machinery could be treated on the spot, and in 1877 they set up St John Ambulance to do this.

How Do You Become a Member of St John’s Ambulance?

st johns ambulance change of address

To become a member of St John’s Ambulance you must submit an application online. 

  1. Send an application – The first step is deciding on which volunteer role suits you best – whether it’s a Youth Officer, a Health & Safety Officer, an Administrative Volunteer or a Community Advocate. Once you’ve chosen your role, you can apply for it online by finding a vacancy near you. 
  2. Meet with them – if your application is successful, you’ll be asked to attend an interview where you will have a conversation about volunteering
  3. Training – next, you will have to complete the training for your role
  4. Pre-volunteering checks – St John Ambulance conduct checks on everyone for regulatory and legal reasons and all these must be completed before you can start volunteering with them. 

Once you’ve completed your training and all pre-volunteering checks have been completed, you are ready to start volunteering for St John’s Ambulance.

Are St John’s Ambulance Courses Free?

address change st johns ambulance

St John’s Ambulance do offer free first aid workshops which are designed to help raise awareness of the importance of first aid. Each workshop is delivered by their volunteer Community Advocates and provides a general overview of the five ways to save a life. 

However, St John Ambulance’s free first aid courses do not provide you with an official first aid training certificate. If you require a certified first aid course, then you should opt for one of their training courses.

When Should I Change My Address with St John's Ambulance?

Ideally, you should aim to inform the St John Amublance of your address change 2 weeks prior to your moving date. This will ensure that St John Ambulance can accept your request and action it. 

In this article, we have covered how to update your address with St John’s Ambulance. You can complete your St John Ambulance change of address through SlothMove or by contacting St John Ambulance directly.


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