4 Helpful Tips When Welcoming New Tenants Into Your Rental Property

Everything You Need to Know About Welcoming New Tenants

welcoming new tenants

How to Welcome New Tenants into a Rental Property

welcoming new tenants

As a landlord, you have many responsibilities to ensure your tenants are as comfortable as possible. Moving into a rental property can be stressful for new tenants so it’s important that you make them feel at home. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you welcome new tenants in your property. 

Having a rental property is a great business idea as it’ll be a high passive income, especially if you don’t need to do much to ensure a guaranteed payment. All you have to do is create a contract, ask for a dated check, and allow your tenants to live in a comfortable home. However, before you let your tenants in, it’d certainly be appreciated if you could properly welcome them to their new home.  

Welcoming your new tenants into their homes is a small gesture that’ll make them feel important and valued. Prepare for some instances wherein your tenants might offer to purchase your rental property since they’re extremely comfortable and don’t want to get into the trouble of moving their things again. There’s a great post to read to see if it’s the best decision for you. 

But before you think anymore deeper, listed below are some helpful tips as you welcome new tenants into your property:

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1. Offer Moving Logistics

Moving into a new home can be tiring, especially since you need to bring plenty of things to your new home. This can be more dragging, especially if you’re moving into a bare unit as you need to get your own furniture for you to live in. While you can customize your space, the amount of energy and time you’ll put into moving can be extremely exhausting.  

To help your tenants make their move feel like a breeze, you might want to offer some moving logistics that they can conveniently use for their new home. You can give them the contact numbers of your trusted movers so they can ensure a smooth move without worrying about the safety of their things. Moreover, they can also move in a single day and would have to worry about driving back and forth to bring their stuff with them. 

2. Clean The Entire Unit

One of the top things you should do when you have a new tenant renting your place is clean the entire unit. No matter how confident you are that you left your rental property spotless from the previous tenant, you should still conduct a last-day cleaning to welcome new people into your property. 

Over the time of non-rental, your unit might accumulate enough dust, making the place look dirty. To allow your tenants to feel happy about their new home, cleaning them should be on the top of your priority list. 

As you tidy up the entire unit, make certain that clean them from floor to ceiling, including the storage area and the bathroom. If you don’t have much time to clean the unit yourself, you can always hire a house cleaning service to do all of your work. In the event that you’re renting out a fully furnished unit, deep cleaning your furniture would always be an excellent idea. 

3. Address Any Property Damages

Before you hand out the keys to your tenant into their rental property, you should address any damage first and seek repair as soon as possible. The last thing you’d want to happen is to get frequent calls and messages from them, reporting to you about your unit’s broken fixtures. Apart from the hassle, it might cost you extra, especially since there’s already someone living in your unit.  

Ideally, you should have your unit checked by an electrician and plumber and let them assess if there’s any internal or electrical damage that you should address. Plus, you should confirm some physical damage such as chipped paint or floor cracks. Apart from welcoming the guests, it’ll also help to maximise the lifespan of your unit, allowing for more years of income. 

4. Provide Information About Essentials

In most cases, a tenant would usually come from distant places, making your rental property a new experience for them to explore. To help your tenant adjust to their new home, you should provide helpful information that could help them gather their essentials. This will save them time from researching and will be guaranteed that the services you suggested are safe and useful. 

You can begin listing down laundry shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, convenience stores, book stores, and coffee shops. Ideally, you should list their names and contact number for quick access. If you have enough time to create a map for them, it’ll surely be appreciated. For their first few days, handing them take-out menus would help to keep them full as they settle into their new home.

The Verdict

Moving into a new home can be an emotional roller coaster ride. To help your tenants feel welcome and special in your rental property, you should also prepare your home. The more help you can offer, the better it would be for your tenants to adjust to their new life. Just ensure that you keep your lines open so they can easily give you a ring any time a problem arises, allowing you to take quick action immediately.


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