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The hassle-free way to reduce your bills without compromising

SlothMove Utility Club
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Reduce your bills forever

The SlothMove Utility Club is the effortless way to enjoy best-in-market energy & broadband deals. Our technology compares the entire market for price, customer service, technology to find you the actual best product. We make switching effortless. We monitor your tariff & let you know when it's time to switch again. You even get rewarded for each and every switch.

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Entire market

We don't just look at price. We account for service, reliability and technology across the entire market so you can be assured you're on the best

SlothMove sustainable energy

Switch effortlessly

Switching couldn't be easier. We manage all of the complicated stuff. Switch supplier in less than 5 minutes.

save money on energy

Save hundreds

Save an average of £250 when you switch supplier. We'll let you know when a better deal is available

easy to complete switch

Stay in control

Switch whenever you like, you remain in control and decide who you switch to and when. We're here to make things easier


Get rewarded

We reward you every time you switch, from cash back to vouchers and more. This won't affect the deals available to you

How it works

We compare energy suppliers for price, customer service and technology to make sure you get the overall best supplier. We make finding and switching to the best energy and broadband simple by managing 100% of the admin for you. We reward you when you switch, and monitor your tariff so we can let you know when it’s time to switch. We like to keep things simple.

choose your energy source


Choose your energy

You decide whether you'd like 100% green energy or a mix of fuels - the choice is yours

compare the market for energy


We find the best deal

We compare the entire market comparing price, service & technology to find the best deal

switch energy company


Switch & get rewarded

Enjoy cash back or rewards for you switch. Then, we'll let you know when your deal could be better

choose your energy source

Choose where your energy comes from​

You decide where your energy comes from. Whether you'd like 100% green or a mix of energy sources we'll help you find you an excellent deal. We put you back in control and remove the hassle of searching around, meaning you can go green and low cost easily.

Get rewarded to switch

Not only will we cut your costs, with SlothMove you will also receive a reward every time you switch. As you may be aware, companies who help you switch energy receive a small commission for switching you. We want to share this with you in terms of a benefit when you switch and donate the rest to a good cause.

be rewarded
switch energy company

We compare the entire market & find you the best deal

Our technology makes switching effortless. One of the things that makes us unique is that we compare the entire market, not just a preferred panel. We're also different in that we compare based on price, quality & service. This means better prices, less hassle and outstanding service should you ever need it. What's more, we monitor your deal and when it's valuable to switch we'll reach-out and let you know

How does it work?

The SlothMove Utility Club will help you find the best energy and broadband deals in the UK.  Here’s how it works:

  • 1) Share some information with us (whether you’d like green energy, your preferred reward & good cause)
  • 2) One of our friendly Utility Club experts will call you at a convenient time to get you switched
  • 3) We compare the entire market based price, quality & service to find you the best deal
  • 4) We switch you within just a couple of minutes saving you hundreds
  • 5) We monitor your deal & tell you when you can save

How much will I save?

Our average user will save over £250 per year, but you may save significantly more than that. The amount you save depends on a few factors such as your usage, the type of your meter, your current contract type and more. If you’re interested in seeing what’s out there we can help you see exactly how much you can save without compromising on quality.

Who are the charity partners?

Our good cause partners are:

  • Shelter (helping those with bad housing & homelessness) learn more
  • Mind (helping with mental health) learn more
  • The Sloth Conservation Society (helping save endangered sloths in the wild) learn more

We donate a small amount from every switch to you chosen good cause. This doesn’t impact your deal and the cost is covered 100% by SlothMove. This will be for every one of your switches.

When will I receive my reward?

Our rewards change regularly and may be different the next time you switch as we find new and exciting opportunities. Our priority is to get you your reward as soon as possible. As soon as your switch is complete, we will give you your reward/cashback. This can take 3-6 months but we prioritise reducing the time as much as possible