Wakefield Council Change of Address

Wakefield Council Tax Moving Home

Wakefield Council Change of Address​

Wakefield City Council Tax Moving Home

wakefield council change of address

If you’re moving home you’ll need to complete the Wakefield council tax change of address process. When moving home you need to update lots of different services, least of which  your council tax, water and electoral roll.

Whether you’re moving into the area, out of the area or within the area you can update your address with Wakefield Council in 2 minutes by using our council tax change of address service.

Based on your postcode, we’ll identifies who you new and previous council are and you can let them know you’re new address in just a few clicks 😊 

You will also be able to update your address across all of your other accounts, such as water, HMRC, TV licence, loyalty cards and hundreds others at the same time. Update Wakefield Council by clicking below 👇

How to change address with Wakefield Council

council tax change of address online

The Wakefield Council moving home process is simple and can be done online in 2 minutes.

As you know, it’s important that you complete your Wakefield Council Change of Address. If you’re moving out of your current jurisdiction you will need to setup your council tax with your new council and let your previous council know you’ve moved.

Here are two ways you can finish you Wakefield council tax change of address:

Update Wakefield Council Online📍​

Here’s how to complete your Wakefield Council Tax change of address: 

  • 1) Head over to SlothMove’s home setup service
  • 2) Enter your new and previous postcode
  • 3) SlothMove populates your council tax providers
  • 4) Select who needs to know you’re moving home (Wakefield Council, HMRC, DWP, Water, Electoral Roll etc…)
  • 5) Click submit SlothMove will update your address with your council and others selected

We’ll help you update your address with both your new and previous council online in minutes. This will help make sure you don’t receive any incorrect charges.

Since you’re moving, we will also cover how you can update your address across other essential institutions and companies (HMRC, Student Loan, NS&I, Energy, Water Supplier etc…).

SlothMove also lets you communicate to your new council that you’re a single occupant, giving you a 25% single occupancy discount. This is the quickest and simplest way to finish your Wakefield council tax change of address 🦥  

Call Wakefield Council 📞

You can call Wakefield Council on: 03458 506 506. Once you get through to the right department that will typically be able to support with your query. Waiting times can take up to an hour during the week.

How do I inform the council of change of address?

To inform your council about your change of address, enter SlothMove’s change of address portal. Simply enter your previous and new postcode and select which council tax provider you’d like to inform about your move.

SlothMove will let your new and/or previous council tax provider know about your home move. Your council provider will be in touch within 4 weeks to confirm your home setup.

If you’re moving out of the area you will receieve a letter confirming your final account.

Either way, SlothMove will take care of the council tax address update so you can kick-back and enjoy your home move.

Wakefield Council Tax Bands 2021

Wakefield Council Tax Bands 2021​

You may be wondering, how much is Wakefield Council tax, or what are the council tax bands in Wakefield?

As we know, each Council Tax band is attributed a different charge. The Valuation Office creates a Council Tax band based on what the value of your property would have been if it had been sold April 1st 1991.

Now we’ve covered how to complete your Wakefield City Council Change of Address let’s take a look at the council tax banding. So, what are the Wakefield Council Rates for 2021/22? According to the Wakefield Local Authority, the Council Tax bandings  for 2021/22 are:

wakefield council tax bands 1
wakefield council tax bands 2

Do I need to inform Wakefield City Council when I move house?

Do I need to inform Wakefield City Council when I move house?​

When moving home you need to inform both your previous and new council about your move. Even if you’re moving within the jurisdiction of Wakefield council you need to let them know you’re moving home. You should let both councils (or the single council) know that you’re moving 1 month before you change address. 

If you are changing councils, your previous council will generate a bill within 4 weeks and post it to your previous address (unless advised otherwise). If you’re moving into Wakefield they will send you a letter to setup your bill. When you setup your new council tax you should let them know if you’re a single occupant, entitling you to a 25% discount.

Wakefield Housing Benefits Change of Address

Wakefield Housing Benefits Change of Address​

If you live in Wakefield and claim housing benefits and your circumstances change, such as your address, you need to update Wakefield. Here’s how to complete your Wakefield housing benefit change of address:

  • Head over to SlothMove’s home setup & online address change service
  • Select Wakefield Council (and anyone else who needs to know you’re moving, like HMRC, DWP, TV Licence etc…)
  • Select ‘Complete’ and SlothMove will complete your Wakefield Council change of address for you 

Completing the Wakefield council change of circumstances process is important. To learn more about housing benefits in Wakefield you can explore this help section on their website. They cover who is eligible, under what circumstances and the types of benefit you can claim.

Where is Wakefield Council

Wakefield Council oversees a population of over 348,000 people as of 2021, making it one of the largest counties in the UK. You can find Wakefield Council:

Wakefield Council Town Hall, Wood Street, Wakefield WF1 2HQ If you’re prefer, you can also call Wakefield Council on: 03458 506 506

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wakefield Council's contact number?

You can contact Wakefield Council by calling 03458 506 506. If you’re looking to update your address you can use SlothMove’s home setup service

How do I get my council tax reduction for Wakefield Council?

If you’re moving home SlothMove will help set up your single person discount by informing Wakefield Council about your move and circumstances. Otherwise, you’ll need to call Wakefield Council (03458 506 506) and speak to the council tax team.

Wakefield council planning applications

You can complete a council planning application for planning or building works within Wakefield by submitting this form on Wakefield Council’s website. 

Wakefield Council Moving Home & Beyond

Wakefield Council Moving Home & Beyond​

In this article we’ve covered how to complete the Wakefield Council moving home process. By using SlothMove’s home setup service you can update your address with your council tax, water and hundreds of other providers in a couple of minutes. We also explored how to complete a Wakefield housing benefit change of address; why you need to update your council tax when moving, when to update it; and how to claim your single occupancy discount.

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