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13 Things to Buy As Soon As You’re in Your New Home

Moving to a new place is both exciting and nerve-wracking. The first time embarking on this journey is maybe the most difficult. Before you even step into your new home, you already have a laundry list of things to do and it can begin to feel a little overwhelming. To add to this pile of responsibilities, there is also the concern about what you may need to buy so that your new home will be cozy. Here is an essential checklist to consult when you move house.

A Fridge

Everyone wants a well-fitted kitchen with appliances, beautiful chairs, and a kitchen island in the middle. Before you can even begin to think about your dream kitchen, however, you will need some bare essentials. When you move from a lease to your own place you will probably need a fridge most of all.

A Coffee Maker

A coffee maker may come in second. There is a very useful coffee maker that you can use on the stove and would work perfectly for low budgets. An Italian coffee pot, which comes in different sizes, based on how much coffee you want to make, is the best option for good coffee every morning.

An RO Filtering System

To get the cleanest drinking water you can have, a reverse osmosis system will be the best. You can even use this filtered water in your water-using appliances, like a coffee machine to get the best results. BOS can help with providing the best source of information on water filtering systems, RO in particular so you can make an informed decision.

Descaling Solution for the Kettle

Coming in liquid form or as solid capsules, a descaling solution can help maintain your tea kettle in a new house with potentially hard water. A descaling solution will come in handy, at least short term until you decide to get water filtration in place.

A Couch

The room where we spend our downtime is the living room. Here is where a couch will most definitely be needed. There is not much to it than measuring the spot you want to place the couch. Other than that it will mostly come down to preference and budget.

A Rug

Another useful product to invest in a living room would be a rug. This can be especially useful if you have hardwood flooring, as it will provide a soft cushioning surface, in front of the new couch.

Light Bulbs

Probably the most overlooked items to buy when you move are light bulbs. It may not be feasible to buy them until you have the key to your new place so that you know exactly what kind of lightbulbs fit. In any case, it’s something to prepare for. Energy-saving light bulbs like LEDs will even have the added benefit of using less electricity.

A Bed Frame

If you move out of a lease to a mortgage, you will probably have to get a bed frame. This will also mean investing in a mattress along with it. The style and size of the bed frame will be influenced by the bedroom itself and the amount of space available.

Cleaning Products

Never overlook the importance of cleaning products, especially when you move house. Bleach is the most used cleaning product with the widest range in versatility, but you might also want to look for dishwasher soap.

Small Bathroom Items

bathroom sink.jpg

Bathrooms usually come equipped with the necessary shower, toilet seat, and sink. But you may need to invest in smaller items like an anti-slip mat, a different shower head, plunger, cleaning brush and detergent, soap dish, and of course new towels.

Mop and Bucket

Along with cleaning solutions, you may also require other cleaning tools. Most used and useful will be a mop and bucket. They come in very handy in multiple rooms and on different surfaces like hardwood floors in the living room or tiles in the kitchen or bathroom.

Smoke Alarms

You can never be too careful with smoke and fire hazards so it will be wise to invest in some smoke and fire alarms. You will need to know what these alarms may be required to detect as a home can have both a fireplace and central heating. In a case like this, you may need fire and smoke alarms for one and a gas detector for another.

Vacuum Cleaner

To top it all off a vacuum cleaner will make cleaning much easier, especially if you have carpeting. You will be hard pressed to have a clean carpet by just using a broom, so a vacuum will certainly be useful.


Moving house is a hassle and it can be made a little easier with some planning beforehand. A few items on a checklist are a great and simple way of getting ready for a move and figuring out what you may need to buy to make your new house a home.