Why Using Self Storage For Moving House Is A Great Idea

Understanding Self-Storage

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Let's talk about self-storage

Find out why self storage is a great idea when you move house, helping to make things easier at a time when they tend to be quite stressful!


Moving can be difficult so anything that can make it a little bit less stressful is welcome right?


To help you understand how this simple service can make a vast difference to your moving process, here are our favourite reasons self storage for moving house is a great idea:

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Protecting Your Things From Renovation Damage

As a minimum there are usually some paint jobs to be done when you prepare to sell a house. At the other extreme there could be a ton of work to be done to get the best rate for your property. The same goes for your new home, which you might want to improve before you fully ‘nest’ into it. Cheap self storage is a great idea to help you keep your things protected from dust, debris and damage associated with the renovation process.

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Preparing Your Home for Sale

When we prepare a home for sale we need to de-clutter and often remove larger items to allow the space in your home to be presented at it’s best to potential buyers. Cheap self storage enables us to keep all our possessions safely tucked away whilst we present our home in its best light for the all-important viewings.

And with space in mind, a top tip is to always measure the height and width of doorways ahead of time to enable the furniture to pass through into a certain room. Also, If you’re moving into a new build check with your neighbours to see if they have had any issues carrying big items or navigating curving hallways and spiral staircases. This will also allow you to measure whether all your belongings will fit in your new place or there is a need to rent a storage unit.

Having a middle ground

Having A Middle Ground

There is so much pressure on the big day of the house move, it can help to have a middle ground to use in between your current home and your new home. That way there isn’t so much pressure to move everything from A to B on the day you get the keys to your new place and hand over the keys for your old place. If you are moving a long distance it can be impossible to make the move in a single day so an interim storage place is essential.

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Saving New Things For A New Home

If you see things you know are perfect for your new home, it can be torturous not to be able to buy them. When you have a personal self-storage unit you can start stocking up for the new place without filling up your old place.

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Making Better Storage Choices For A Smaller Home

If you are downsizing, it could be a great idea to start using cheap self storage units to get into better storage habits. Seasonal items can be much better in storage than stuffed in a cupboard, loft or damp garage. The same goes for things like hobby items, sports equipment and start-up business stock.

During an expensive time like moving house you may not want to have any additional expenditure. The thing is, some expenditure is worth it’s weight in gold, especially if it can help make things easier and less stressful.

Hopefully the tips above have helped you think about whether self storage would work for you for your house move.

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