How to Update Your Address With The NHS

Everything you need to know to update your address with the NHS

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Update your address online WITH NHS

NHS change of address

In this article you will learn how to update your address with the NHS and answers to any of your common questions.

Telling the NHS that you have changed address is  important. As we know, If your mail goes to the incorrect address you are susceptible to identity fraud.

There are three institutions within the NHS that we need to inform:

  • Your Hospital
  • Your Dentist
  • Your GP

We will cover everything you need to know, including;

  • How do I update my personal details?
  • How do I update my address for my NHS pension?
  • How to update address with the NHS
  • How to update address with your dentist
  • How to update address with your GP
And many more. So, let’s jump in!
Update your address online quickly

Update Your Address Online

Naturally, there are loads of companies you need to update with your address change, not just the NHS. You can actually tell everyone you’re moving including the DVLA, energy supplier, club cards and many more on our change of address form. If you need to update your address with anyone else as well, start below. 


How to update address with your hospital

Your first port of call is to tell your hospital that you’ve changed address. If you’re moving to an area in which your nearest hospital is the same you should still update your address. 

For some hospitals you will be able to do this online, for others you can just call them up.

If you’re moving to a different city then you will need to do the same process but with their local hospital. 

In theory, once you’ve updated your hospital they should update your GP and dental practice. Unfortunately the NHS is quite modular and the institutions don’t actually speak to each other

The good news? Soon you will actually be able to do this in our online change of address form

Did you know: Informing the DVLA about your change of address is easy, but important. If you fail to update the DVLA and drive without the correct address, you could face a fine of up to £1,000. You can update your address with the DVLA here.

update address with dentist

How to update address with your dentist

Telling your dentist that you have changed address is something you might need to do manually. If your dentist is an NHS practice they might get updated, but according to the NHS it is recommended that you inform your practice directly. There isn’t a more exciting way around how to change address with your dentist just yet, unfortunately!

Of course, the vast majority of dentists will need to be updated via phone or post, as apposed to online.

How to update address with your GP?​

How to update address with your GP?

If you’re wondering how to update address with your GP you’re certainly being wise.

The last thing you or anyone else wants is anyone else accessing your private medical records.

And it’s easily done, because we are human and can forget.

The best way to update your address with your GP is to give them a call. If you’re moving areas (and therefore changing GP’s) you only need to inform your new GP. 

Their systems will inform your old practice. That said, if you want to be extra careful and are expecting sensitive materials you can reduce the risk of mistakes by letting both practices know.

With that in mind, let’s turn to some frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NHS helpline number?

You can call the NHS helpline on 0800224488, or visit their website here.  Please remember, beyond nhs change of address if you have an emergency dial 999 and if you’re not sure of the serverity of your conidition, your GP or 111 is a good place to start

How do I access my personal information with the NHS?

You can make a request in writing, by email or over the phone to the NHS. Full details on how to contact them can be found here.  To gain access to this information you will need to provide two forms of proof of primary documentation (birth certificate, driving licence, passport) and two forms of secondary documentation (utility bill, bank statement, tax certificate etc..)

How do I update my NHS details?

That depends on which part of the NHS you’d like to update (hospital, GP or dentistry). You’ll need to update them all individually. Some you can do online, but for the majority you will need to call them and let them know about your change of details or change of address.

How do I access my medical records UK?

Accessing your medical records in the UK is free. You can gain access to your GP medical records (information on allergies, previous appointments, diagnoses, hospital discharges etc..) on GP Services.  You, of course, also have options under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).

How do I change my address for my NHS pension?

You only need to execute a change of address for your NHS pension if you’re already in receipt of it.  To update your pension, head over to their services hub.  You can also contact NHS Pensions on 345 1212522. If you are overseas, then dial: +44 121 283 0303

Change address on NHS Medical Card

If you want to change address on your NHS Medical Card you will need to follow the bespoke instructions at the back of the card. Your location (Ireland/England/Scottland) might affect what actions you need to undertake to update the address on the NHS Medical Card.

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What happens after I complete the form?

We will tell all of your selected companies about your address change. They will get in touch in the rare instance they need any more information. So, pop the kettle on and relax because you’re all done.

SlothMove Data

What happens to my data?

All of your personal data is deleted intermediately. Unlike other companies, we don’t share any of your data with other third parties to sell you products or services. We act in total adherence to GDPR , the Data Protection Act 2018 and guidelines from the Information Commission Office (ICO). Essentially, we treat your data as we’d like ours to be treated. You can learn more in our Privacy policy.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you now fully understand how to update your address with the NHS. It’s not just all about NHS change of address, it’s also important to do and a few minutes spent being proactive can save you hours of headache down the road.

If you found this useful consider taking a moment to see how we can help you with your home move

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