Data Ethics

Our approach to data

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SlothMove operates around 4 corner stones of data ethics; ownership, transparency, privacy, and intention. Our mission is to lead the way for businesses in ethical data practices and will never sell your data to third parties.


We believe that the individual has ownership over their data. That means we believe it is unethical to process or use someone’s data without their consent


We believe that businesses should be 100% transparent about what happens to your data and when. SlothMove prides itself on being transparent in everything we do so our customers always have all of the facts


Another core principle is your privacy. When handling your data we have a responsibility to ensure it is kept absolutely private and is never made publicly available. We ensure this privacy by investing in  market-leading encryption technology and robust processes


We always take a moment to really think about intentionality when ever we collect data. We will never ask for information which we don’t need to deliver you the outstanding service you expect. If it isn’t necessary, we will not ask customers for it