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Moving to US? Best Cities To Live In for Professionals

People from all over the world move to the US for various reasons like better job opportunities, security, and satisfaction, for a loved one, living the ‘American Dream,’ living within a diversified culture, and so on. In addition, America ranks in the top five highly desired countries in the world for workforce productivity. The best reasons for such a higher ranking can be a diversified workplace, equal opportunity for foreign professionals, higher salary, satisfactory living conditions, easy visa, and many more. Though moving to the US seems more manageable, it is still a tough challenge for a professional migrant. Here, Slothmove can play a vital role in setting up a new home in the US. Following this, Slothmove also would like to introduce the best cities to live in for professionals in the US.


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Boise, this Idaho city is a prominent hub for new start-ups in various sectors like tourism, tech, healthcare, education, etc. In addition, the job market of Boise is suffering from a workforce shortage while having strong job growth and a lower unemployment rate. Amazingly, housing in Boise comes with a variety of options as well. Newcomers can purchase or rent a house or apartments in condominiums at an affordable price, the median house price is $211,475. In general, a 3-bed house can cost around $185,990 to $399,000.

Boris is called a recreationalist’s heaven with mountains, rivers, canyons, lakes, parks, and so on. Here, people possess a unique chance to experience urban and civilized life in the wild.


Durkee is located in Baker County, Oregon. The city’s population is surprisingly small; per square mile is occupied by one person only. The inclusion of Durkee in this list retains the low unemployment rate (3.1%) in Baker County, a surprisingly lower living cost, a quality education system, easy accessibility to nearby big cities and towns, a safe neighborhood, and so on. Here, newcomers purchase or rent houses at a cheaper rate and work in Baker County, which is only 20 minutes away by car.

In general, a 3-bed house in Durkee ranges from $250,600 to $350,000. This price also allows professionals to have a vast open space that can be developed for renting or selling, while farming is another important option. This is how people can increase their earnings while working a 9–5 job.


A survey by NCB demonstrates that Cambridge has secured the second-best place to live in the US. This top-notch city ranks higher for quality healthcare facilities, enormous entertainment facilities, a quality education system, and safety. Above all, the unemployment rate is only 2.8%, which is far lower than the national average of 6%. Here, the median real estate value is $1.1M and a 1075 sqft area with a 2-bed house can cost $949,000. Still, professionals can rent apartments at a cheaper price and enjoy this city’s modern amenities in a traditional setting.

However, the cost of living in Cambridge is directly proportionate to income. In comparison, the salary is higher, and professionals can save a significant amount of money by choosing a low-cost housing option for their early years.


With numerous outdoor activities and pleasing views, Eagle is always a desired living place for professionals. Residents here enjoy peaceful endeavors with a healthy atmosphere. Eagle’s cost of living is lower than the national average, and the city has top-ranked high schools and colleges. Professionals can purchase a 2-bedroom house for $300,000 to live in while having jobs in nearby big cities like Boise. The nearby big cities of Eagle offer a significant number of job opportunities with competitive salaries.

The safer streets, plenty of restaurants, rivers, mountains, greenery, etc. attract many working professionals to settle here with their families. Residents of Eagle like to say this place is “Home” with great pride.


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Atlanta is also known as the “City in the Forest.” It is the capital city of Georgia. This city allows low-cost living while offering high-end facilities. In addition, the unemployment rate in Atlanta is very low (2.6%) in comparison to the national average. This fast-growing city is expanding in every aspect by bringing new job offers for professionals. However, the average rent is $1,895 for a 2-bed apartment, while the cost of a 2-bed house is $70,800 to $200,000.

Communities in Atlanta always welcome newcomers. Here, society is diversified and friendly. Moreover, the natural beauty of Atlanta is tough to describe in words. It is a charming place with forests, rivers, mountains, quietness, greenery, and so on.


Mackay is a coastal city that offers a healthy atmosphere and a low-cost living context. Individuals and families can find this place “home” for various reasons. Mackay is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, offering everything from flying to diving. This is the best place for professionals with children due to the availability of broad childcare and support services. Properties are comparatively cheap in Mackay; a 2-bed house with modern amenities costs only $250,000.

Mackay is a promising city for professionals with a very low unemployment rate (2.5%). Though the climate in this city is found to be uncomfortable during summers, new movers to the US must still consider this city.

The above list considers several effective parameters (low-cost living, lower unemployment rate, lower housing facilities, etc.) for newcomers to the US. Hence, there are many big cities available for professionals with higher employment opportunities and very high living costs.