British Gas Moving Home

Everything you need to know with British Gas Moving Home

british gas change of address

British Gas Moving Home​

British Gas Moving Home​​

In this article we will cover everything you need to know about your British Gas change of address

We will show you what to do if:

  • You are moving home and want to take British Gas with you to your new supply
  • You are moving out of your property and want to cancel British Gas
  • You have moved into a new property which is supplied by British Gas
  • You would like to set-up British Gas at your new property
  • You are part of a British Gas change of tenancy
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British Gas Moving House

How to update British Gas when moving home

There are lots of reasons why you may wish to contact British Gas around your home move. To make your life easier, we’ve separated them-up into 5 easy-to-follow sections to get your British Gas moving house process completed.

I am moving home and want to take British Gas to my new property

If you are moving home and want to carry British Gas over to your new property it is simple and easy to do. When carrying your British Gas over to your supply it is best to be done two weeks before the home move or closer. After this point, you can set-up with British Gas at any point. You can set-up British Gas in your new home (or current home) by calling them on: 0333 202 9532

You can also update your British Gas on the home moving section of their website or by clicking below.

I am moving out of my property and want to cancel British Gas

If you are moving home, or just want to cancel your connection with British Gas it’s also simple to do. To change your energy supplier or inform British Gas that you have moved home, simply call British Gas on: 0333 202 9532

SlothMove can help you compare the market for the best deal, or just inform your old supplier that you’ve left. You can do this online in minutes with no need to be held-up in a queue.

I have moved into a property supplied by British Gas

If you have moved into a property supplied by British Gas you will probably be on a standard variable (SV) tarriff. Unfortunately, these tend to be extremely expensive and bad value. If you haven’t already, check on a comparative tool to see the best energy offering for your home – it could be British Gas, but it’s worth checking. If don’t want to see if you could be reducing your costs or going green you can call British Gas on: 0800 072 8625. If you want to compare the market, we can help you do that and update any addresses you have – should you need to.

I would like to set British Gas up in my new property

To complete your British Gas moving home process you can either give them a call on: 0800 072 8625 or do it online yourself on their online portal. You can also explore other British Gas products and services, including green tariffs and innovative ways to power your home.

British Gas change of tenancy

If one of your tenants has moved out and your supply is managed by British Gas the first step should be to ask your tenants to inform the energy supplier about the change of tenancy. If not, you are able to call British Gas (0800 072 8625.) or visit their website online designed for landlords. Whatever your personal circumstances are with your British Gas moving house process, it’s important to make sure you’re not overpaying and survey offers across the market.

If you’re not curious to know if you could get a better deal, either a lower cost or enhanced package you can still tell everyone you’re moving by getting started here.

How to tell British Gas i'm moving home

To complete your British Gas moving house process (whether to let them know you’ve moved, cancel or carry over you supply) follow these four simple steps:

  • o Head over to the home moving section of the British Gas website
We will take care of everything else with our moving home technology so you have one less thing to worry about.. Take British Gas to your new home or just let them know you’re moving – we’ve got you covered.

Does British Gas need to know I'm moving home?

British Gas needs to be updated when you’re moving home. This is, apart from anything else, to make sure you settle your bill and don’t overpay. There could also be an outstanding balance and it’s certainly in your interest to make sure that’s paid. You also want to avoid any personal correspondence going to your previous address. And that’s why so many people will research ‘moving house with British Gas’.

How good is British Gas?

As we know, British Gas sits atop the ‘The Big 6‘ – the 6 largest energy companies in the UK. It’s fairly unknown but British Gas gets a bad reputation – just for being large. As a company they do support a significant amount of charity work and is the oldest company in the industry. 

Where British Gas faces criticism is on its pricing. Whilst it tries to be competitive, British Gas never proclaims to be the cheapest or lowest cost. Often these tariff come with  price surges after sign-off. British Gas tries to compete on customer experience and its breadth of offerings. That said, it isn’t the cheapest supplier and if you are price sensitive you will almost certainly find a better value supplier elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do when moving home with British Gas?

When moving home with British Gas follow these four simple steps:

  •  o Enter your information into the online moving home platform
  • o Select who needs to know you’re moving home (British Gas, DVLA, Council, Loyalty Cards, Water etc…)
  • o Select how you’d like to set energy-up at your new home
  • o Click submit and we’ll update & set-up everything automatically


When to report British Gas moving home?

It’s best to update British Gas around two weeks before the date of the move or after. We can help you update British Gas and get set-up in your new home within minutes.