Moving home,
made simple.

Tell everyone you’re changing address in under 5 minutes. Save hundreds of pounds setting-up your new home and get free stuff.

trustpilot slothmove
trustpilot slothmove
Update your address online

Change your address online

SlothMove makes your home move easy. You can complete a change of address across all of your accounts, set-up services in your new home and even be rewarded for doing so. We’re here to help for every step of your home move.

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Get started

Get started by telling us a little about you and you'll be on your way within seconds

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change of address

Update your address

Select which companies and institutions you'd like to update your address with

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updating your address with slothmove

Set-up your home

Set-up your energy, broadband and more. We help you shave hundreds off your bills


Everything for your move in one place

Council change of address


Tell your Council old & new council about your address change

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Update your address with your energy supplier online


Get a broadband deal to be excited about with exclusive offers



We can help you with updating your address with the DVLA

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Loyalty Cards

Update your address with Boots, Tesco and many more


Student Finance

Update the Student Loan Company with your address change


Find exactly where you need to go to update address with your bank

boiler cover

Home care

Protect your home with superior help; boiler cover and much more

home storage moving house


Got some items that need stowing away for a while? No problem!

Home Insurance

Get your insurance sorted by comparing the best offers across the market

moving home offers


Get rewards just for moving home - Gousto, Beer52 , Tastecard & many more


Stay in possession of your personal mail and set-up a re-direction



Let your water supplier know you're moving home online

TV Licence cancel

TV Licence

Save yourself the hassle of calling-up & let-us update TV Licencing

book removals in the UK


We can help you get from A to B with £10 off your booking

Tell everyone you're moving

Just one form

Every step of your home move sorted, from telling everyone you're moving to setting up your new home

change your address for free

Totally free

We're built on the belief that a low-cost and stress-free home move should be accessible to everyone

save money moving home

Save money

Never overpay. We help you find where you can save money on your home move

slothmove is impartial

100% Impartial

Unbiased and impartial, our mission is to pair you with the best offers available on the market

Security in the cloud


Privacy & data are our top priorities. We never share your data with any third parties

Supporting Sloths

Unsurprisingly, we love sloths. Sloths don’t just embody our mission of how you should move home they’re also an amazing animal that needs our help. That’s why we stand with the Sloth Conservation Foundation to support against de-forrestation and conservation efforts.

sloth conservation foundation


How it works

moving house checklist


Change of Address

Choose who you'd like to update your address with - the DVLA, TV Licence and hundreds more

save money


Cut your costs

Trusted and impartial, you get access to the best rates on the market for setting-up your home

just moved address


Get free stuff

We source free offers and trials with companies. You move and get free stuff for doing it.


Our average user

Hours more time

Make your home move simple and don't miss anything


Get to & set-up your home for less. Independent and on your side

Phone calls eliminated

Never repeat yourself. Say it once to everyone and zero hold music

Update your address online


Move home the lazy way

SlothMove was created to make moving home as simple and inexpensive as possible. To do this, we enable you to update your address online with everyone at the same time. Making sure you save as much as possible is key to us. That's why we help you find the best options for setting-up your new home and even give you free stuff - just for moving.

Update your address online

Hailing from Sheffield, UK

As a full-time engineer, my day job has always revolved around solving problems. Like millions of Britons each year, my last home move was unnecessary stressful and busy. I wasted hours of time and energy speaking with companies to update my address and hours more to find good deals for my home. I knew there to be a better way.

Anna Page

SlothMove Founder


Change of Address

Update your address

Save 7 hours of time by telling all of your companies & institutions that you've changed address. Say it once to everyone and don't ever repeat yourself.

Free Stuff

When moving we're 5 times more likely to try a new product or brand. This is why we're able to work with companies to provide you with free products or services when you're moving.

Forward mail

Easy and convenient access to Royal Mail's address forwarding service

Everything you need

Convenient access to compare removals, storage, insurance and many more for your home move. Transparent options focused on reviews and price.

Set-up utilities

Set-up all utilities at your new place whilst making sure you get the best deal. Explore price comparison or automatic switching options for setting-up your energy.

100% Free to use

SlothMove is completely free to use and accessible to everyone. Where we partner with affiliates, we only do so if it gives you an identical or better deal than going direct.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

It’s super simple. Firstly, select which companies you’d like to tell that you’re moving home. Next, provide a few details and click submit. Then, explore the cheapest deals on setting-up your new home. Finally, explore a range of free products and services.

How do you make money?

Our moving home service within the UK is 100% free. For UK to International we do charge a small so that we are able to maintain the service. SlothMove was created on the belief that a low-cost and stress-free home move should be accessible to everyone. We believe customer comes before profit. SlothMove runs on small affiliate commissions when you buy certain products or services. Our promise to you is to always show best deal. Even if that means zero commission.

Who can I update?

You can tell hundreds of companies that you’re changing address including your council, energy companies, loyalty cards, water companies and many more. We’re adding to the number of companies and institutions you can update every single month.

How can you offer free stuff?

It might surprise you to learn that as consumers we’re 5 times more likely to try a new product or service when moving home. This means that moving home is the perfect time for a company to build new relationships with customers and they often do this through free trials, products and services. We work with companies to find you compelling and beneficial offers. They get to share their amazing service with you and you get to enjoy it – for free!

Can you help first time buyers?

Absolutely. Start by checking-out the first time buyers section to get started. There, we have created a STAMP tax calculator, advice on purchasing, ways to save money moving home and much more. If you’re moving home and need to update your address you can get started here.

What is SlothMove?

SlothMove is an online moving home platform based in the United Kingdom. SlothMove enables users to update their address across all accounts, set-up their new home and get rewards for doing so