How To Update Address On Electoral Roll​

Everything you need to update your on the electoral roll​

electoral roll change of address

Electoral Roll Change of Address

how to change address with electoral roll

You’re moving home and need to update your address with Electoral Roll.

As you know, it’s important that you complete an electoral roll change of address. In addition to affecting your ability to vote in elections, not having an up-to-date electoral roll address can actually affect your credit score and can even result in a fine. 

We’ll help you update your address with electoral roll faster than ever online, within a few minutes.

Since you’re moving, we will also cover how you can update your address across other essential institutions and companies (HMRC, Council, NS&I, Energy, Water etc…)

Firstly, we’ll explore a quick, safe and hassle-free way of getting all of those services updated.

Let’s jump straight in.

update address online 10-2
update address online 10

Tell everyone that you’re changing address in minutes. 

At the click of a button we’ll update your address across all of your chosen accounts, at the same time in one place. We’ll update your address on the electoral roll, HMRC, your new and previous council, water & sewerage provider and others you select know you’re moving home. You can do this yourself manually if you prefer (see below) or use our hassle-busting service to save hours of time.




tv licence change of address

TV Licence

energy change of address


slc change of address

Student Loan

water change of address



Electoral Roll

ns&i change of address





tv licence change of address


energy change of address


water change of address


slc change of address



E. Roll

ns&i change of address


Address change


Update your address

Select who needs to know you're moving - Electoral Roll, HMRC, Council etc..

changing address online


About you

Enter your previous address, new address and the date you moved home

updating your address with slothmove



Click submit and we'll update your address with accounts automatically

Our sloths will save you the time and hassle of organising all of the updates by taking care of everything in one place 🦥


Once you click submit we’ll update your address with the electoral roll and any other institutions or companies you selected. You won’t need to do anything further, so you can kick-back, relax and spend your time doing something else.

If you’d prefer to update just your electoral roll manually, you can call them on 01274 431360. or create an account here.

How To Update Your Address on the Electoral Roll

How To Update Your Address on the Electoral Roll​

The electoral roll (often referred to as the electoral register) lists the names of all of the individuals within your property who are registered to vote. As mentioned, it’s important to keep your the address registered to you electoral roll up to date. So, how do you update your address with the Electoral Roll?  

There are a couple of ways to get registered or update your details. You can do this directly by phoning the register to vote team on 01274 431360 or work your way through this system.

Alternatively, if you’d like ot save time you can use SlothMove’s change of address service. Our award-winning hassle-busting service allows you to update your address with hundreds of other companies at the same time.

Electoral Roll Change of Address

Here’s how to update your details on the electoral roll:

  • Head over to SlothMove’s home moving platform
  • Enter your information (previous address, new address etc…)
  • Select who you’d like to update your address with (Electoral Roll Student Loan Company, Council, HMRC etc…)
  • Click submit and SlothMove will update your address with electoral roll (and others) automatically


How do I update my details with the electoral roll?​

When it comes to how to update your address on the electoral roll  or change your details it’s quite straight forward.

You can use SlothMove’s hassle-busting service and be complete within less than 2 minutes. You can also head over and use the Register To Vote service on the government’s website. Once you get there, simply follow the instructions on the online portal to update your address. 

This service can be used to update your address online and also if you are registering to vote for the first time.  You will be asked for your National Insurance number, but you will still be able to register if you do not have it.

Electoral Roll Fact: In 2018 the number of people registered to vote in parliamentary elections reduced by 372,000!

Do I need to update my address with the Electoral Roll?

Now we’ve covered how to complete your electoral roll change of address you may be wondering ‘do I need to?’.  

The short answer is yes.

The fist thing to understand is that the address registered to you on the electoral roll is something that credit reference agencies use as a critical piece of data.

Wherever your electoral roll is registered credit agencies (and lenders) will assume that you live there. If they are two different addresses it may impact you ability to obtain credit. All four credit reference agencies (Equifax, Experian, Crediva and TransUnion) take this piece of information seriously. 

There are factors on your credit report that indicate stability. Length of employment is a large one but your address is more important. The address data itself may be cross-referenced by both prospective employers and landlords to validate that you are who you say you are.

And if you have one address for your electoral roll and another for your home insurance it presents conflicting information. This can then lower your credit score. It’s not changing address that affects your credit score, but rather the fact you don’t update your address.

In addition to that, f you have the incorrect address you might also be susceptible to fines in some circumstances. Lenders, including mortgage lenders and credit card providers rely on this data and treat it very seriously.

Do I need to register to vote?

According to Gov.UK you must register to vote if you are able to do so.

If you’re 16 or older and are a resident of the country you must vote.

If you don’t register to vote you can actually be fined. Of course, this is only as apllicable as it is enforced but still better to stay on the safe side.

You won’t be fined capriciously. For example, f you have a valid reason for not doing so such as being disabled or having a long stay in hospital no one will fine you.

Of course, the law is only as good as it can be enforced but it’s better to take the few minutes and register to vote or update your address for the electoral roll.

Can I have two addresses on the electoral roll?​

Can I have two addresses on the electoral roll?​

You can actually be registered on the electoral roll in two places at the same time, however you can only vote in one of those places. This is for circumstances such as University students who have both a home address and a term-time address.

Electoral Roll living outside the UK (abroad)

You can still use the Register To Vote service to renew/register or update details if you’re abroad. However, this is providing that you are a British Citizen, that you left the UK within the last 15 years, and were previously registered at an address in England, Scotland or Wales. You will need your passport to be able to vote if you are living abroad.

Does the electoral roll make my address data visible?

When you register to vote or update your details with the electoral roll you have the option to decide whether or not your address data is ‘public’ information.

You can be listed as:

  • Not visbile at all;
  • Present at your most recent address update; or
  • Present at your previous address

If you list as present at your most recent address it will bolster and strengthen the reliability as a data source. it is however completely optional.


How do credit reference agencies find out my address?

One of the sources that Credit Reference Agencies (CRA’s) use to obtain your address from is your local council. Each year every council completes a ‘data upload’ to the credit reference agencies which is then fed into their systems a few months after.

The electoral roll completes an Annual Canvas once a year to check who lives where and validate your address. Each of the four credit reference agencies maintain their own files and so there can be discrepancies between them.

So, what does this mean for me?

If you move between updates make sure that you update your address on the electoral roll after moving. Subsequently to that, just provide updated every year the Annual Canvas is released.

Electoral Roll Change of Address & Beyond

In this article we have covered how to update your address on the electoral role. We have also covered how you can complete that address change quickly online, when you need to update your address and why it is important. If you don’t update it straight away no body will come and put you in handcuffs! However, the sooner you process your change of details the lesser your risk and the lesser the impact.

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