How To Update Address On Electoral Roll

Everything you need to update your on the electoral roll

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Electoral roll address change

Updating your address can often be the last thing we look to do. Let alone spend our time trying to update the electoral roll. However, it is very important to update your address on the electoral roll.  Outside of your ability to vote in elections, not having an up-to-date electoral roll address can actually affect your credit score and can even result in a fine. 

If you’re in the process of moving home or have recently moved you’ll want to make sure that all of your addresses are up to date, not just your electoral roll. If you want to save time, you can use our online change of address service to get started. So, how do you update your address on the electoral roll? We’ll cover this and everything you need to know with the electoral register.

With that in mind, let’s jump right in!

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How to update address on electoral roll

The electoral roll (sometimes referred to as the electoral register) lists the names of all of the individuals within your property who are registered to vote. It’s really important to keep your the address registered to you electoral roll accurate, for the reasons mentioned above. Equally, if you have never registered for the electoral roll, you’re in luck! We’ll cover everything you need to get registered.

We can help you update your address across all of your accounts and help you get your home set-up. 


How do I update my address on the electoral roll?

When it comes to how to update your address on the electoral roll it’s actually quite straight forward. You simply head over to the Register To Vote service on the government’s website. Once you get there, simply follow the instructions on the online portal to update your address. And that’s it – easy-peasy!

This service can be used to update your address online and also register to vote.  You will be asked for your National Insurance number, but you will still be able to register if you do not have it.

Did you know: in 2018 the number of people registered to vote in parliamentary elections reduced by 372,000!

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What happens if I don't update my address?

The address registered to you on your electoral roll is something that credit reference agencies use as a key piece of data. They will assume that you live there; so if you have one address for your electoral roll and another for your home insurance it starts to create uncertainty and therefore lower your credit score. If you have the incorrect address you might also be susceptible to fines in some circumstances. Lenders, including mortgage lenders, take this very seriously also.

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What happens if I haven't registered to vote?

According to Gov.UK you must register to vote if you are able to do so. That is to say that you’re 16 or older and are a resident of the country. You can be fined, but you won’t be if you have a valid reason for not doing so such as being disabled or having a long stay in hospital. Of course, the law is only as good as it can be enforced but it’s better to take the few minutes and register to vote or update your address for the electoral roll.

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Can I have two addresses on the electoral roll?

You can actually be registered on the electoral roll in two places at the same time, however you can only vote in one of those places. This is for circumstances such as University students who have both a home address and a term-time address. 

What if I live abroad?

You can still use the Register To Vote service to renew/register or update details if you’re abroad. However, this is providing that you are a British Citizen, that you left the UK within the last 15 years, and were previously registered at an address in England, Scotland or Wales. You will need your passport to be able to vote if you are living abroad.

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Keeping all of your addresses up to date is important, and it has usually been something that is quite time consuming. Now you know how to update your address on the electoral roll, you should see how to update your address online with everyone. For free. Within 5 minutes. We’ve bought moving home into the 21st century and if you are in the process of moving or have recently moved check out our online change of address service.