Easy ways to make money at home

How you can pocket a little extra cash from your sofa

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Easy Ways To Make Money Without Leaving Your Home

In the past, working from home used to be the practice reserved for busy moms and students who were in need of extra cash. Nowadays, however, this form of earning money has become much more widespread. As the global pandemic hit, many people were forced to stay home, whether for safety reasons or because their workplace shut down temporarily. And even as the world began to open, many were confronted with the reality of having to look for another way to make ends meet, as the sector they used to work in could no longer employ them. Fortunately, at the same time, due to the advancement of technology, many other workplaces opened up in the online world. Whether you are searching for a quick solution to your financial issue or more permanent employment, you will be able to find it online. This article lists several options to earn money without ever leaving your home.


Sell Unused Items

We all have stuff lying around that we haven’t used in ages. However, some of that stuff may be pretty valuable for someone looking to save some money on second-hand items. Sometimes even the things you already consider trash can be useful for someone who needs it. So why not help others and yourself out by decluttering your home and earning some cash along the way? Whether you have some old books collecting dust or electronic devices in good condition, you are sure to find a buyer for your items. Slightly used or unused clothes are also fast-selling items both in garage sales and online shops. Not only that, besides selling your items for money, some websites for used items will also provide you with the option of trading your possessions for other used items. Ever received a gift card from a store you never visit? If yes, check its expiration date, and find a place to sell it online before it expires. With a little bit of research, you can get back almost the entire value of a card you haven’t spent a dime on.

Make Use of Hobbies

Is there an activity that you enjoy doing in your spare time? Are you handy with DIY projects or just generally love making things with your hands? With a little bit of skill sharpening and organization, you can make use of any hobby and turn it into a profitable skill. And while some hobbies may require you to leave your house, many of them are doable entirely from your home. Let’s say you have excellent sewing skills that until now were admired only by your family and friends. You can offer some tailoring or mending services which are always sought-after. It’s a good idea to use some of your previous work or complete some small work for free, so you can use that as an advertisement. Or maybe you are proficient in the kitchen and can make anything taste good. You can easily record your cooking process in a cookbook or Youtube video and market your skills through social media platforms and other channels to start bringing in paying customers. 

Rent Out Spare Items or Space

Maybe you have some things you don’t use currently, but you wouldn’t want to part with them completely. Consider renting them out as a side-hustle. Besides your car – which you can rent online for as long as you want- you can also rent out electronics, furniture, sports, outdoor equipment, and much more. Albeit not the most profitable one, as long as you take the necessary steps to protect your valuables and your legal rights, this can be a viable option to earn some cash on the side. Additionally, if you have a storage or parking space to rent in a desirable location, you can receive a good amount of money for it on a steady basis. And you can earn even more if you have a living space to rent, even if it’s a spare room with the use of basic amenities in your home. Due to the recent global economic hardship, many people are forced to rent a living space instead of buying their own. So renting out your spare room can literally be a lifesaver for someone. However, you will need to make sure they have a reliable income before welcoming them into your space.

Become a Freelancer

Similar to your hobbies or occasional pastimes, you can monetize some of your more advanced skills and qualifications as well. The difference is that to use these professional grade skills, you might need to complete some additional education, but it will definitely be worth it. The freelancing world is welcoming thousands of people on a consistent basis and for good reason. Whether you have proficiency in a foreign language, are good at writing or are a tech genius, have some drawing skills, or any other talent, you will be able to find a way to use it as a freelancer. Although the more experience you have, the more money you will earn, the slow cash flow, in the beginning, shouldn’t deter you from getting started. And neither should your age. The misconception that freelancing is only for the young is just that, as this is a challenging profession for all generations. If your skills are adequate enough, you will be able to establish yourself in your niche and nothing else will matter. Once you have gained some much-needed experience and referrals from satisfied clients, you will even have the option to choose between the jobs that are offered to you.


Invest or Trade Online

If you have a small capital you are willing to risk, you can consider investing it. Given the proper research, you will be able to multiply your money in just a short period of time by investing it in a reliable stock. Investing in bonds or stock is particularly recommended for beginners, along with real estate, albeit the latter should be done on a smaller scale. Once you gain a little experience, you can venture into riskier territory by putting your money in art, wine, or even start-up businesses. If you had success investing, you might want to try your luck in trading as well. As trading is all about short-term investment involving larger sums, a bad trading move could quickly lead to a significant financial loss. This means that you will have to be extremely vigilant when entrusting your money to the broker of your choice. The SuperForex Test and Review explains that there are key factors you should consider when choosing a broker to ensure it’s not a scam brokerage. From financial stability to predictability, everything can play a significant role in making your investment successful. You should also be able to monitor your investment closely, so you can react quickly, should the investment begin to sink.

Offer to Babysit or Pet Sit

As the world is slowly opening up, working parents are returning to their jobs, which means they will be in need of childcare. With many childcare facilities raising their prices due to safety and other reasons, some parents might start to look for less expensive options. Opening up a small daycare at your home can help them out and provide you with a steady income. First, you will need to meet certain legal requirements and get your home inspected and secured to ensure the children’s safety. Once you have obtained your permit, it will only be the question of drawing in clients. If you have experience in this field, you probably won’t have too much trouble getting parents to trust you with their kids. However, if you are just starting out, you will have to prove yourself by watching with a small number of children first. It’s a good idea to begin your business with supervising kids in your close circle and ask the parents to spread the word about your business. If you don’t feel up to caring for kids, you can also opt for being a pet sitter, which comes with far fewer requirements and responsibilities, but you should brush up on general pet care.

Test Products

You have probably heard about some people earning money by testing out online video games. With people staying home due to the pandemic, this is actually growing increasingly more popular, and gaming sites are beginning to target the older generations. Besides action-filled games, nowadays, you can try your hand testing puzzle matches and similar riddles. And you’re not limited to merely test it and provide feedback on the games either. Some of them will allow you to actively participate in a contest and earn real money as a reward. Or, in the word case, you will be awarded a gift card or something similar. Games aren’t the only thing you can get paid to test either. Clothes, makeup, and healthy food manufacturers or delivery services are all eager to get people to try their latest product. To build up an initial trust in a new product, these companies will pay you a considerable amount of money for testing their product. Some of these manufacturers might expect a positive review, while others will only want feedback on the product, so you can choose a position according to what you are comfortable doing.

Write Honest Reviews

Did you know that you can earn money by watching your favorite TV show and expressing your opinion about it? Or take apart a book you’ve just read by analyzing it thoroughly? If you become an official review writer, you will be able to do just that. This is somewhat similar to the previous category, only here you will be paid to write your honest opinion. You can write the truth and give a truthful review for others who might be considering trying out the same product or experience. Aside from posting on their official website, the company paying you might ask you to post your review on affiliate sites as well. Plus, they might encourage you to take it one step further and start a blog, podcast, or video channel where you can share your opinion. Of course, this will be entirely up to you as this is a different kind of commitment. If you aren’t familiar with how these channels work, it can be a bit overwhelming to begin. However, the more people you share your opinion with, the more you will earn, so you might want to take that into consideration.

Provide Support

Although the world is going digital, providing telephone support is still quite a common practice for many companies. If you pride yourself on your oral communication skills, you can monetize them by becoming a customer service representative. Whether you are looking for a part-time position or a full-time gig, you will be able to find the perfect rep job for you. The only thing you need for these positions is a landline and pleasant demeanor, as even an initial training is often provided with a position. And the best part is that you can do all this from the comfort of your home. If you are more tech-savvy and a fast typer, you can try yourself in the chat support service as well. It can be the perfect position for someone who enjoys resolving people’s problems. As a chat operator, you will also need good communication skills, only you won’t be required to speak to people on the phone, which might take some of the pressure off. It’s a good idea to check out your potential employers to make sure they aren’t planning to use your services to scam people, as this can get you into legal trouble.  


Regardless of the reason you’ve decided to earn money from your home, you can certainly enjoy the benefits of it. Besides the still looming safety concerns, working from home can provide you with a better work-life balance and even save money on commuting and other work-related expenses. And if you are able to find an occupation that provides stable cash flow and simultaneously makes you happy, you will be able to live a more fulfilling life doing it. Because as you can see from this article, some of the easiest money-making methods will only require you to sharpen your existing skill and hobbies. Others may not require some special skills at all, although these occupations usually may be less rewarding money-wise. However, if you find yourself doing something new, it may be worth pursuing it further.