Moving to a New House: Here's How to Store All Your Belongings

How to store belongings when moving home

storing belongings when moving

Getting a new home means you’re about to embark on a new journey. The thought of a new chapter in your life can be absolutely thrilling, and it is likely why you go through the moving process in the first place. It may seem like a long to-do list of tasks that involve emptying your old house, packing your personal belongings and furniture, and deciding on what needs to stay and what needs to go. The most feared part of the moving process though is finding a place to keep your belongings safe until you move to your new home.

Understanding how hectic moving can be, and how crucial it is to store your things somewhere safe, we bring you this article. What we have for you here is a variety of suggestions for safely storing your items for a smooth moving process.

Sort Out Your Things First

Before you get overwhelmed by the number of things you want to pack and store, you need to sort them out first. Sometimes when we’re about to move, the things we own start looking different to us.

We’ve always had them there, and we never had to put them in boxes or think about whether we really wanted them or not. Once the packing starts, we wonder about some items and how we got them in the first place. Then we start imagining how some of them will look like in the new place, and whether they belong there or not.

Picturing how you want your new place to look makes it easier to decide what you don’t want to keep. You start then filtering the items you don’t need anymore and deciding what you can sell, what you may want to give away, and what you think should be thrown away. You may surprise yourself by how many things you decided don’t belong to your new place, which will make the packing process much easier.

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Choose Your Preferred Storage Type

To decide on the storage option that works best for you, you need to learn about the different types of storage units and what they offer. Here are some of the most common choices you have:

Choose Your Preferred Storage Type

This is one of the easiest, most comfortable options for securing your items and keeping them wherever you consider safest.  Your solution will differ based on the country you’re in. For example, if you’re in Australia you’d want to rent a mobile storage units that can comfortably store your belongings without damaging them.

If you’re in the UK however, you’d want to target a non-mobile storage unit that is proximal to your home.

Some people find it most convenient to keep their items right outside of the house they’re leaving, in case they need to use any of the things stored; others leave them at their friends’ or families’.

Renting a Storage Space

This is one of the most famous options for storage; you find a service that offers storage spaces for rent. Again, you choose the area that suits the size and amount of stuff you need to store and move them to this place. One of the best things about this option is that you can rest assured that your belongings are kept safe, without you having to worry about them; especially if you’re selling your old home and want to make it look attractive for potential buyers.

Storing Inside Your Home

selling help to buy scheme

Whether your old house is big or you decided not to keep many items, one of the cheapest options is to keep your things in one room inside your house. It can be a great option for people who don’t have much clutter or that many things to move.

Asking Family and/or Friends to Keep Your Things

You may be lucky enough to have friends or family members who live close to your new address, who also happen to have enough space to store your items until you move. This is another excellent option if you’re positive your stuff will be safe and undamaged at their place.

Understand Your Budget and Do the Right Math

The last thing you need is to pay too much money that you can simply save instead. To make sure you don’t pay too much money is to set a budget for storage that you don’t exceed. Buying a new house and moving is quite expensive, so make every penny count. Having a set budget helps you limit your spending. You also need to divide this budget carefully among the various tasks that the move requires.

When you look for a storage service, make sure you do the math right. What we mean by math is that you make your calculations carefully; learn how to measure the size of your items and how long you actually need to keep them stored. One thing you can do is to choose a service that allows you to pay weekly or bi-weekly. You can also find the service that has the best offers and is worth your money.

Find Guarantees for the Security of Your Items

One of the most important things you need to be absolutely sure about is the total safety of your belongings. When choosing a place to keep your stuff, make sure the contract guarantees security against any damages. Check the temperature of the storing space and make sure the loading process is done with perfect care.

A new home is a wonderful step forward in your life. It’s an adventure filled with new opportunities and dreams. It’s a fresh start where you leave behind some of the past misfortunes and achieve more success in various aspects of your life. Your old house will become home to whoever buys it, where they will create their own memories. And as for you, amazing memories are in store for you and endless possibilities of wonderful achievements. Learning how to store your precious belongings smoothly helps make the experience all the more exciting because you will save yourself so much energy that may be wasted on stressing and worrying too much. Secure perfect storage to enjoy every second of your life in the new home


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