Metro Bank Change of Address

Update Your Metro Bank Change of Address

Metro Bank Change of Address ​

Metro Bank Change of Address

When moving home one of the most important addresses to update is your bank. And if you bank with Metro Bank you’ll need to complete the Metro Bank change of address process.

We’ll cover exactly how to do that and everything else you need to know. Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • How to update your address with Metro bank
  • How to update address with a Metro joint account
  • How to update your address across all of your accounts and save hours of time

Now, let’s dive straight in


How to update your address with Metro Bank

Metro bank change of address form​

Completing your change of address with Metro bank is simple. As we know, Metro bank is a a large British bank. With 1.5 million UK customers, Metro Bank is on a mission to change the way the UK banks.

If you’re a personal customer you can update your address with Metro bank by calling them on: 0345 08 08 500

An adviser will be able to walk you through security and process your change of address on the phone. Importantly, Metro Bank may not be the only institution with which you need to update your address.

As we know, if you are moving home you need to update your address across banks, governmental institutions such as HMRC & NHS, your loyalty cards and more. To do this you may find it helpful to use our online change of address service.

To update your address with Metro Bank & others you can simply:

1) Click on SlothMove’s home setup service

2) Enter your previous address, new address & when you’re moving

3) Select who needs to know you’re moving home (Metro Bank, utilities, NHS, Tesco Clubcard etc…)

4) Click submit & SlothMove will help you update your addresses 

How do I change my address with Metro bank?

In addition to calling, you can also update your address with Metro Bank via online banking via three ways; online banking, by post or in branch.

1) Update your address with Metro via the app

  • Download the Metro Bank App
  • Sign into your account
  • Click ‘personal information’ and ‘update’
  • Enter your new address and click ‘submit’


2) Post your change of address application to Metro Bank

  • Write a letter addresed toMetro bank
  • You will need to include:
    •      – Your new and previous address
    •      – Full account information including your sort-code & account number
    •      – A wet signature
  • Once you have written a letter to this effect you need to post it to:


Metro bank
Sheffield City Centre,
58-64 Fargate,
S1 2HE

3) Update your Metro Bank address in person

You may be wondering if you can go to Metro Bank to update your details. The good news is, yes. You can can complete a Metro bank change of address by heading into your local branch. 

If you’re not sure where the nearest branch is you can use Metro’s branch finder by using your home address postcode.

When you arrive you will need a form of primary ID such as your passport or driving licence.

You can also get a direct link to complete your address change, as well as updating hundreds of organisations, by clicking below.

Update your addresses the easy way

Good to know: When you update your addresses through SlothMove you save an average of 7 hours of time. What’s more, for each mover we also save a patch of South Caribbean Rainforest. 

Metro Bank Moving Home

Metro Bank Moving Home​

Updating your address with Metro Bank and any other provider that may have financial information on you is important to do.

Firstly, having the incorrect address with your bank might increase your exposure to scams or financial crimes. The last thing you want as a home mover is to have your personal financial information sent to the wrong address.

Furthermore, when you update your address with Metro Bank you also ensure that all important communications find you. This could be an update to your terms and conditions or offers for new credit cards or favourable interest rates.

A good example is how Metro Bank customers can earn £250 from referring friends – easy peasy.

How good is Metro Bank?

Only established in 2010 in the UK, Metro Bank has garnered a strong reputation. In fact, it out performs most of the classic high street banks both in terms of service and quality. You may find the below impartial video helpful in understanding how good Metro Bank is.


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Good to know

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Metro bank?

You can contact Metro bank in a number of ways.

You can call Metro bank on: 0345 080 8500

You can also contact Metro via live chat on their website.

You can even contact via post, you can send correspondence to:

  • Metro Bank, 58-64 Fargate, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2HE

how to update a joint account with Metro Bank

You can update you address with Metro bank on a joint account in branch or via post. Unfortunately, this cannot be completed via telephone for security reasons.

How to change address with Metro Bank in person

You can complete a Metro bank change of address in branch by bringing some relevant ID and speaking to a member of staff in the branch. You can also do this online

Metro bank Change of Address & Moving Home

After completing this article on how to complete your Metro bank change of address you should have a clear view on how to let them know you’re moving. As we mentioned, it’s extremely important to keep your bank in the loop once you move. Making sure that your addresses are up to date minimises your exposure to fraud and helps with items like boosting your credit rating. And finally, make you sure you update your address across all accounts.