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Moving from the UK to Brentwood: Relocation & Homebuyer Guide

Are you considering moving from the UK to Brentwood? Brentwood is a city that offers excellent real estate opportunities, diverse amenities, beautiful parks and recreational places, and some top-of-the-class educational institutions. The safe communities and beautiful places make this city an amazing place to live in. If you are looking forward to relocating to this beautiful city, this article can be helpful to you! 

Things to Know About Brentwood, Tennessee

Employment opportunities

The economy of Brentwood has grown over the years and has welcomed a diverse range of businesses into the area. A number of big corporations have their headquarters in this city, including LifePoint Health, Tractor Supply Company, Comdata, MDsave, Premise Health, AIG, and more. This city is expected to experience over 50% job growth over the next decade, which means the demand for luxury homes in Brentwood might rise further. 


There are a lot of people who move to Brentwood only for its amazing schools. Brentwood falls under the Williamson County Schools district, which offers 13 excellent public schools servicing around 40,000 students. Add the private schools to these public ones, and you will get around 50 top-of-the-class schools in total. Many of the schools have surprisingly high rankings, which represent the excellent quality they offer. 

Cost of Living

The cost of living index for Brentwood is 161.3. It means, residents in Brentwood pay around 61% higher for the same living necessities compared to other citizens across the country. 

The biggest living factor that contributes to the difference is housing. In Brentwood, the median home value is $666,100, whereas the median home value for the entire of Tennessee is only $164,500. 

However, this high median home doesn’t correlate to the size of available homes. Most homes in Brentwood are of average size, and many of them offer just 3  bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Nevertheless, considering the amazing location, excellent schools, attractive employment opportunities, abundance of recreational opportunities, and a handful of other amenities; this high cost of living actually makes sense!


The climate comfort index of Brentwood is 7.3 out of 10. This makes it one of the most comfortable areas not only in Tennessee but also in the United States. With more than 210 days of sunshine every year, Brentwood residents enjoy more sunny days than most other cities in the U.S. Also, the area experiences 120 or fewer days of precipitation, so the residents can enjoy more time outside. 

The average summer high in Brentwood is 89º F, which makes the summer more comfortable than most other Tennessee areas. On the other hand, the winter low is 26° F, with more than 90 days falling below freezing. The good thing is only 4 inches of snowfall in Brentwood each year. However, it experiences rain all year long and accumulates more than 50 inches.

The most enjoyable months in Brentwood are May, September, and October. The weather is excellent then and the light breeze will soothe you. In Brentwood, you can even enjoy the change in leaves when autumn comes!

Things to Do in Brentwood

Outdoor Activities
Kids playing outdoor

You’ve got more than a dozen of different parks that are open year-round for you and your family. Some of these parks offer hiking trails, cycling trails, multiple baseball fields, disc golf, and more! Other major outdoor opportunities include the Williamson County Indoor Sports Complex, Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory, and Brentwood Skate Center.

Restaurants, Breweries, and Bars

Brentwood is home to some excellent restaurants. Some of the most popular ones include Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, Mere Bulles, and Vittles. If you are not in a mood for luxurious dishes, you can try out the area’s amazing Southern foods.

You can access the breweries with a very short drive to Nashville. The closest one is The Black Abbey Brewing Company. Other nearby popular breweries include Nashville Brewing Company, Harding House Brewing Co, and Jackalope Brewing Company.

If you are looking for local bars to connect with the locals and meet new friends, you can visit The Edge Bar & Grill, the Corner Pub, and 55 South. 

Other Recreational Opportunities

You will find plenty of entertainment opportunities in Brentwood,  including movie theaters, shopping malls, golf courses, and more. You can also enjoy reading books at the Brentwood Public Library. If you have no issues heading slightly outside the town in search of some fun and excitement, then you can visit The Zoo at Grassmere (Nashville), Gentry’s Farm, Monkey’s Treehouse (Bellevue), and The Discovery Center at Murfree Spring (Murfreesboro)

Brentwood offers you a diverse range of amenities and activities that can improve the quality of your life. Even though the cost of living is slightly high here, it is justifiable considering the vast employment opportunities and above-average salary. Thanks to the delightful weather, short commute to the most important places, and close proximity to Nashville; relocating to Brentwood won’t be a bad decision for you!