My Waitrose Change Address

Everything you need to complete your My Waitrose Change of Address

My Waitrose Address Change

My Waitrose Card Change of Address

In this article you we will help you update your address on your My Waitrose Card – in other words, a ‘My Waitrose address change’.

In addition to this we we also cover how to get the most our of your My Waitrose card and how to easily update your address across your other accounts such as Boots, Tesco, DVLA & more!

Updating the address on your MyWaitrose takes less than 4 minutes to do.

So, with that in mind let’s jump right in!
My Waitrose Address Change

How To Update Your Address With Waitrose (myWaitrose Card)

Changing address on your myWaitrose Card is easy to do and can be completed easily on our online home moving platform. 

Here’s how to complete a waitrose change of address:

  • o Go to SlothMove’s moving home platform
  • o Enter your info (previous address, new address, move-in date etc…)
  • o Select who you’d like to update your address with (myWaitrose, Tesco, Boots, DVLA, NHS, TV Licence etc…)
  • o Click submit & SlothMove will update your address automatically
SlothMove enables you to complete a Waitrose change of address in a matter of clicks. 

So, by clicking above you will update your address with Waitrose. From free hot drinks to dry cleaning, the card has a lot to offer. Now we’ve covered that, let’s take a deeper look at some other aspects of the myWaitrose rewards card and some frequently asked questions.

Do I need to inform Waitrose about a change of address?​

Do I need to inform Waitrose about a change of address?

It’s important to let Waitrose know when you’re moving home. Updating address with myWaitrose has a few benefits. Firstly, as a consumer that last thing we want is our personal mail going to the wrong address. This is the type of activity that can actually lead to mail fraud amongst other things.

Additionally, myWaitrose can also send you rewards or communications via post. So, updating your address with Waitrose is important to ensure you don’t miss out on those communications or potential rewards

changing details with mywaitrose

Does changing address affect myWaitrose points?

Unlike other loyalty schemes, myWaitrose doesn’t actually have a points system. So, changing address can’t affect your points per se.  The myWaitrose loyalty scheme rewards you in many different ways. 

Instead of points, you can immediately get items for free, win prizes and get entered into exciting competitions. Waitrose gets to understand the types of items you like and rewards you around those types of items. This is is different than the classic rewards programmes where you might receive more generic offers.

Waitrose will send you out vouchers three times each year. These vouchers can not only be spent online, they can also be used in both Waitrose and John Lewis.

Beyond just completing a waitrose change of address, with the app you can use a feature called ‘quick check‘. This enables you to scan your shopping as you shop!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change address with Waitrose?

You can update your address with Waitrose (change address on your myWaitrose card) by following this three-step process. First, head over to our moving home portal, tell us where you’re movint to and from. Then, select who you’d like to inform about your home move (myWaitrose, Boots, Tesco, DVLA, NHS etc…). Click submit and SlothMove will update your address automatically, saving your hours of time.

What is the point of a myWaitrose card?

Whilst you do not collect points when you spend money in store, your myWaitrose card rewards you in different ways. From free items to prizes and give-aways, Waitrose tailors offers around your spending habits so that you get more of the stuff you like.

How often to Waitrose send out vouchers?

Waitrose sends out vouchers three times a year. These can be spent in store or online at either Waitrose or John Lewis – easy. You can find-out more about your myWaitrose card here.

How much do have to spend in Waitrose to get a free newspaper?

Firstly, you must have a myWaitrose card. Then, when you spend £10 or more in Waitrose you will receive a free newspaper. The cost of the newspaper is deducted from your final bill.

What does a My Waitrose card do?

A myWaitrose card is a loyalty card through which you receive points and discounts based on how much you shop there. There are lots of incentives that are unique to mywaitrose, such as free teas and coffees, free newspapers if you spend £10 or more.

Is myWaitrose card free?

Yes, your myWaitrose card is 100% free. You can pick one up in store or order online via Waitrose’s website.

Does waitrose need to know I've moved home?

Strictltly speaking, no one “needs” to know. However, completing a Waitrose change of address is definitely advantageous. Firstly, it means Waitrose can keep you update on offers and special communications. Secondly, it prevents your mail from going to the wrong address and potentially opened by other people.