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How to Update Your Address with O2 Mobile

o2 change of address

How do I change my address with O2 Mobile?

o2 address change

We’ll cover exactly how to complete your O2 change of address online in just a few clicks.

When moving home it’s helpful to update your address across your accounts within 2 weeks of moving. In addition to O2 Mobile, you’ll also need to update your address across governmental institutions, utility providers and loyalty cards.

An overview

Changing your address with O2 has never been easier. So, without further ado, let’s get started with a straight forward, all-in-one way of updating your O2 address, along with all your other providers.

You can update your O2 Mobile personal details in two ways; using SlothMove or directly through O2’s website

With SlothMove’s easy change of address service you can update your address across hundreds of providers at the same time. This includes the NHS, HMRC, Water, Energy, loyalty cards and many more. 

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To update your address with the O2 Mobile simply:

  • Enter your previous & new postcode and moving date
  • Select who you’d like to update (O2, National Lottery, Tesco Clubcard, Council Tax etc…)
  • Select SlothMove Plus or Basic
  • Click submit and SlothMove will update your address across your accounts, including O2

SlothMove’s award-winning service will then take the time and effort out of updating all your addresses.

You can also update your address directly on the O2 website by:

  1. Sign into My O2
  2. Choose the mobile number you want to change the address for
  3. Select ‘Bills’ at the top of the ‘My Device’ page
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose ‘Change my billing address’
  5. We’ll send a code to your device
  6. Enter the code and fill in the form to change your O2 Mobile address.

Your new details will then be saved onto your O2 account. 

How Do I Contact O2?

contact o2

Whether you’re contacting O2 to change your address or for something else, make sure you take a look at their help and support pages first to see if you can get an answer to your question there. 

Otherwise, you can contact O2 via mobile: 020 8239 3902

Or, you can contact them through their ‘Contact Us‘ page. Here, you can find answers to questions regarding network & roaming, account & billing, monthly payments. pay as you go and your device.

When Do I Need to Change My O2 Address?

In order to be as prepared as possible for your move, it is a good idea to let all your providers, including O2, know of your change of address within 2 weeks of relocating. 

However, you should bare in mind that you can’t complete your O2 change of address within 30 days of setting up a new account. 

How Do I Check My O2 Balance?

mobile balance

Now we’ve covered how to update your address with O2, let’s turn to the practicalities of checking your O2 mobile balance. 

The easiest way to check your balance with O2 is by signing into your ‘My O2’ account, either online or through the app. 

You can sign into your O2 account from any device to check your balance, even if you don’t have your sim card with you. 

To make a call with O2, you must have at least one minute of call time credit. When your call time falls below this level, O2 will send you messages to remind you that you are almost out of credit. 

Is O2 a Good Phone Network?

is o2 a good network

O2 is Britain’s oldest mobile network but, is it any good? One thing is for sure, after 30 years in the business, O2 know how to put together a decent fixed contract and sim-only plan. 

The great thing about O2 is that it caters for everyone, offering a whole range of phone contracts. Whether you’re after a 30-month sim-only deal or a pay-as-you-go plan, O2 mobile has a contract to suit you.

When Can I Upgrade My O2 Mobile?

o2 upgrade

If you’re on one of O2’s Pay Monthly deals, you can upgrade as soon as you’ve paid off your phone. 

If you just can’t wait and want to upgrade early, you can pay off your Device Plan anytime if you’re on O2 Refresh without any upfront costs. 

In this article we’ve covered how to update your address with O2 Mobile. You can change your O2 address through SlothMove or directly through your O2 account.

So, make sure you keep all your personal details across all your accounts and services updated with SlothMove. Our streamlined address change service lets you complete your O2 change of address online in just a few clicks. 

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