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sightsavers change of address

How to update your address with Sightsavers

When moving home one of the least favourite activities we have to do is updating our address.

If you’re here because you need to complete a Sightsavers change of address you’re in the right place.

We’ll cover how to update your address across Sightsavers & others easily online. We’ll also look at some interesting information about Sightsavers and how you can support them 👍 

How do I update my address with Sightsavers?

If you’re moving home or have recently moved the easiest way to update your address across accounts is to use SlothMove’s home setup service.

You can update your address across all of your accounts in one place (Sight savers, other charities, loyalty cards, HMRC, DVLA etc…).

It’s simple to do:

  • 1) Enter your information (previous address, new address)
  • 2) Select who you’d like to update your address with (Sightsavers, TV Licence, Council, HMRC, etc…)
  • 3) Set anything else-up, such as reducing the cost of your energy bills, cleaning or removals
  • 4) Click submit and we’ll update your address automatically

Sightsavers will be in touch within 2 working days to confirm your address change

Other ways to update your address

You can also update your address with Sight Savers by calling their customer support team on 01444 446 600

You can also write to Sightsavers by Freepost at: FREEPOST SIGHTSAVERS. If you complete your address change by

You can also do this here on their website.

To complete the address change you will need:

  • 1) First name
  • 2) Last name
  • 3) Email address
  • 4) Phone number
  • 5) Previous address
  • 6) New address
Alternatively, we can help you update your address in just a few clicks here and you can email: 
Now we’ve covered how to get your address updated online, let’s take a look at some other interesting aspects of Sightsavers.

What is the aim of Sightsavers?

Sightsavers was founded in 1950 and is now one of the largest charities in the UK 🇬🇧 

Interestingly, Sightsavers is actually an international organisation and works in over 30 countries. They work to eliminate all avoidable blindness.

Sightsavers also want to make sure that people with a disability can participate in society equally.

Said another way, their three core activities are:

👁 To treat and prevent eye conditions (such as cataracts, trachoma and refractive error)

🤜 To help to fight five debilitating diseases (that affect more than a billion people around the world)

🦽 To campaign for disability rights so people with disabilities can participate equally in society.

How much money does Sightsavers raise?

For the year 2017/2018 Sightsavers raised £312 Million. So, how does Sightsavers raise this money? This income is split between a few different streams.

Legacy donations account for £52.2 million, which increased by 9% from the year previous.

Individual donations accounted for a strong £26 million which has seen year-on-year growth.

Legacy income came in at £11.3 million, which was also a strong performance this year.

If you would like to get a full overview you can see the full report here.

Do I need to update my address with Sightsavers?

When moving home it’s good practice to update your address across all of your accounts. Completing your sightsavers address change is also important as Sightsavers end key communications to you around fundraising, updates and opportunities by mail.

You also ant to avoid any of your personal information going to the wrong address.

How can I support Sightseers?

The best way to support Sightsavers is financially. For every £1 they receive, 91% of it goes towards fighting the causes you care about. You can donate here and you can see plenty of independent views at GiveWell.

And that’s everything you need to know 😎  We’ve covered how to update your address with Sightsavers, how to support them and some facts you may not have known before. 

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