Our Mission

At SlothMove we want to create a world where moving home is simple, low-cost and frictionless. We want to help people spend less of their time and money through making the home move as transparent and simple as it should be.

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Hailing From Sheffield, UK

As a full-time engineer, my day job has always revolved around solving problems at their root cause. Like millions of Britons every year, my last home move was unnecessarily stressful and busy. I spent hours on the phone to companies updating my address and hours searching for the best deal. I knew there to be a better way.

What we're tackling

Bill Poverty

14.3 Million of us in the UK are classified as being in poverty. Which is unbelievable. By helping people find the lowest cost possible in their services we want to create an impact and turn the tide.

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A Stressed Nation

According to Mental Health, 74% of the UK felt overwhelmed or unable to cope in the last year. People list moving home as stressful as redundancy or divorce. When we simplify the home moving process we can make a difference.

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Supporting Sloths

Unsurprisingly, we love sloths. Sloths don’t just embody our mission of how you should move home they’re also an amazing animal that needs our help. That’s why we stand with the Sloth Conservation Foundation to support against deforrestation and conservation efforts.

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