Transform The Way You Move Home

Our mission is to simplify the moving home process so that you can spend more time on what matters. Moving home is considered the third most stressful thing we can do. We don’t think it needs to be. We’re bringing the home move into the 21st Century.

What We Stand For

SlothMove integrity


In what we do, how we manage data and how we treat you


In everything we do to save you both time and money


In our service and how we help you move home

"After my last move, I was frustrated. The amount of time I spent contacting companies and searching for the best deals alongside my day job was time-consuming and stressful. When I couldn't find the right solution online, I wanted to create something that I would use"
Anna Page
Minutes To Update Address With SlothMove
£ 10 s
Save Hundreds Setting-Up Your New Home
Hours Of Time Saved

Our Team

Our team is here to make moving home simple. We’re constantly looking at ways to simplify your move, save you time, and save you money. We work with the leading brands in the UK to make sure you can get off to the best start in your new home.

sloth conservation foundation

The Sloth Conservation Foundation

Unsurprisingly, over here at SlothMove we love sloths. Sloths aren’t just a way we should move home, but also an amazing animal that needs our help. That’s why we have partnered with The Sloth Conservation Foundation, a registered non-profit  dedicated to saving sloths in the wild through research and conservation initiatives. 

As you might know, due to the urbanisation of the rain forest, sloth populations are in decline throughout Central and Southern America. Saving sloths from extinction requires innovation and long-term conservation solutions to enable sloths to coexist in a sustainable way. If this is of interest to you, you can support the foundation by adopting a sloth, sponsoring projects and much more.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Using our online form, you select which companies you’d like to inform, provide a couple of details so they can identify them and SlothMove tells them that you’re moving.

How much does it cost?

Whilst our change of address service is in beta it is 100% free. We believe that a stress-free home move should be accessible to everyone.

Who can I update?

You can tell hundreds of companies that you’re changing address including your council, energy companies, loyalty cards, water companies and many more. We’re adding to the number of companies and institutions you can update every single month. 

I can't seem to find a company?

We’re constantly adding new companies; if you can’t find one you need to update please let us know and we’ll look to add them to the service for you.

Moving Home
Without The Stress

We are on a mission to change the way the UK moves home. With our online moving home platform you can tell everyone that you’re moving and set-up your new home with transparent, low-cost suppliers. Save you up to 7 hours of time and hundreds of pounds and get started

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