M&S SPARKS Card Change of Address

How to update Your SPARKS Card Online

M&S SPARKS Card Change of Address​

How to Update Your Sparks Card Online

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On this page we’ll show you how to to update the address with M&S online within just a couple of minutes.

We will also cover how to update your address on other accounts (such as Boots, Tesco, DVLA, Council Tax and hundreds more) at the same time.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight in.

How to Complete Your M&S Loyalty Card Change of Address

questions to ask when moving home

When changing address and moving home your to-do list will be massive. You’ll need to update your address with M&S, take care of your moving home admin and let all of your other companies know that you’re changing address too.

The good news is that you can now update your address with providers (and other accounts) easily online in just a couple of minutes.

By using SlothMove’s home setup platform you can update your address with hundreds of companies and instituions at the same time. With SlothMove you can update your address with Boots, Tesco’s, charities, setup your Council Tax, Energy, NHS and hundreds more.

You’ll soon be able to update Marks & Spencers within our service as well, but within the meantime you can update the address on your Sparks Card by calling M&S on 0333 014 8000. You can also drop them an email at: retailcustomer.services@customersupport.marksandspencer.com

Before (or after) you’ve completed that you can update the address across all of your accounts by:

changing address online


About you

Enter your previous address, new address and the date you moved home

Address change


Update your address

Select who needs to know you're moving - Tesco's, Boots, TV etc...

updating your address with slothmove



Click submit and we'll update your address with accounts automatically

  • 1) Enter your details (contact info, previous & new address, date of your move etc…)
  • 2) Choose who you’d like to update your address with (NHS, Boots, Tesco, Postcode Lottery etc…) and what you need to setup
  • 3) Click complete
  • 4) SlothMove will update all of your addresses automatically so you can get back to enjoying enjoying your week 😎 

Once you’ve submitted check your inbox for email confirmation and you’re all done. SlothMove will update the addresses automatically and if any of your selected companies or institutions require additional steps (like the DVLA for example) we’ll let you know by email.

Do I need to Update the Address on My Sparks Card?

Do I need to Update the Address on My Sparks Card?

As of 2020 M&S’s loyalty programme Sparks has over 7 million brits signed up. With lots of benefits it has become a must-have when shopping at M&S.

However, do you actually need to update your address with M&S when you move home?

In general, whenever you change your phone number, payment details or home address it is best practice to update companies with which you have a loyalty scheme.

By keeping your address up to date you ensure you get all relevant post and offers from M&S to your current home address. This will also minimise the chance that your online purchases will go to the wrong address.

Your address is also one of the ways that M&S will verify the identity on your account. As we know, updating your address really does help to prevent mail landing into the wrong hands. It may surprise you to know that mail fraud cost over £500 Million to UK citizens in 2019 alone 😱

How Does the Sparks Card Work?

How does the sparks card work?

Now we’ve looked at your Sparks Card change of address, let’s dive straight into how M&S’ Sparks card works.  

“Good things happen every time you shop”

That’s the slogan M&S use to promote their loyalty card. Sparks Card went through a large redesign in 2020 due to complaints about it being too complicated. So, with this sparkly redesign in mind what are the main benefits of the Sparks Card?

  • Personalised offers: Based on your particular shopping preferences you will receive offers 
  • Charity donation: M&S donate a sum to charity every time you purchase, so you’re directly support good causes
  • Entire shop for free: One Sparks customer has their entire shop paid for each week
  • Free gifts: Each week a number of Sparks customers receive a free gift
sparks card benefits

M&S’ loyalty card is also digital, meaning you can scan rewards on your phone. Plus, you’re helping out good causes – which is always a massive benefit.

Unlike a traditional loyalty scheme such as Boots or Tesco Clubcard, you don’t accrue points for every pound you spend. Instead, you make a donation to charity receive offers and are in the chance for winning something big. M&S were clear that its more regular shoppers would receive more benefits.


Is Sparks Card any Good?

Is Sparks Card any Good?

Unlike points-based schemes you’re not necessarily guaranteed anything when you shop at M&S. If you spend £100 at Tesco you know that you’re going to receive 100 clubcard points. With the Sparks Card you don’t know exactly what it is that you’re getting.

Some love the random ‘chance to win’ nature of the scheme whilst others have criticised it for not being totally transparent 🧐 

It’s difficult to know exactly how much in value you get from spending your money at M&S but we do know that it’s certainly better than not being a SPARKS member.

So, how likely are you to win a weeks free shopping? Being conservative with 7 million members, let’s assume:

  • 1) Only 1 million out of the 7 million members are active;
  • 2) Each member only shops once a month; and
  • 3) You buy something on your SPARKS card every day

That would put your chances at having you shopping paid for at 1 out of 8,000.

The bottom line: If you shop at M&S (even occasionally) you should sign up to the SPARKS card. You have an actual chance to win, the opportunity to reduce the cost of your shop, win prizes and help charities. However, pound for pound it may not be as strong as some of the other loaylty schemes.

How do I change my address with M&S

There are a couple of ways to update the address on your SPARKS card. You can call their customer care team directly calling M&S on 0333 014 8000. You can also drop them an email at: retailcustomer.services@customersupport.marksandspencer.com

We’re working hard to add M&S SPARKS to our service. If you’re using SlothMove you will also be able to inform everyone else at the same time (other loyalty schemes, NHS, charities, Council Tax etc…) too if you need to without having to repeat yourself.

Most people wait until after they have moved before they complete an online address change on their accounts. It is better to be proactive and let Marks and Spencer and your other providers know within two weeks of your home move. Updating your details will happen automatically, but you must remember that there could be mail communications out. So, to avoid any overlap it is good practice to give lots of notice.

Where can I get a SPARKS card?

Where can I get a SPARKS card?​

You can get a SPARKS card by downloading the app from the app store. You can also join the loyalty programme by picking-up a card in store. If you do pick-up a card in store you will still need to register it online. 

How to change address with Tesco Clubcard​

How to change the address on my SPARKS card (M&S)?

After finishing this guide you will now have a clear understanding of how to update the address on your M&S SPARKS card. We’ve also covered how to get a SPARKS loyalty card, how their reward system works and how to setup and update your accounts when moving home – easy peasy 😎