State Pension Amount 2022

How much is the State Pension Increasing by in 2022

State Pension Amount 2021​

What is the State Pension Amount in 2022

What is the state pension amount in 2021

From 6th April 2021 the rate for State Pension and Universal Credit set by DWP will change.

In 2020 if you were on the full State Pension you would receive £175.20.

From April 6th 2021 the State Pension amount is increasing by 2.5%. This means recipients on a full state pension will now be receiving £175.20 per week (or £9,110.40 per annum).

This shows an increase in state pension for the tax year 2021/2022 are as follows:

Yearly increase: £228.80

Monthly increase: £17.60

Weekly increase: £4.40

2022 State Pension Amount for Category A or B

2021 State Pension Amount for Category A or B

If you are on the Category A or Category B pension you will be receiving £134.25 per week.

Your weekly pay will increase by £3.40 to £137.65 per week.

This shows an increase for Category A and Category B  state pension for the tax year 2021/2022 as:

Yearly increase: £163.20

Monthly increase: £13.60

Weekly increase: £3.40

What is the triple lock on State Pensions?

What is the triple-lock on State Pensions?

The triple-lock on State Pensions was created to ensure that your spending power will not decrease throughout the course of your retirement. Due to inflation and interest rates your spending power will decrease in retirement, so the UK Government’s guarantee (whilst it remains in place) helps you to maintain your buying power.

If inflation is below 2.5% your pension will increase greater than that meaning you have an increase greater than inflation.

There has been mounting social pressure to re-examine the triple-lock pension guarantee due to the significant cost to maintain it. It is suggested that removing the triple lock pension would save the tax payer over £4 Billion.

So, what does the triple lock pension mean? 🔒 

The triple lock pension means that each April your pension will increase to which ever is the highest out of:

  1. Percentage guarantee: 2.5%
  2. Earnings guarantee: The average percentage growth of earnings or wages
  3. Prices guarantee: the amount at which the prices for consumer goods in the UK

State Pension Amount and Beyond

We’ve covered how much the State Pension is increasing by in April 2021, what this means for Category A/B and what the triple lock pension rule means.

For many, this increase will be welcomed news. It remains to be seen if the triple lock pension will be continued in the future.

If you’ve moved home and haven’t updated your address with your pension providers, check out this guide on pension change of address.

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