Virgin Media Moving Home

Everything you need to move home with Virgin Media

Virgin Media Moving Home
Virgin Media Moving Home​

Virgin Media Moving Home

If you’re moving home there are lots of questions you might have in relation to Virgin Media and in this Virgin Media moving home guide we’ll cover everything you need to know.

We will cover:

  • o How to get Virgin Media at your new address
  • o How to cancel Virgin Media
  • o Can you move your Virgin Media services if you’re renting?
  • o What happens to Virgin Media if you’re moving abroad?
  • o How much notice do you need to give to cancel Virgin Media?
  • o Will you be charged an early disconnection fee?
And much more.
Whatever your question or need, we’ll help you tackle your Virgin Media home move here.

The great part about moving home is that you can secure the market leading offers, including faster speed, cashback or lower prices. You can compare the entire market for broadband and TV offers by clicking below.

Virgin Media Moving Home Form​

Virgin Media Moving Home Form

If you want to take Virgin Media to your new home, you must first understand if you can take your supply to that postcode. It could be the case that Virgin can’t service your new home move.

When moving home though, it’s the best time to consider your options when it comes to broadband. It’s a well-kept secret that you get access to some of of the best offers on the market at the point of your home move. This is because it’s the point companies try their hardest to ‘acquire you’.

With that in mind, the best first step is to check if you could either be paying less for the same service or get an enhanced package at the same price. 

To get your home move underway and explore your options you can use our moving home platform. You can see broadband options for your new place and saves hours of time updating your address across all of your accounts (HMRC, DVLA, NHS. Boots Advantage Card, Tesco Clubcard etc…).

You can get started below:

How to move Virgin to a new address​

How to move Virgin to a new address

Remember If you’re certain you don’t want to explore your options, if it would be helpful to you, you can still update your address across all of your accounts.

The process of doing your Virgin Media home move with Virgin is as follows:

Step 1: Share your details with Virgin

  • o Your account number (found on your bill or ebill)
  • o Your current/old and new address
  • o Your contact number
  • o Your moving out date (so Virgin Media know when to disconnect)
  • o Your preferred installation date (Virgin Media will confirm this date nearer the time)

Step 2: Make your choice: self-start or technician?

  • o Ask the owners or tenants at your new place if they have Virgin’s services (or have had previously). If that’s the case, you can actually self-install with the Quickstart service. They will ask your a few eligibility questions
  • o Alternatively, you can arrange a Virgin Media Technician to come out and install it for you at a charge of £40. There is lots of info on how to self-install, so you can save yourself the money

Step 3: Move your services

  • o When you move, take your equipment with you
  • o However, Virgin may ask you to leave the equipment at your previous address. If you’re not asked  to, follow the standard Virgin Media moving home procedure and take it to your new property

Step 4: You’re all done

  • o Review your order and select if you would like to upgrade your Virgin package or keep it as it is
  • o Then, complete your set-up
  • o Finally, you’ll be all set to use your services.

You can complete this form here. Or, if you want to reduce the cost of your broadband bills, you can get started.

How long does it take to move Virgin Media to a new home?​

How long does it take to move Virgin Media to a new home?

Often people will google something along the lines of ‘virgin media moving home how long’. And that’s because when you inform the broadband supplier is  important.

Virgin asks for at least 30 days notice to take your supply over to your new home and complete the Virgin Media moving home process.

Virgin Media Moving Home UK​

Virgin Media Moving Home UK

If you’re somebody who’s moving home and wants to get their broadband set-up in their new place in a hassle-free way, we can help. On top of that, if you’re looking for super-fast connections at a price that’s lower we’re here to help. To get the most out of your broadband across the Virgin Media home move follow these steps:

  • o Head over to SlothMove’s moving home platform;
  • o Enter your info (name, previous address, new address etc…)
  • o Select who needs to know you’re moving and what services you’d like to set-up
  • o Look at the breadth of broadband offers to suit your needs
  • o Complete and we’ll take care of the rest. SlothMove will help you get set-up on a great broadband package and update your address automatically.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Virgin Media charge for moving house?

To move home with Virgin Media there is a £20 moivng fee. If you wish to cancel your Virgin Media contract you will be liable to pay any eary disconnection charges and fees. If you want to explore broadband to get excited about you can explore below

Can I cancel Virgin Broadband if I'm moving house?

You can cancel Virgin broadband at any time, the question is whether or not you need to pay cancellation fees. If you’re moving home to an area that is serviceable by Virgin Media, the expectation would be that you take the supply over. If the area is ‘unservicable’ by Virgin Media you need to pay an early disconnection fee unless its outside of your minimum period. You can see how this might affect you in more detail here.