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COUNCIL TAX Change Address

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council tax change of address online

You can update your address with your new and previous council tax online in 3 minutes by using SlothMove’s council tax change of address service.

Whether you’re moving to a different city or within the same city you need to let your council know that you’re moving. This can be to close down, setup or update your council tax. 

You can update your address across all of your other accounts, such as water, HMRC, TV licence, loyalty cards and hundreds others at the same time by filling out the below form.

We’ll help you get this sorted to enjoy a hassle-free move 🦥 

Tell everyone that you’re changing address in minutes. 

At the click of a button we’ll update your address across all of your chosen accounts, at the same time in one place. We’ll let your council, HMRC, electoral roll & other companies you select know your new address. You can do this yourself manually if you prefer (see below) or use our hassle-busting service to save hours of time

Update your council address

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Select who needs to know you're moving - Council, Electoral Roll, HMRC etc..

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Enter your previous address, new address and the date you moved home

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Click submit and we'll update your address with accounts automatically

Make your address update simple

SlothMove helps thousands of customers setup their home and change address easily each month. When you move with SlothMove you’re also making an impact as save a patch of South Caribbean rain forest for each move 😊