EE Change of Address

How to update your address with EE (Broadband & Mobile)

How To Update Your Address With EE​

EE Change Address

Today we will cover how to update your address with EE. So, if you’re looking for an EE change of address, you’re in the right place!

We will also cover some useful information around your EE broadband as well as how to let other companies and institutions such as the DVLA, Matalan, Tesco Clubcard etc… know that you’re moving.

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EE Change Address

How To Update Your Address With EE

As we know, if you’re moving home you will need to inform and update your companies that you’re changing address. Whether you’d like to take your EE broadband with you to your address or not you’ll need to let them know.

If you’re looking to stay with EE, it is advised that you get in touch with them at least three weeks before your move.

However, moving home is one of the best opportunities to actually reduce your costs on items like your broadband and energy. If you’d like to update your address across all accounts (Council, Water, Loyalty Cards, DVLA etc…) and compare offers for broadband you can check-out our moving home platform below.

It’s easy and you can save over £500 and 7 hours of your time.

If you’re not curious to know if you could get a better deal, either a lower cost or enhanced package you can still tell everyone you’re moving by getting started here.

If you’d like to port over your EE broadband, you can complete the below steps

https://form.slothmove.comYou can give EE a call on 150 or from 0800 956 6000 if you’re calling from a different phone. To process this you will need to provide your name, number, your new address and moving date.

If your moving date changes, you can give EE a call on 0800 079 8586 and they will re-arrange it for you.

If EE are moving your line over you will not be charged for this. EE will keep in touch with you via text/email about the progress of your move.

How do I change my EE billing address?​

How do I change my EE billing address?

To change your EE billing address you need to head over to My EE and log in, following these steps.

  • o Log into My EE
  • o click on Your Address tab
  • o click edit next your name
  • o make any changes you would like to, such as changing your EE billing address
  • o click save and exit

To update your address with all of your other companies, click here and we can help you do that in less than 5 minutes.

Do I need to inform EE about a change of address?​

Do I need to inform EE about a change of address?

You could be wondering ‘do I need to tell EE I’m changing address?’ and it’s a fair question. You could be either a mobile phone customer or a broadband customer and in both cases it’s good to let EE know that you’re changing address.

If you are moving home you should start with our online change of address; we can help reduce the cost of your broadband and update your address across all of your accounts.

If we don’t do an ‘EE change address’ your personal bills will go to your previous residence meaning not only might you miss them and potentially fall into arrears, it can leave you potentially susceptible to mail fraud. Either way, it’s good practice to keep EE up to date with any change to personal details.

Is EE broadband any good?​

Is EE broadband any good?

All of this said, is EE broadband any good? Is it worth it? As we know, EE is best-know for their super-fast mobile network. EE offers five broadband packages to choose from;

  • o Broadband
  • o Fibre
  • o Fibre Plus
  • o Fibre Max 1
  • o Fibre Max 2

They are all 18 month contracts with the speeds varying from 10Mb to 300Mb.

In terms of how EE compares on price, it’s not the cheapest but it’s not too far off. In considering ‘is EE broadband any good’ it’s always best to check your options and see what you can get for your money.

With our money-saving platform you can compare all broadband deals in the market by clicking below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Change address EE

You can update your address across you accounts by using our online moving home platform. It’s simple and will save your hours of time. With EE, sign into your account, select Address, make changes and click save

How much does it cost to move my line with EE?

If you’re moving home and want to stay with EE, they will send an engineer and it’s actually free. If you would like to explore if you could be getting a better deal or more enhanced package you can look at our home moving portal below and find out in seconds.

Can I transfer EE broadband to a new address?

You can transfer your EE broadband to a new address. It’s recommended that you compare options on your broadband when moving to see if you can reduce your spend or enhance your package. You can compare offers by using our moving home portal below.

Can I move my broadband when I move house?

You can move your broadband when you move house, but it’s often easier (and cheaper) to compare EE and all of the suppliers on the market. Do compare prices for broadband you can start below and get saving!

Doing an EE Address Change and More

Now you’ve read this article, you have all of the information you need to update your address with EE and the tools to help reduce the cost of your broadband. We’ve looked at how to keep your contact details up-to-date for both broadband and mobile. When moving home it’s really important to keep everyone up-to-date. That’s why we created SlothMove to change the way the UK moves for ever by making the process simple, low-cost and transparent.