IKEA Family Card Change of Address

(How to complete your IKEA Change of Address)

ikea change of address

Change Address with IKEA

IKEA Change of address

On this page you’ll be able to update the address on your IKEA family card online within 4 minutes.

You will also be able to update your address on other accounts (such as Boots, Tesco, your Council, TV Licence and so on) at the same time.

Let’s jump right-in.

How To Update Your Address With IKEA Family Card

How To Update Your Address With IKEA Family Card

When moving home there are plenty of companies you need to update your address with. You can update the address on your IKEA family card within a couple of minutes by completing the form below.

You will also be able to update your address across all accounts, including other loyalty cards, council tax and hundreds more.

Here’s the quickest way to update your IKEA account online:

changing address online


About you

Enter your previous address, new address and the date you moved home

Address change


Update your address

Select who needs to know you're moving, like IKEA, Boots, DVLA etc...

updating your address with slothmove



Click submit and we'll update your address with IKEA automatically

  • 1) Enter your information (name, previous address, new address, date of the move)
  • 2) Choose who you’d like to update your address with (IKEA, Boots, DVLA, NHS etc…)
  • 3) Click submit
  • 4) SlothMove will update your IKEA Family Card (and other addresses) automatically

And that’s everything you need to do. Simple. once you submit we will update the addresses automatically and if any services require additional steps we’lll let you know via email.

Do I need to Update My IKEA Family Card Address?

You might be asking why bother updating your address with IKEA and do you even need to let IKEA know that you’re moving? 

As we know, the IKEA Family scheme is an inclusive that gives shoppers offers, freebies and surprises in exchange for shopping in store.

With all of these benefits in mind it is actually really important to keep IKEA up to date with your change of address. This will reduce the risk of sending your items to the wrong address and ensure you gett all postal correspondence from IKEA.

And in the worst case, this could lead to  Mail Fraud which cost Brits over £504 Million last year, with the total cost of fraud being significantly higher according to Experian.

What is the benefit of an IKEA Family Card?

What is the benefit of an IKEA Family Card?​

The IKEA Family Card is probably one of the most underrated loyalty schemes in the UK. If you’re a regular or occasional shopper at IKEA it makes perfect sense to join the scheme.

So, what do you get with your IKEA family card? You get lots of benefits – financial, social and environmental.

These benefits include;

  • Free filtered coffee in store (Mon-Fri);
  • Free ‘Oops-assurance’ – if you break it, IKEA will replace it;
  • Discounts;
  • Workshops & events;
  • Planet positive initiatives; and
  • Thank you surprises

How do I change my address on my IKEA Family card?

How do I change my address on my IKEA Family card?

There are a couple of ways to update the address on your IKEA Family Card. You can call IKEA directly (0203 645 0000) though this may involve wait times of over 10 minutes. You can also do it online with SlothMove in less than four minutes with our online change of address form. The other options are to communicate using the webchat function or speak to customer service when next in store.

When using SlothMove you  can also inform everyone else at the same time (other loyalty schemes, NHS, DVLA, HMRC etc…) too if you need to without having to repeat yourself.

Most people wait until after they have moved before they complete an address change on their accounts. It is better to be proactive and let IKEA and your other providers know within two weeks of your home move. Updating your details will happen automatically, but you must remember that there could be mail communications out. So, to avoid any overlap it is good practice to give plenty of notice.

How does the IKEA Family Card work?

How does the IKEA Family Card work?

The IKEA family has over 110 million members world wide 🌎

Unlike most other loyalty schemes, IKEA doesn’t operate with points. Instead, you get a series of benefits (free coffee, access to workshops etc…) and a flat rate ‘members discount’ on lots of items sold by the Swedish retailer.

You can apply online or in store.

Why is IKEA delivery so expensive?

Why is IKEA delivery so expensive?

You’ve just moved home and you’re looking to buy all of your furniture.

You’ve upadted your address and now you want to get some new items delivered only to be surprised by the delivery charge.

So, why is IKEA delivery so expensive?

Firstly, IKEA’s business model is to provide lower cost furnishings. IKEA is able to sell these items at a lower price point because they eliminate time and labour costs from their supply chain -everything is self-assembly, they don’t deliver and shoppers collect from the warehouse.

Delivery of smaller items is cheaper than larger. IKEA offers delivery as its a service customers want but it isn’t at their core business model meaning they choose not to be competitive on price.

For instance, check out the below pricing on the larger items for IKEA UK.

IKEA Delivery to Home
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How to change address with IKEA

Now you’ve read through the above, hopefully you’re in the know and ready to complete your IKEA Family Card change of address. If you’re in the process of moving or haven’t moved home just yet, then make sure you get started on our moving house checklist. We’ve covered all of the information you’ll need to make sure you get your home move off to a strong start and don’t forget anything. There are also tips on how you spend less and save time