How to move broadband to another house

How to take your broadband with you when you move home

broadband moving home

Can I transfer my broadband to a new address?

When you are moving home you can either transfer your broadband supplier to your new address or setup with a new supplier.

So, you can transfer broadband to a new address in most cases.

However, there are a few exceptions to the general rule.

Let’s go through them one by one. Or, you may wish to go through our full broadband moving home guide.


Does your broadband provider supply your new address?

You may wish to transfer your broadband to another address though they may not actually supply that address. Let’s take Virgin Media‘s moving home process for instance.

Virgin Media has 52% coverage in the UK and there is a fair chance that they may not actually supply your new home.

You can check Virgin’s broadband availability checker here.

If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) supplies your new postcode, you’ll be on your way to transferring.

Of course, you’ll often find the best deals in the market if you’re open to switching. You can reduce your costs, and increase your speed or package for the same price. You can use our broadband comparosin service below to get started.

How much does it cost to transfer your broadband to a new address?

Most people may not realise but transferring broadband often comes with fees which can be over £100 in some cases.

For instance, Virgin Media charges a £20. Sky broadband charges £20, £50, or £100 based on your package. BT charges £130 if you need a new line.

You may find it to be cheaper to compare the market. It’s often the case that the best broadband offers are reserved for home movers. Better yet, you won’t need to pay any transfer fees.


How do I transfer my broadband?

Can I transfer my broadband to a new address?​

The cost and timelines associated with transferring your broadband to another property will vary by ISP. However, here is the process for transferring your broadband:

  • o check that your broadband provider services your new area
  • o let your broadband provider know you’re moving home 2-4 weeks before your move-in date
  • o Your broadband provider will then advise you of next steps, such as to take your equipment with you or to send it back
  • o You may then be asked to have an engineer appointment to install the broadband. If you are with Virgin Media (and the new property is also) you may be able to complete a Quickstart and get online straight away.

Is it easy to switch broadband providers?

Is it easy to switch broadband providers?​

Switching broadband providers is now really easy. It used to be the case that it sometimes didn’t feel like the hassle.

You can start comparing the entire market by using our broadband comparosin service.

Once you have found a broadband deal you like the look of and have signed-up the next action to take is to cancel your existing broadband.

Most broadband contracts last 12, 18 or 24 months long and have some sort of ‘exit’ or ‘cancellation’ fee. You can negotiate these fees down often and there are other ways of escaping exit fees.

Even if you have an exit fee, the increase in speed, package and service can make it worthwhile. And since home moving broadband packages are usually the best there is you will usually save the difference in your new contract.

Do I need to cancel my broadband before switching?

Technically, don’t need to cancel your broadband before switching. You can sign-up to your preferred broadband provider and cancel your existing one in which ever order you please.

There are two aspects to take into consideration.

Firstly, your new internet service provider will need 2-4 weeks to get your broadband up and running. So, make sure that you leave enough time for the setup so you’re not without internet 😱

Secondly, you may need to provide notice to your existing broadband provider. This may be because you’re in a monthly rolling contract or a longer one. Either way, it’s best to provide notice to avoid fees.

And that’s it 🎉 Transferring your broadband to a new address is simple and straightforward to do.

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