Southern Water Moving House

How to Update your Address with Southern Water

Southern water moving home

Southern Water Change of Address

If you are moving home you will need to update your address with your water & sewerage provider.

In this article we’ll help you to update your address with Southern Water in the easiest, hassle-free way online. If you’re leaving Southern Water, joining them or simply moving within their jurisdiction we’ll help get you sorted.

Firstly, you’ll need to update Southern Water and tell them that you’re moving even if you’re leaving the area.

Let’s start with a simple way to update Southern Water online whilst also informing you new/previous council ta provider and others.

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Update Southern Water

You can update your address with Southern Water through our online home setup service.

We’ll identify your new and previous council tax & water providers from your postcode and you can update them at a click of a button.

You’ll also be able to update your address across hundreds of other organisations such as the NHS, HMRC, DWP, loyalty cards and others.

You can update your address with Southern Water directly, but you may find it faster to update them alongside many other providers in our simple online form.

Click below to get your update sorted and save hours of hassle 😎 

Southern Water Moving House

Once you submit we’ll send an automatic change of address notification to Southern Water, who we are directly integrated with. This will take care of the first part of the southern water moving house process.

They will then reach-out within 2-4 weeks to confirm your address change or home setup. You’ll then need to either pay your final bill if you’re leaving or setup payment details if you’re moving into the area from another provider, say Thame Water, for example.

If you’re moving within the area, then you will usually keep on paying your DD. However, this may change based on your current payment plan and if your new/previous property has a water meter.

Address change


Update your address

Select who needs to know you're moving - Southern Water, HMRC, Council etc..

changing address online


About you

Enter your previous address, new address and the date you moved home

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Click submit and we'll update your address with accounts automatically

Our sloths will save you the time and hassle of organising all of the updates by taking care of everything in one place 🦥

If you’d prefer to update your address with Southern Water yourself  manually, you can create an account here. You can also call them on 0330 303 0368. 

Once you have updated your water address you should also check to see if you need to update your sewerage address too. You can then progress with your other utility updates; such as council and energy. If you haven’t updated your council tax you may find our council tax moving home guide helpful.

How To Update Your Address with Southern Water

You can update your address with Southern Water using SlothMove’s change of address service.

We are directly integrated with all water & sewerage suppliers in the UK and through our service you can update your address with Southern Water, your council tax and hundreds of other businesses at the same time.

To update your address with Southern Water simply:

  • Go to SlothMove’s home setup service
  • Enter your new & previous postcode
  • We’ll identify your previous/new council tax & water providers
  • Select who you’d like to update (Southern Water, and many other providers such as Council Tax, Boots, Tesco, NHS, HMRC etc…)
  • Click submit & SlothMove will process your change of address for you

If you update your address with Southern Water directly, remember to update your previous water provider, council and other services. You can see a full list of everyone you need to contact in our moving home checklist

To complete the Southern Water moving house process you will need to provide:

  • Previous address
  • New address
  • Customer number 
  • Meter reading (if you live in a metered property) 

Recently, Southern Water has been in the press. They received a fine of £90 million for illegally dumping sewerage in costal waters. If this is of interest, you can learn more about this story here.

How do I Cancel Southern Water?​

You can close down your Southern Water account in the same way as you set one up. You can do this either directly or using our change of address & home setup service.

To cancel Southern Water simply:

  • 1) Enter your new/previous postcode on SlothMove’s update service
  • 2) Select Southern Water as your previous supplier
  • 3) Complete the form and we’ll let Southern Water know that you’ve moved out (and when) 

If your account is in debit, Southern Water will then send a final bill to your new address within 2 weeks. You will need to clear this balance within 28 days. Otherwise, you will receive a credit for any monies overpaid.

When you’re moving out of your home make sure you capture meter readings on your water meter (if your water is metered) and note down the last day you spent in the property.

This will cancel Southern Water within just a couple of minutes.

Southern Water Moving Home & Beyond

Southern Water Moving house & Beyond​

That’s everything you need to know about Southern Water and moving home. We’ve covered how to update your address, let them know you’re moving and how to cancel your account. You can learn more about everything you need to do when moving home home and how SlothMove can help you simplify utilities when moving home.