Talk Talk Moving Home

Everything you need to complete your Talk Talk change of address

Talk talk moving home
Talk Talk Moving Home​

Talk Talk Moving Home

If you have any questions surrounding your Talk Talk moving home process, you’re in the right place.

This article will help you to know how to:

  • o Complete a Talk Talk change of address,
  • o Cancel Talk Talk,
  • o Upgrade your Talk Talk broadband,
  • o answer any questions to do with moving home and your broadband with Talk Talk  

And since you’re moving home, we’ll also show you how to update your address across all of your accounts simultaneously. Better yet, we can help you get sorted with Talk Talk online, within minutes.

The great part about moving home is that you can secure the market leading offers, including faster speed, cashback or lower prices. You can compare the entire market for broadband and TV offers by clicking below.

How to change address with Talk Talk​

How to change address with Talk Talk

Talk Talk asks for 14 days notice to port your broadband over from one property to another and they’ve tried to make the process as simple as possible. Bare in mind, if you’re moving in more than three months you don’t need to do anything just yet.

If you’re looking to change address with Talk Talk, here’s how to do it.

The first to know about moving your Talk Talk is that there is a £60 charge for doing so. if you’d like to compare broadband to see if you could reduce your costs or get an enhanced package or speed, then get started here

If you’re happy paying £60, then you can follow this process (before you get will need your new address and moving date).

Before the move

  • o Note your new address and move-in date
  • o Log into your online Talk Talk platform (if you don’t have log in details, you can request login details to your email)
  • o Select that you’d like to take Talk Talk with to your new home
  • o Talk Talk will tell you if you require an engineer appointment with your home move and estimate your speeds, though these may be less than previous

On moving day

You will need to take all of your Talk Talk equipment;

    •    – All of your connecting cables
    •    – Youview Box (if you have one)
    •    – Microfilters
    •    – Your router 


Once moved in

Once you have completed your Talk Talk change of address you’re all set to go! If it’s not working, you can call the Talk Talk Moving Home team on: 0345 172 0088

Talk Talk Change of Address​

Talk Talk Change of Address

Whether you’re planning to stay with Talk Talk or not, it’s really important to complete your Talk Talk change of address.

If you don’t start your Talk Talk moving home process (whether that be to cancel or take your connection over) you won’t have you account closed down. This could mean that you don’t receive any due refunds or clear any outstanding payments. Either way, make sure you keep Talk Talk or any other broadband provider in the loop.

Remember, if you’re moving home, you will also need to update your address across your accounts (Council, DVLAHMRCBoots Advantage CardNHS etc…). With our moving home platform you can update your address across all of your providers automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my Talk Talk when I move home?

You can transfer Talk Talk when you move home, but this comes at a £60 ‘moving home fee’. You should compare the market and see if you can get either a better deal or an enhanced package. SlothMove’s moving home portal can help you see whats’s available to you and get you broadband to be excited about.

How can I get out of my Talk Talk contract?

Unfortunately, unless Talk Talk themselves decide to waiver your contract you are contractually obligated to its terms. This does include any early cancellation fees and moving home fees. That said, even with cancellation fees in mind you can more than save the difference on a new package. If that sounds if interest to you, you can explore SlothMove’s moving home platorm.

Is there a cancellation fee for leaving TalkTalk?

There is a cancellation fee for leaving Talk Talk. The size of the cancellation fee will largely depend on how much is left of your contract; ie, 2 months will be small and 14 months will be large. Remember, you can discuss reductions if you’re experiencing financial hardship.

How do I complete a Talk Talk change of address?

To complete your Talk Talk change of address, you can head over to SlothMove’s moving home platform. We’ll help you get your address updated across all of your accounts (Council, Water, Boots, NHS, DVLA etc…) and get your broadband set-up in your new place.

Talk Talk Moving Home & Beyond​

Talk Talk Moving Home & Beyond

After reading this full guide on your Talk Talk home move you should have a full understanding of how to manage your Talk Talk broadband address change. As we’ve seen, it’s straightforward and simple to do. Importantly, when you move home or change address you should check to see if you could reduce the cost of your bills – whether that be energy or broadband. Furthermore, It’s not important to just complete your Talk Talk moving home process but to also update your address across all of your accounts. This keeps everyone in the loop and helps you stop losing mail.